Mystery Science Theater 3000

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In the not-too-distant future Joel Robinson is held captive by Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank, forced to watch B-Grade movies on the Satellite of Love with the help of his robot friends: Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot. (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy | Science Fiction
Erstausstahlung: 1983-12-16 Status: Continuing Dauer: 120 Min

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Season 12 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
6Ator, the Fighting Eagle2018-11-22
5Killer Fish2018-11-22
4The Day Time Ended2018-11-22
3Lords of the Deep2018-11-22
2Atlantic Rim2018-11-22
1Mac and Me2018-11-22
Season 11 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
14At the Earth’s Core2017-04-14
13The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t2017-04-14
12Carnival Magic2017-04-14
11Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II2017-04-14
10Wizards of the Lost Kingdom2017-04-14
8The Loves of Hercules2017-04-14
7The Land that Time Forgot2017-04-14
5The Beast of Hollow Mountain2017-04-14
3The Time Travelers2017-04-14
2Cry Wilderness2017-04-14
Season 10 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
11Horrors of Spider Island1999-07-25
10It Lives by Night1999-07-18
8Final Justice1999-06-20
7Track of the Moon Beast1999-06-13
6Boggy Creek II1999-05-09
5Blood Waters of Dr. Z1999-05-02
4Future War1999-04-25
3Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders1999-09-12
2Girl in Gold Boots1999-04-18
Season 9 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
13Quest of the Delta Knights1998-09-26
12The Screaming Skull1998-08-29
11Devil Fish1998-08-15
10The Final Sacrifice1998-07-25
8The Touch of Satan1998-07-11
6The Space Children1998-06-13
5The Deadly Bees1998-05-09
3The Pumaman1998-04-04
2The Phantom Planet1998-03-21
1The Projected Man1998-03-14
Season 8 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
22Overdrawn at the Memory Bank1997-12-06
21Time Chasers1997-11-22
20Space Mutiny1997-11-07
19Invasion of the Neptune Men1997-10-11
18Devil Doll1997-10-04
17The Horror of Party Beach1997-09-06
16Prince of Space1997-08-16
15Agent for H.A.R.M.1997-08-02
14Riding with Death1997-07-19
13Jack Frost1997-07-12
12The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?1997-06-14
11Parts: The Clonus Horror1997-06-07
10The Giant Spider Invasion1997-05-31
9I Was a Teenage Werewolf1997-04-19
8The She-Creature1997-04-05
7Terror from the Year 50001997-03-15
6The Undead1997-03-08
5The Thing That Couldn't Die1997-03-01
4The Deadly Mantis1997-02-22
3The Mole People1997-02-15
2The Leech Woman1997-02-08
1Revenge of the Creature1997-02-01
Season 7 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
5Escape 20001996-03-02
4The Incredible Melting Man1996-02-24
3Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell1996-02-17
2The Brute Man1996-02-10
1Night of the Blood Beast1996-02-03
Season 6 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24Samson vs. the Vampire Women1995-03-25
23The Amazing Transparent Man1995-03-18
22Angels' Revenge1995-03-11
21The Beast of Yucca Flats1995-01-21
20Danger!! Death Ray1995-01-07
19Red Zone Cuba1994-12-17
18High School Big Shot1994-12-10
17The Sword and the Dragon1994-12-03
16Racket Girls1994-11-26
15Kitten with a Whip1994-11-23
14San Francisco International1994-11-19
13The Sinister Urge1994-11-05
12The Starfighters1994-10-29
11Last of the Wild Horses1994-10-05
10The Violent Years1994-10-08
9The Skydivers1994-08-27
8Code Name: Diamond Head1994-10-01
6The Creeping Terror1994-09-17
5Colossus and the Headhunters1994-08-20
4Zombie Nightmare1994-11-24
3The Dead Talk Back1994-07-30
2Invasion USA1994-07-23
1Girls Town1994-07-16
Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
2412 to the Moon1994-02-05
23Village of the Giants1994-01-22
22Teen-age Crime Wave1994-01-15
21Santa Claus1993-12-24
20Radar Secret Service1993-12-08
19Outlaw (of Gor)1993-12-11
18The Atomic Brain1993-12-04
17Beginning of the End1993-11-25
16Alien from L.A.1993-11-20
15The Wild World of Batwoman1993-11-13
14Teen-age Strangler1993-11-07
13The Brain That Wouldn't Die1993-10-30
