Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy "Five gay men, out to make over the world - one straight guy at a time." (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Comedy
Erstausstahlung: 2003-07-15 Status: Ended Dauer: 60 Min

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Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
10Like Father Like Son: Willy and Nathan M2007-10-30
9Boat Builder: Adam G2007-10-30
8Jeff L2007-10-23
7Wayne S2007-10-23
6Freaky Friday: Ryan V2007-10-16
5Ronnie B2007-10-16
4Roth Family2007-10-09
3Julie & Phil D2007-10-09
2Eric & Tracie2007-10-02
1Straight Guy Pageant2007-10-02
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
16Help Widower Learn to Live Again: Jim M2006-09-19
15Turn This Fat Man into an Iron Man: Todd E2006-09-12
14Getting Kicked Out of the Garden of Eaten: Adam & Steve2006-09-05
13From Big Boy to Broadway Baby: Eric S2006-08-29
12Taking the Stuffing out of the Lovebirds: Erik and Khadijah2006-06-22
11Turn Dr. Dud into Dr. Stud: Ron B2006-08-15
10Enroll this Trifecta in Domestic Boot Camp: Rotondo Family2006-08-08
9Trans-form This Trans-man: Miles G2006-08-01
8Give Newlyweds a New Lease on Life: Anne Marie & Michael G2006-07-25
7Groometh Yon Lad For Fair Maiden: Eric Z2006-07-18
6Help Fireman Thank His Heroes: Steve H2006-07-11
5Messenger to Model Material: Jesan H2006-07-04
4Bringing Out the Inner Fab: Jeff B2006-06-27
3Turn a Poker Dud into a Five Card Stud: Ed M2005-06-20
2Marriage, Vegas Style: Asher and Tsiliana2005-06-13
1Small Time Entertainer to Big Show Headliner: Max C2005-06-06
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
19Clean up Zookeeper to turn him into a Keeper: Carlos F2006-02-07
18Make Star's Brother a Star: Michael B.2006-01-24
17Expose the Moose for Charity: Stephen G2006-01-17
16Surprise Our Stud With Stag Party: Ryan M2006-01-10
15When Two Worlds Collide: David P. & Maria2006-01-03
14Emergency Room to Emergency Wedding: Christian H2005-12-20
13From the Doghouse to the Altar Part 2: Joe U2005-12-07
12From the Doghouse to the Altar: Joe U2005-12-06
11Trump-ed to Triumph: Danny K2005-08-16
10Back to School: Pat M2005-08-09
9Send in the Clowns: Michael L2005-08-02
8A Phenominal 40th: Gary K2005-06-26
7Surprise the Super Dad: Lee F2005-06-19
6A Nude Scary Garcia: Jim B2005-06-12
5Shearing Sampson's Locks: Jim J2005-06-05
4Debut The New Dude: Patrick M2005-06-28
3Hero on Wheels: Hector D.2005-06-21
2Guess Who's Coming to Babysit? Paolo P2005-06-14
1Championship Make Better: Boston Red Sox2005-06-07
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
30Home on the Ranch: Scott B2005-04-12
29An Overdue Reunion: Joe H.2005-04-05
28The Best Little Frat House in Texas: Cameron A2005-03-29
27From Minor Disaster to TV SportsCaster: Kord S.2005-03-15
26Minor League Loser to Major League Schmoozer: John D2005-03-08
25A Closet Thespian: Alex M2005-03-01
24Mike the Mechanic: Mike S2005-02-22
23The Dude Gets a Haircut: Brud L.2005-02-15
22An American Straight Guy in London: Darin D2005-02-01
21Queer Eye for the British Guy: Simon B2005-01-25
20A Pigskin Proposal: Brian M2005-01-18
19A Home to Come Home To: Ray S2005-01-11
18The Brady Bunch Does Christmas:Richard M.2004-12-07
17A Queer Eye Thanksgiving2004-11-23
16Second Time Around:Steve P.2004-11-02
15Moving Out but Not Moving Far:John W.2004-09-21
14It's Only Rock&Roll:Ari V.2004-09-14
13An Opening Night to Share:Winston S.2004-09-07
12Queer Eye for the Shy Guy:Sean K.2004-08-31
11Refining New York's Finest: Michael Z.2004-08-10
10Top of the (Trash) Heap:Al D.2004-08-03
9Never too Late to Celebrate:Chris L.2004-07-27
8Senior Seeking Style: John K.2004-07-20
7Voice Makeover: Barra F (UK Special)2004-07-13
6Raising the Stakes: John S.2004-07-06
5Queer Eye for a Not-So-Straight Guy:Wayne H.2004-06-29
4Straight Outta Brooklyn:Philly R.2004-06-22
3Dhrama Dad:Michael C2004-06-15
2Conquering the Catwalk:David G2004-06-08
1Taking on the Twins:Brandon & David B2004-06-01
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Romancing the Coach: Mark Fi2004-04-20
24You Never Forget Your First Straight Guy: Lawson C.2004-04-13
23Do You Know the Mullet Man?:Mark F.2004-04-06
22Training Day: James M.2004-03-23
21Meeting Mildred: Rob M.2004-03-19
20Queer Guy for the Skate Guy: John Z.2004-03-09
19Compose Yourself: Warren L.2004-03-02
18Stand Up and Deliver: Kevin D.2004-02-24
17Radio Ralph2004-02-17
16A Very Queer Eye Holiday: Holiday Special2003-12-16
15Create an Officer and a Gentleman: Ross M.2003-12-09
14Helping the Hard-Rocking Host: Steven S.2003-12-02
13Mr. Clean Comes Clean: Richard M2003-11-25
12Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Length of Hair: Jeff T2003-11-18
11Meet the Folks: Alan C2003-09-23
10Make Over for Daddy: Tom M2003-09-16
9Talk, Dark, & Dancin': Josh D2003-09-02
8My Big Fat Greek Haircut: George Katsigiannis2003-08-26
7Law & Disorder: John V2003-08-19
6Queer Eye for Our Production Guy: Andrew L2003-08-12
5For Better and Verse: Vincent T2003-08-05
4He's a Little Bit Country: John B2003-07-29
3Make Room for Lisa: Tom K2003-07-22
2A Great Mess in Great Neck: Adam Z2003-07-15
1Hair Today, Art Tomorrow: Brian Butch Schepel2003-07-15
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
1Queer Eye Reunion: Ten Years Later2013-10-20

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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