Instant Star

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In this Teen Drama with a bit of a musical twist, Instant Star is about a 15 year old girl, named Jude Harrison, who won a singer/songwriter contest and a guaranteed recording contract. The "Feisty" and "Punk" singer Jude Harrison is unprepared for the world of fame. Jude learns that managing her career, and her personal life, is harder than it seems. She's wading through a world bigger than her wildest rock 'n' roll dreams - parties and publicity, groupies and paparazzi, managers, producers, release dates, and concerts. Jude's desperate to prove she belongs there, but she's not even old enough to drive. (Quelle:
Genre: Drama
Erstausstahlung: 2004-09-15 Status: Ended Dauer: 30 Min

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Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
13 London Calling2008-06-26
12 Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment2008-06-25
11 She Walks on Me2008-06-24
10 Every Breath You Take2008-06-19
9 Possession2008-06-18
8 Brilliant Mistake2008-06-17
7 Not an Addict2008-06-12
6 My Hometown2008-06-11
5 We Belong2008-06-10
4 Us and Them2008-06-05
3 Changes2008-06-04
2 She Drives Me Crazy2008-06-04
1 Your Time Is Gonna Come2008-06-02
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
13 All I Want Is You2007-05-18
12 Sympathy for the Devil2007-05-11
11 Celebrity Skin2007-04-27
10 Nowhere to Run2007-04-20
9 18: Part 22007-04-13
8 18: Part 12007-04-06
7 The Long and Winding Road2007-03-23
6 Heart of Gold2007-03-16
5 Let It Be2007-03-09
4 Helter Skelter2007-03-02
3 Start Me Up2007-02-23
2 Like a Virgin2007-02-16
1 Lose Yourself2007-02-16
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
13 Date with the Night2006-05-12
12 When I Come Around2006-04-28
11 Mother's Little Helper2006-04-28
10 Problem Child2006-04-21
9 Hallelujah2006-04-14
8 Personality Crisis2006-04-07
7 Stranger in the House2006-04-07
6 The Jean Genie2006-03-17
5 Viciousness2006-03-10
4 Miss World2006-03-03
3 I Fought the Law2006-02-24
2 No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn (2)2006-02-17
1 No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn (1)2006-01-01
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
13 Should I Stay Or Should I Go2005-04-24
12 Train In Vain2005-04-17
11 All Apologies2005-04-10
10 Lose This Skin2005-03-27
9 Won't Get Fooled Again2005-03-20
8 Unsweet Sixteen2005-03-13
7 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend2005-03-06
6 Kiss Me Deadly2005-02-20
5 You Can't Always Get What You Want2005-02-13
4 Hey Sister2005-02-06
3 Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind2005-01-30
2 Come As You Are2004-09-15
1 Even Better Than The Real Thing2004-09-15


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