10The Painted Hills1993-09-26
9The Girl in Lovers' Lane1993-09-18
8Operation Double 0071993-09-11
7I Accuse My Parents1993-09-04
5The Magic Voyage of Sinbad1993-08-14
4Secret Agent Super Dragon1993-08-07
3Swamp Diamonds1993-07-31
1Warrior of the Lost World1993-07-24
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24Manos: The Hands of Fate1993-01-30
23Bride of the Monster1993-01-23
22The Day the Earth Froze1993-01-16
21Monster a Go-Go1993-01-09
20The Human Duplicators1992-12-26
19The Rebel Set1992-12-12
18Attack of the Eye Creatures1992-12-05
17Crash of Moons1992-11-28
16Fire Maidens of Outer Space1992-11-26
15The Beatniks1992-11-26
13Manhunt in Space1992-09-19
12Hercules and the Captive Women1992-09-12
11The Magic Sword1992-08-29
10Hercules Against the Moon Men1992-08-22
9The Indestructible Man1992-08-15
8Hercules Unchained1992-08-01
7The Killer Shrews1992-07-25
6Attack of the Giant Leeches1992-07-18
5Being from Another Planet1992-07-04
4Teenagers from Outer Space1992-06-27
3City Limits1992-06-20
2The Giant Gila Monster1992-06-13
1Space Travelers1992-06-06
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24Master Ninja II1992-01-25
23The Castle of Fu Manchu1992-01-18
22Master Ninja1992-01-11
21Santa Claus Conquers the Martians1991-12-21
20The Unearthly1991-12-14
19War of the Colossal Beast1991-11-30
18Star Force: Fugitive Alien II1991-11-16
17Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent1991-10-26
16Gamera vs. Zigra1991-10-19
15Teenage Caveman1991-11-09
14Mighty Jack1991-09-21
13Earth vs. the Spider1991-09-14
12Gamera vs. Guiron1991-09-07
11It Conquered the World1991-08-24
10Fugitive Alien1991-08-17
9The Amazing Colossal Man1991-08-03
8Gamera vs. Gaos1991-07-27
6Time of the Apes1991-07-13
5Stranded in Space1991-06-29
4Gamera vs. Barugon1991-06-22
3Pod People1991-06-15
1Cave Dwellers1991-06-01
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
13Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster1991-02-02
12Godzilla vs. Megalon1991-01-19
11First Spaceship on Venus1990-12-29
10King Dinosaur1990-12-22
9The Hellcats1990-12-08
8The Lost Continent1990-11-24
7The Wild Rebels1990-11-17
6Ring of Terror1990-11-03
5Rocket Attack USA1990-10-27
4Catalina Caper1990-10-13
3Jungle Goddess1990-10-06
2The Sidehackers1990-09-29
1Rocketship X-M1990-09-22
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
13The Black Scorpion1990-02-13
12Untamed Youth1990-02-06
11Moon Zero Two1990-01-30
10Robot Holocaust1990-01-23
9Project Moonbase1990-01-16
8The Slime People1990-01-09
7Robot Monster1990-01-02
6The Crawling Hand1989-12-26
5The Corpse Vanishes1989-12-19
4Women of the Prehistoric Planet1990-02-20
3Mad Monster1989-12-12
2The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy1989-12-05
1The Crawling Eye1989-11-19
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
555MST3K The PodComic2019-05-14
554MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 18 : Checking In From Akron, OH2019-10-07
553MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 17 : An Update From Nate2019-09-30
552MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 16 : Checking In From Portland, Maine2019-09-23
551MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 15 : Meet The Cast!2019-09-16
550MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 14 : Packing Up And Meeting Chris2019-09-09
549MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 13 : Getting Organized2019-08-27
548MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 12 : R&D: Bunraku Tom Servo2019-08-19
547MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 11 : A Look At The New Cambot2019-08-13
546MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 10 : R&D: Crow On A Unicycle2019-08-05
545MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 9 : Crow Approaches2019-07-29
544MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 8 : R&D: The Origin Of The New Travel Gypsy2019-07-22
543MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 7 : R&D: Crow On A Pogo Stick2019-07-15
542MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 6 : R&D: Tom Servo – The Dancing Man Test2019-07-09
541MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 5 : Visual Development Round-Up2019-07-02
540MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 4 : Gypsy Live Research & Development2019-06-24
539MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 3 : Meeting Crenshaw2019-06-18
538MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 2 : All Moved In2019-06-10
537MST3K Live Development Workshop Entry 1 : Move In Day2019-06-03
536Season 12 - Scaling the Models
535Season 12 - Under the Puppets
534Season 12 - Inside the Riffs
533Season 12 - Behind the Sketches
532I Accuse My Parents MST Hour Wraps2018-05-22
531Man on Poverty Row: The Films of Sam Newfield2018-05-22
530I Accuse My Parents Joel Intro2018-05-22
529Eegah Trailer2018-05-22
528Eegah Joel Intro2018-05-22
527Santa Claus Conquers The Martians Trailer2018-05-22
526Santa Claus Conquers The Martians Joel Intro2018-05-22
525Don't Knock The Shrock2018-05-22
524Myron Natwick Talks Back2018-11-27
523Bill Rebane Speaks2018-11-27
522Monster a Go-Go Trailer2018-11-27
521The Phantom Planet Trailer2018-11-27
520Hobgoblins Trailer2018-11-27
519Hobgoblins Revisited2018-11-27
518Spider Man: Looking Back With Bill Reeane2019-03-19
517Vintage Menus2019-03-19
516Space Travelers Promo
515Master Ninja I Promo
514Viking Women and the Sea Serpent Promo
513Gamera vs. Zigra Promo
512Teenage Cave Man Promo
511Earth vs. the Spider Promo
510Gamera vs. Guiron Promo
509It Conquered the World Promo
508Fugitive Alien Promo
507The Amazing Colossal Man Promo
506Stranded in Space Promo
505Pod People Promo
504The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy Promo
503The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies Trailer
502Wood: Taming The Sinister Urge
501The Sinister Urge Introduction by Conrad Brooks
500They Kill for Kicks: Making Wild Rebels
499This Island Earth 2.5 Years In The Making
498The Making Of Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie
497Turkey Day Marathon 2018 Promo - Jonah
496Turkey Day Marathon 2018 Promo - Joel
495State of the Union by Joel for Season 12 backers2018-11-21
494The Gauntlet Trailer2018-11-12
493Turkey Day 20182018-11-18
4921999 Best Brains Studio Tour
4911998 Best Brains Studio Tour
4901996 Best Brains Studio Tour
4891994 Best Brains Studio Tour
488Trojan Commercial Riff
487Interview from public access from September 1991
486Reptilicus VHS Version
485Turkey Day 2017
484MST3K Advance Screening Tour Q&A Highlights
4832016 Turkey Day Marathon Interstitials
4822016 Camp Conival Discussion with Joel & the Cast
481MST3K Panel at 2016 San Diego Comic-Con
480RiffTrax-MST3K Cast Reunion
479Season 11 Kickstarter Final Countdown Telethon
478Leaked 'Star Wars' Auditions With The Bots From MST3K2015-12-01
4772015 Turkey Day Marathon Interstitials at Kickstarter
476Season 11 Kickstarter Pitch Video 4
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473Season 11 Kickstarter Pitch Video 1
472Season 11 Blooper Reel
471Season 11 Behind the Scenes Gallery 2
470Season 11 Behind the Scenes Gallery 1
469A Good Test Case: We Brought Back MST3K
468Introduction by Joel to Season 11 DVD/BD
467MST3K (2017) Yule Log2017-12-21
466Death & Taxes Promo
465Wonder World of K. Gordon Murray in Colorscope
4642 Minute The Beginning of the End
4632 Minute The Brain That Wouldn't Die
462Teen-Age Strangler (Outtakes)
461The Greatest Frank of All (ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama)1994-09-16
460Behind The Scream: Daniel Griffith On Ballyhoo
459Satellite Dishes
458Diabolik Theatrical Trailer
457Showdown In Eden Prairie: Their Final Experiment
456The Amazing Transparent Man Theatrical Trailer
455Beyond Transparency
454Girls Town Theatrical Trailer
453Chuck Love And The Anatomy Of A Theme
452MST3K Live! Watch Out For Snakes Sneak Peek 2
451MST3K Live! Watch Out For Snakes Sneak Peek
450MST3K Live Tour Promo
449MST3K Official Press conferance
448Post Screening Q&A for backers
447New Season Trailer
446Turkey Day 2016
445Turkey Day 2015
444Turkey Day 2014
443Bring Back MST3K Part 3
442Bring Back MST3K Part 2
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439MST3K Flash Series "Thanksgiving Clown"
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436Play MSTie For Me Triple Decker
435Tom Servo's All Time Favorite Host Segments Vol.5
