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Martin is a sassy sitcom centering on a radio-and-television personality named Martin Payne. The series focuses on Martin's romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina Waters, his job changes from a radio personality to a television personality, and the variety of friends Martin hangs out with along the way: the loud-mouthed and sassy Pam James and his best friends Tommy Strong and Cole Brown. Star, Martin Lawrence, also portrays of host of wild characters on the show. His neighbor Sheneneh; his mother Mama Payne; Otis the security guard; Jerome the gold-toothed player; Roscoe the snot-nosed kid who's always looking for a leg up; Bob, the white guy, King-Beef, Elroy, and many more. Martin is the center of attention, as each episode takes you from one hilarious circumstance to another. Hijinks, laughter, quick-witted banter, and lotsa love, make this series one to last forever. (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Erstausstahlung: 1992-08-27 Status: Ended Dauer: 25 Min

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Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24California, Here We Come (2)1997-05-01
23California, Here We Come (1)1997-05-01
22One Flew over the Hoochie's Nest1997-04-24
21Goin' for Mine1997-04-17
19Daddy Dearest1997-04-03
17I, Martin, Take Thee Pam?1997-03-06
16Power to the People's Court1997-02-20
15Goin' Overboard (2)1997-02-13
14Goin' Overboard (1)1997-02-13
13Ain't That About a Ditch1997-01-30
12You Play Too Much1997-01-23
11Waiting, Debating and Ovulating1997-01-09
9Come on over to My Place1996-12-05
8Snow White1996-11-21
7The Life You Save...Might Make You Rich1996-11-14
6Banging Hard in the School Yard1996-11-07
5Boo's in the House1996-10-31
4Working Girls1996-09-26
3Sophomore Jinx1996-09-19
2Back in Trouble Again1996-09-12
1Is You Is or Is You Ain't1996-09-05
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
27Why Can't We Be Friends (2)1996-05-02
26Why Can't We Be Friends (1)1996-05-02
25D.M.V. Blues1996-04-25
24Martin, I Want to Sing1996-04-04
23The Tooth Will Set You Free1996-03-28
22The Cabin Show1996-03-07
21Homeo & Juliet1996-02-29
20Where the Party At1996-02-25
19The Love Jones Connection1996-02-18
18The Best of Martin1996-02-15
17Kicked to the Curb1996-02-08
16You're All I Need1996-02-04
15Green Card1996-01-14
14The Bodyguard1996-01-07
13Swing Thing1995-12-17
12Headin' for Trouble1995-12-10
11Three Homies and a Baby1995-12-03
10Housekeeper from Hell1995-11-26
9Cole on Ice1995-11-19
8Old School Loving1995-11-05
7Uptown Friday Night1995-10-21
6He Say, She Say1995-10-14
5Love T.K.O.1995-10-07
4Ring a Ding, Ding, Ding Gone1995-09-30
3Blow, Baby, Blow1995-09-23
2Kill Him with Kindness1995-09-16
1Martin in the Corner Pocket1995-09-09
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
27Love is a Beach1995-05-18
26The Wedding Bell Blues1995-05-11
25The Bachelor Party1995-05-04
24The Romantic Weekend1995-04-27
21Mother of the Bride1995-03-23
20High Noon1995-03-09
19Best and Bester1995-02-23
18All the Players Came1995-02-16
17The Ex-Files1995-02-09
16Ain't Nuttin' Goin' on But the Rent1995-02-02
15Sophisticated Ladies1995-01-19
14'Xpress Yourself1995-01-05
13Go Tell It on the Martin1994-12-15
12Lockin' Boots1994-12-08
11Feast or Famine1994-11-24
10Get a Job1994-11-17
9Whole Lotto Trouble1994-11-10
8Momma's Baby, Martin's Maybe1994-11-03
7Movin' on In1994-10-20
6The Closer I Get to You1994-10-06
5Break Up to Make Up1994-09-29
4Martin Gets Paid1994-09-22
3I've Got Work to Do1994-09-15
2Martin Returns1994-09-08
1In Search of Martin1994-09-01
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
27Martin's on the Move1994-05-15
26The Hoedown in Motown1994-05-08
25No Love Lost1994-05-01
24Crunchy Drawers1994-04-17
23I Don't Have the Heart1994-03-27
22Yours, Mine and Ours1994-03-13
21Guard Your Grill1994-02-27
20Arms are for Hugging1994-02-20
19Love is in Your Face (2)1994-02-13
18Love is in Your Face (1)1994-02-06
17Suspicious Minds1994-01-16
16No Justice, No Peace1994-01-09
15Holiday Blues1993-12-19
14Whoomp! There It Ain't1993-12-12
13Thanks for Nothing1993-11-21
12Hollywood Swinging (2)1993-11-14
11Hollywood Swinging (1)1993-11-07
10Fat Like Dat1993-10-24
9To Kill a Talking Bird1993-10-17
8You've Got a Friend1993-10-10
6Workin' Day & Night1993-09-26
5Baby, It's You1993-09-19
4Beat It1993-09-12
3Got To Be There1993-09-05
2Really, Gina Is Not My Lover1993-08-29
1Do You Remember The Time?1993-08-22
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
27Checks, Lies, and Videotape1993-05-13
26Baby You Can Drive My Car1993-05-06
25Variety Show1993-04-29
24Your Arms Are Too Short to Box with Martin1993-04-22
23Jerome's in the House1993-04-01
22Credit Card Blues1993-03-18
21I'm Not Your Superwoman1993-02-25
20Break Up (3)1993-02-18
19Break Up (2)1993-02-11
18Break Up (1)1993-02-11
17Blackboard Jungle Fever1993-01-21
16Do the Fight Thing1993-01-14
15I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus1992-12-17
14I've Got a Secret1992-12-03
13Radio Days1992-11-19
12Three Men and a Mouse1992-11-12
11The Great Payne Robbery1992-11-05
10The Night He Came Home1992-10-29
9Baby, It's Cole'd in Here1992-10-22
8Woman with a Past1992-10-15
7The Parents Are Coming, the Parents Are Coming1992-10-08
6Forever Sheneneh1992-10-01
5Dead Men Don't Flush1992-09-24
4Boyz 'R Us1992-09-17
3Things I Did for Love1992-09-10
2The Gift Rapper1992-09-03
1Beauty and the Beast1992-08-27
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
3Cast Members Talk of Romance
2Martin's Favorite Moments Season 1
1Bloopers Season 1


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