The Hills

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THE HILLS follows Laguna Beach's Lauren "LC" Conrad as she moves to L.A. to attend college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. In THE HILLS, Lauren gets a job as an intern at the popular magazine Teen Vogue. The show focuses on the challenges Lauren faces while she is trying to juggle work, school, and relationships. (Quelle:
Genre: Drama
Erstausstahlung: 2006-05-31 Status: Ended Dauer: 25 Min

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Season 6 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
12 All Good Things...2010-07-13
11 Loves Me Not2010-07-06
10 Welcome To The Jungle2010-06-29
9 Break-Up to Make-Up2010-06-22
8 Between a Rocker and a Hard Place2010-06-15
7 The Company You Keep2010-06-08
6 Ghost from the Past2010-06-01
5 A new Bird2010-05-25
4 This is Goodbye2010-05-18
3 The Elephant in the Room2010-05-11
2 Rumor Has It2010-05-04
1 Put On a Happy Face2010-04-27
Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
20 The Boys of Summer2009-12-01
19 Mr. Right Now2009-11-24
18 Can't Always Get What You Want2009-11-17
17 On To The Next2009-11-10
16 I'm Done WIth You2009-11-03
15 Sorry Boo, Strike Two2009-10-27
14 Old Habits Die Hard2009-10-20
13 Strike One2009-10-13
12 Mess With Me, I Mess With You2009-10-06
11 Its On Bitch2009-09-29
10 Something Old, Something New2009-05-31
9 Hi Lauren, It's Spencer...2009-05-25
8 Father of the Bride2009-05-18
7 Keep Your Enemies Closer2009-05-11
6 Playmates Bring The Drama2009-05-04
5 I Always Had A Little Crush2009-04-27
4 Crazy In Love2009-04-20
3 I'm Done With You2009-04-13
2 Everything Happens For a Reason2009-04-06
1 Don't Cry on Your Birthday2009-04-06
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
21 The Lost Scenes
20 I Heidi Take Thee Spencer2008-12-22
19 Mr & Mrs Pratt2008-12-15
18 Dream Boy, Dream Job2008-12-08
17 Its About Trust2008-12-01
16 You Did This2008-11-24
15 One Last Chance2008-11-17
14 Back To New York2008-11-10
13 Its Her Move2008-11-03
12 I Want You To Be With Me2008-10-27
11 You'll Never Have This...2008-10-20
10 Who to Choose?2008-10-13
9 If She Never Met Spencer...2008-10-06
8 Don't Act Innocent2008-09-29
7 When Lauren's Away...2008-09-22
6 You Always Miss A Best Friend2008-09-15
5 Something Has To Change2008-09-08
4 Boys Make Girls Cry2008-09-07
3 Better Off As Friends2008-09-01
2 Drama Follows Them2008-08-25
1 We'll Never Be Friends2008-08-18
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
28 The Next Move Is Yours2008-05-12
27 No Place Like Home2008-05-05
26 A Date With The Past2008-04-28
25 A New Roommate2008-04-21
24 Girls Night Out2008-04-14
23 Just Be Careful...2008-04-07
22 When Spencer Finds Out...2008-04-07
21 An Unexpected Friend2008-03-31
20 Back To LA2008-03-31
19 Paris Changes Everything2008-03-24
18 When One Door Closes...2007-12-10
17 Once A Player...2007-12-03
16 A Night At The Opera2007-11-26
15 With This Ring...2007-11-19
14 Forgive and Forget2007-11-12
13 Young Hollywood2007-11-05
12 Stress And The City2007-10-29
11 No More Mr Nice Guy2007-10-22
10 What Goes Around...2007-10-15
9 What Happens In Vegas...2007-10-01
8 For Better Or Worse2007-09-24
7 They Meet Again2007-09-17
6 Second Chances2007-09-10
5 Rolling with the Enemy2007-09-03
4 Meet the Parents2007-08-27
3 Truth and Time Tells All2007-08-20
2 Big Girls Don't Cry2007-08-13
1 You Know What You Did2007-08-13
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
12 Goodbye For Now2007-04-02
11 Everybody Falls2007-03-26
10 Apology Not Accepted2007-03-19
9 New Year, New Friends2007-03-12
8 Enough Is Enough2007-03-05
7 With Friends Like These...2007-02-26
6 You Have Chosen2007-02-19
5 One Big Interruption2007-02-12
4 Who Do You Trust?2007-02-05
3 The Best Night Ever2007-01-29
2 When You Least Expect It2007-01-22
1 Out with the Old...2007-01-15
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
10 Timing Is Everything2006-08-02
9 Love Is Not a Maybe Thing2006-07-26
8 You Can't Just Be with Me?2006-07-19
7 Somebody Always Has to Cry2006-07-12
6 Boyfriends and Work Don't Mix2006-07-05
5 Jason's Birthday2006-06-28
4 Lauren and Jason, Take Two2006-06-21
3 An Unexpected Call2006-06-14
2 A Change of Plans2006-06-07
1 New City, New Drama2006-05-31
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
18 The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now2016-08-02
17 The Bitch Is Back: The Hills Season Preview2009-09-16
16 Whitney Looks Back
15 Off The Record
14 Living The Hills Life
13 Season 2: Cram Session
12 Goodbye Message: Lauren
11 Goodbye Message: Audrina
10 What's Next Brody?
9 A Hollywood Ending
8 From The Beginning
7 Revealed
6 Speidi's Wedding Unveiled2009-06-01
5 S05 Preview Special: Live With Lauren!2009-03-30
4 The Lost Scenes2008-10-17
3 Season 3: Cram Session2007-10-08
2 Top 10 Moments Of All Time2007-08-11
1 Lauren Looks Back2007-12-09


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