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431Tom Servo's All Time Favorite Host Segments Vol.1
430Stranger Things/Mystery Science Theater 3000 Riff2017-04-14
429Post-Screening 1101 Q&A w Joel and Cast 2017-04-09
428Tracking a Moon Beast with Actress Leigh Drake
427High School Big Shot Original Version
426High School Big Shot Trailer
425Invasion USA Trailer
424Zugsmith Confidential
423Mike, By Joel
422Headline News Appearance
421Interview with Frank Dietz & Jon Mikl Thor (stars of Zombie Nightmare)
420The Sidehackers (Outtakes) - Shout release
419Ross Hagen on The Sidehackers2016-09-01
418The Horror of Party Beach Theatrical Trailer
417Return to Party Beach
416Escape 2000 Theatrical Trailer
415Leave the Bronx: Making Escape 2000
414Escape 2000 Introduction by Mary Jo Pehl
413The Horror of Party Beach Introduction by Mary Jo Pehl
412Invasion of the Neptune Men Theatrical Trailer
411August on Neptune
410Invasion of the Neptune Men Introduction by Mary Jo Pehl
409The Incredible Melting Man Trailers
408The Incredible Melting Man: Interview with Writer & Director William Sachs and Makeup Effects Artist Rick Baker
407The Incredible Melting Man: Interview with Makeup Effects Artist Greg Cannom
406City Limits Theatrical Trailer
405City Limits: Actress Rae Dawn Chong Looks Back
404Devil Down In Georgia: Film Ventures International
403 The Invisible World of The Gemini Man: An Interview with Writer Steven de Souza
402Being From Another Planet Theatrical Trailer
401Richard Band Remembers
400Medieval Boogaloo: The Legend of Deathstalker III
399You Are There: Launching 12 to the Moon
398Time Walker Original Version
397I Was a Teenage Caveman
396MST Alive! '92
395Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for It Conquered The World
394Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for War Of The Colossal Beast
393Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Viking Women And The Sea Serpent
392Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for The Unearthly
391Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for The Human Duplicators
390Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for The Amazing Colossal Man
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387Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
386Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Pod People
385Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Cave Dwellers
384Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Attack Of The Eye Creatures
383The Creep Behind The Camera Extended Trailer
382The Creeping Terror Trailer (For Screamfest 2014)
381The Crown Jewels
380The She-Creature Theatrical Trailer
379The Undead Theatrical Trailer
378War of the Colossal Beast Theatrical Trailer
377War of the Colossal Beast Intro by Frank Conniff
376It Was a Colossal Teenage Movie Machine: The A.I.P. Story
375Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent Intro by Frank Conniff
374The Heat (Alternative Audio Track)
373MST3K live on XSN from Meltdown Comics Hollywood
372Reefer Madness Commentary By Mike Nelson2015-12-20
371The Movie That Couldn't Die
370The Thing That Couldn't Die Theatrical Trailer
369MST3K Artist In Residence: Steve Vance
368The Leech Woman Theatrical Trailer
367Gorgo Theatrical Trailer
366Interview with The Brain That Wouldn't Die Star Marilyn (Hanold) Neilson
365The Day The Earth Froze Theatrical Trailer
364Moon Zero Two Theatrical Trailer
363Moon Zero Two Introduction by Hammer Films Historian Constantine Nasr
362Radar Men from the Moon Introduction by J. Elvis Weinstein
361Devil Fish Trailer
360MST3K Video Jukebox Vol. 2
359Hotel Torgo: The Making of Manos: The Hands Of Fate
358Short: Hired! (Parts 1 and 2)
357Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Manos: The Hands Of Fate
356Manos: The Hands Of Fate - Group Therapy
355Danger!! Death Ray Trailer
354Alien from L.A. Trailer
353Interview with Alien from L.A. director Albert Pyun
352Shorts: Serial Variety Pack
351Shorts: Radar Men from the Moon
350Bert I Gordon: The Amazing Colossal Filmmaker
349The Creep Behind The Camera Q&A With Frank Conniff And Trace Beaulieu At Screamfest 20142015-07-28
348Beatnik Blues: Investigating Daddy-O!
347Earth Vs.The Spider Theatrical Trailer
346This Movie Has Legs: Looking Back at Earth Vs. The Spider
345Teen-Age Crime Wave Theatrical Trailer
344Tommy Cook: From Jungle Boy to Teenage Jungle
343Film it Again, Sam: The Katzman Chronicles
342Peter Mark Richman: In H.A.R.M.'s Way
341Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Daddy-O1993-12-09
340Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Earth vs The Spider1993-12-23
339Hercules Trailer
338Hercules Introduction by Frank Conniff
337Barnum of Baltimore - The Early Films of Joseph E. Levine
336Marooned (Space Travelers) Trailer
335Marooned (Space Travelers) - A Forgotten Odyssey
334Space Travelers Introduction by Frank Conniff
333Radar Secret Service Introduction by Frank Conniff
332MST-UK with Trace and Frank
331Sampo Speaks! - A Brief History of Satellite News
330Untamed Youth Trailer
329The Deadly Mantis Trailer
328The Black Scorpion Trailer
327Stinger of Death: Making The Black Scorpion
326The Projected Man Trailer
325Shock to the System: Creating The Projected Man
324Posters of MST3K
323Chasing Rosebud: The Cinematic Life of William Alland
322Village of the Giants Trailer
321Interview with Village of the Giants Star Joy Harmon
320The Slime People Trailer
319Interview with Slime People Star Judith (Morton) Fraser
318Samson vs the Vampire Women Trailer
317The Hellcats (Unedited)
316The Crawling Hand Trailer
315The Crawling Hand (Unedited)
3142-Minute Eegah
31310.2 Upgrade2008-02-05
312Project Moonbase Trailer
311The Screaming Skull Trailer
310This Film May Kill You: Making The Screaming Skull
309Squirm Trailer
308Interview with Squirm Star Don Scardino
307Gumby & Clokey: The Making of Robot Rumpus
306Short: A Date with Your Family
305Short: Snow Thrills
304Original Japanese Gamera Vs. Zigra Trailer
303Original Japanese Gamera Vs. Guiron Trailer
302Original Japanese Gamera vs. Gaos Trailer
301Gamera Obscura: A History by August Ragone
300Original Japanese Gamera vs. Barugon Trailer
299Gamera vs. The Chiodo Brothers
298Original Japanese Gamera Trailer
297The Pumaman (Unedited)
296Walter George Alton on Pumaman
295Interview with Mamie Van Doren
294Extended Trailer for "The Frank" Music Video
293Producer of Gor: Adventures with Harry Alan Towers
292Writer of Gor: The Novels of John Norman
291Director of Gor: On the Set with John 'Bud' Cardos
290Bloodlust (Unedited)
289Tormented Trailer
288The Indestructible Man Trailer
287Robot Monster Trailer
286Bride Of The Monster Trailer
285Music Video - Whispering Christmas Warrior
284Music Video - The 70's Song
283Music Video - Sir Thomas Neville Servo Quartet
282Music Video - Sandy Frank
281Music Video - Mystos
280Life After MST3K: Mike Nelson2013-03-26
279Turkey Day Intro for The Screaming Skull by Joel Hodgson2014-11-25
278Undercooked & Overstuffed: Inside the Turkey Day Marathon2014-11-25
277Turkey Day Intro for Jungle Goddess by Joel Hodgson2014-11-25
276Bumper to Bumper: Turkey Day Through the Years2014-11-25
275Turkey Day Intro for The Painted Hills by Joel Hodgson2014-11-25
274Turkey Day Intro for Squirm by Joel Hodgson2014-11-25
273Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for The Magic Voyage of Sinbad1994-07-15
272Life after MST3K: Trace Beaulieu2013-07-23
271Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Gamera vs Guiron1993-12-21
270The Deadly Mantis Introduction by Mary Jo Pehl2013-07-23
269Mitchell: Original Theatrical Trailer
268Life After MST3K: Frank Conniff
267Samson vs. the Vampire Women: TV Spot
266Lucha Gringo: K. Gordon Murray Meets Santo
265You Asked For It: Sandy Frank Speaks
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263Fugitive Alien Introduction by August Ragone
262Code Name: Quinn Martin
261Life After MST3K: Kevin Murphy
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259The Incredible Mr. Lippert
258DARKSTAR: Robots Don't Need SAG Cards
257The Castle of Fu Manchu Original Theatrical Trailer
256The Castle of Fu Manchu Introduction by Frank Conniff
255Life After MST3K: J. Elvis Weinstein
254Robot Holocaust Introduction by Joel Hodgson
253Kitten with a Whip Introduction by Mike Nelson
252Life After MST3K: Bill Corbett
251Jack Arnold at Universal
250Revenge of the Creature Introduction by Mike Nelson
249Operation Double 007 Introduction by Joel Hodgson
248Time of the Apes Introduction by August Ragone
247Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Time of the Apes1993-12-07
246Archival Interview with Kathy Wood
245Archival Interview with Delores Fuller
244The DVD Menus Of MST3K
243Mighty Jack Introduction by August Ragone
242Trail of the Creeper: Making The Brute Man
241The Brute Man Introduction by Mary Jo Pehl
240Origins and Beyond Panel at CONvergence 2009
239Music Video - The Rain Song
238Music Video - The Best of Digger Smolken
237Music Video - Creepy Girl
236Music Video - Cosmic Freight Train
235Music Video - A Michael Finestein Gamera
234Interview with Rebel Set star Don Sullivan
233Exploring the Look of MST3K With Director of Photography Jeff Stonehouse
232Tom Servo Vs. Tom Servo Panel at Dragon*Con 20102010-09-03
231Looking Back At The Master with Bill McKinney
230The Magic Voyage of Sinbad Introduction by Trace Beaulieu
229Larry Blamire Geeks Out
228Robot Monster Introduction by J. Elvis Weinstein
227The Puppet Master: Richard Gordon On Devil Doll
226 MST3K: Origins and Beyond at CONvergence 2009
225Inventing the Invention Exchange
224Devil Doll Trailer
223Citizen Wood: Making ‘The Bride,’ Unmasking the Legend
222MST3K: The Movie Trailer
221The Motion Picture Odyssey2013-09-03
220About Joel Hodgson's Riffing Myself2014-03-25
219Untamed Youth Introduction by Joel Hodgson2014-03-25
218Much Ado About Nanites2014-03-25
217Hercules and the Captive Women Introduction by Joel Hodgson2014-03-25
216The Skydivers Trailer
215Overdrawn at the Memory Bank Introduction
214Bloodlust Trailer
213Sinister Urge Interview
212Giant Gila Monster Replacement Disc Segment
211Music Video - Where oh Werewolf?
210Music Video - When I Held Your Brain in My Arms
209Music Video - Tubular Boobular Joy
208Music Video - To Earth
207Music Video - Tibby, Oh Tibby
206Music Video - The Waffle Song
205Music Video - The Canada Song
204Music Video - Slow The Plot Down
203Music Video - Please Staaay!
202Music Video - Oh Kim Cattrall
201Music Video - Nummy Muffin Coocol Butter
200Music Video - My Wild Irish Ireland
199Music Video - Merry Christmas -- If That's OK
198Music Video - Doughy Guys
197Music Video - AM Radio in Space
196Hellcats Trailer
195Catalina Caper Trailer
194KTMA Melon Drop - NYE 19891989-12-31
193KTMA Melon Drop - NYE 19881988-12-31
192KTMA Melon Drop - NYE 19871987-12-31
191MST3K: Poopie! II2006-08-29
190Leonard Maltin Explains Something2013-11-26
189Ninth Wonder of the World: The Making of Gorgo (MST3K Edition)2013-11-26
188Life After MST3K: Mary Jo Pehl2013-11-26
187Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for The Day the Earth Froze1994-02-08
186Return to Eden Prairie, Part III: The Characters2013-11-26
185Return to Eden Prairie, Part II: The Locations2013-11-26
184Return to Eden Prairie, Part I: The Crew2013-11-26
183Last Flight of Joel Robinson2013-11-26
182Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps For The Beatniks1994-01-27
181Vintage MST3K Promos
180Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Gamera1993-12-01
179So Happy Together: A Look Back At MST3K & Gamera2011-08-02
178K00 Green Slime presentation at Archon 322008-10-03
177Turkey Day 2013 2013-11-28
176Of Mushrooms and Madmen: Making The Mole People
175The Mole People Trailer
174Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for The Magic Sword1994-01-21
173The Magic Sword Trailer
172Scraps From the Cutting Room Floor of "This is MST3K," November 1991
171Mystery Science Theater - Missing Host Segment
170Night of the Blood Beast (Turkey Day)1995-11-23
169Women of the Prehistoric Planet Introduction by Irene Tsu
168MST3K: The Movie Press Kit2007-07-01
167Film Crew on Starz2006-07-11
166Rough Cut - 1012 - Squirm2006-07-11
165Rough Cut - 0505 - The Magic Voyage Of Sinbad2005-12-12
164Rough Cut - 0503 - Swamp Diamonds - What To Do On A Date2005-12-12
163Rough Cut - 1010 - It Lives by Night2001-06-05
162Rough Cut - 1013 - Diabolik2005-12-12
161The Last Dance: Raw1999-12-02
160Short: Keeping Clean And Neat
158Music Video - Sidehackin
157Music Video - When Loving Lovers Love
156Music Video - The Many Tunes of Gamera
155Music Video - The Janitor Song
154Music Video - The Greatest Frank of All
153Music Video - The Bomb Song
152Music Video - Sodium
151Music Video - Hobgoblins
150Music Video - Clowns in the Sky
149Music Video - A Patrick Swayze Christmas
148Short: Why Study Industrial Arts
147Short: The Truck Farmer
146Short: Speech Using Your Voice
145Short: Century 21 Calling...1998-06-13
144Short: Assignment Venezuela
143Short: Alphabet Antics1991-07-20
142Space Ghost Coast-2-Coast with Joel Hodgson
141Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps For Hercules Against The Moon Men1994-01-19
140Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps For Hercules Unchained1994-01-17
139Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps For The Giant Gila Monster1994-01-11
138Mike Nelson on Slasher Movies (VH1)
137The Home Game (Behind the Scenes)
136The Home Game (11pm)
135ConventioCon ExpoFest-a-Rama (2)1994-09-16
134ConventioCon ExpoFest-a-Rama (1)1994-09-16
133Senor Sock.2002-01-02
1328th Annual Young Comedians Show
131Turkey Day Leftovers with Kevin Murphy1995-11-23
1302008 San Diego Comic-Con International Reunion Panel
129Variations on a Theme Song
128Future War Trailer
127Werewolf Trailer
126Laserblast Trailer
125First Spaceship on Venus Trailer
124Jack Frost Introduction by Kevin Murphy
123Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for 'Crash of Moons'1994-01-31
122Lost Continent Trailer
121Lost Continent Introduction by Frank Conniff
120The Beast of Yucca Flats Trailer
119Coleman Francis: The Cinematic Poet of Parking
118No Dialogue Necessary: Making the Beast of Yucca Flats
117The Wild World of Batwoman (unedited)
116The Skydivers (unedited)
115The Creeping Terror (unedited)
114The Brain That Wouldn't Die (unedited)
113Beginning of the End (unedited)
112Eegah! (unedited)
111Catalina Caper (unedited)
110MST3K Video Jukebox Vol. 3
109The Clonus Horror - Robert Fiveson Interview
108Parts: The Clonus Horror Trailer
107The Girl in Gold Boots Teaser
106The Girl in Gold Boots Trailer
105The Girl in Gold Boots Introduction
104Hamlet Introduction
103Giant Gila Monster - Don Sullivan Interview
102The Rebel Set Trailer
101Secret Agent Super Dragon Trailer
100Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Secret Agent Super Dragon1994-02-14
99Horrors Of Spider Island Trailer
98A Tormented Reunion
97Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps for Tormented1994-01-25
96Space Mutiny Introduction by Mike Nelson
95Turkey Day '95 Extras1995-11-20
94Turkey Day '941994-11-23
93Turkey Day '931993-11-24
92Turkey Day '92 Extras1992-11-19
91Turkey Day '911991-11-28
90The Home Game (4pm)1997-02-25
89MST3K's Academy of Robots' Choice Awards Special1998-03-19
88Turkey Day '951995-11-23
87Poopie Parade of Values1995-11-23
86MST3K Little Gold Statue Preview Special1995-03-22
85Turkey Day '921992-11-19
84This is MST3K!1992-11-14
83The Day the World Ended1997-01-25
82The History of MST3K (Part 3)2008-12-02
81The History of MST3K (Part 2)2008-12-02
80The History of MST3K (Part 1)2008-12-02
792nd Annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 Summer Blockbuster Review1998-09-04
78Movie Deleted Scenes
77The Making of MST3K1997-08-01
761st Annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 Summer Blockbuster Review1997-09-02
75MTV Week in Rock
74Host Segment Dress Rehearsals and Outtakes
73World News Guest Appearance
72CBS Saturday Morning News
71SF Vortex1997-01-24
70Playstation Underground1998-02-02
69Blood Waters of Doctor Z Promo #3
68Blood Waters of Doctor Z Promo #2
67Blood Waters of Doctor Z Promo #1
66Blood Waters of Doctor Z Trailer
65Night of the Blood Beast Trailer
64Turkey Day '95 Intros1995-11-24
63Santa Claus - Making The Episode: The Songs
62Santa Claus - Making The Episode: Gift Exchange
61Santa Claus Theatrical Trailer
60Santa Claus Conquers The Devil: A 50 Year Retrospective
59Narrated Stills Gallery from 'Warrior of the Lost World'
58Interview with 'Warrior of the Lost World' director David Worth
57The Corpse Vanishes Trailer
56Interview with Final Sacrifice star Bruce J. Mitchell
55MST3K: The Musical
54The Beatniks Trailer
53MST3K Video Jukebox Vol. 1
52The Main Event: Crow vs Crow2010-03-16
51The Crawling Eye Trailer
50The Crawling Eye Introduction
49Cheap Seats: Creative Breaking Championships/K-1 Fighting2005-03-14
48Interview with Final Justice writer/producer/director Greydon Clark
47Interview with Soultaker star Joe Estevez
46Mad Monster Trailer
45MST3K Poopie Reel1995-11-23
44A Case Of Spring Fever1999-08-01
43Century 21 Calling...1998-06-13
42Assignment: Venezuela1996-08-30
41Racket Girls Trailer
40Hamlet A.D.D. Promo
39Zombie Nightmare = MST3K Dream
38MST3K Scrapbook Scraps 2
37The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy Promos
36MST3K Scrapbook Scraps 1: Glimpses of KTMA
35Boggy Creek II Introduction
34Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders Introduction
33Time Chasers Introduction
32The Touch of Satan Introduction
31The Touch of Satan Trailer
30Interview with Mike Nelson & Kevin Murphy2004-03-01
29The Unearthly (Outtakes)
28The Atomic Brain (Outtakes)
27The Sidehackers (Outtakes) - Rhino release
26Mr. B's Lost Shorts2004-10-26
25Shorts (Volume 3)2001-01-30
24Shorts (Volume 2)1999-10-05
23Shorts (Volume 1)1998-07-21
22Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie1996-04-19
21The Legend of the Dinosaurs1989-05-21
20The Last Chase1989-05-21
19Hangar 181989-05-14
18The Million Eyes of Su-Muru1989-05-07
17Time of the Apes1989-04-02
16City on Fire1989-03-19
14Mighty Jack1989-03-05
13SST Death Flight1989-02-19
12Fugitive Alien1989-02-05
11Humanoid Woman1989-01-29
10Cosmic Princess1989-01-22
9Phase IV1989-01-15
8Gamera vs. Guiron1989-01-08
7Gamera vs. Zigra1988-12-31
6Gamera vs. Gaos1988-12-18
4Gamera vs. Barugon1988-12-04
3Star Force: Fugitive Alien II1988-11-27
2Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars1988-11-24
1Invaders from the Deep1988-11-24
0The Green Slime1988-10-03


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