The Red Green Show

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The Red Green Show is a self-proclaimed parody of many country fishing and handyman TV shows. Red Green is a bearded Canadian carpenter who's really handy with his hands and can find great uses for duct tape. He hosts with his nerdy nephew, Harold. Trying to teach the viewers how to make excellent and useful crafts, as well as give marriage advice, from their home at Possum Lodge. (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy
Erstausstahlung: 1991-03-26 Status: Ended Dauer: 24 Min

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Season 15 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
19Do As I Do2006-04-07
18Toe The Line2006-03-31
17Love Is In The Air2006-03-24
16Rain Man2006-03-17
14Rites Of Passage2006-03-03
13The Big Retreat2006-02-03
12The Bigger The Better2006-01-27
11Flying Blind2006-01-20
10No Place Like The Home2006-01-13
9Mad You Say?2006-01-06
8Exit Stag Right2005-12-30
7New Yorkshire Puddings2005-12-09
6Cart Blanche2005-12-02
5Cell Hell2005-11-25
4No Tell Boatel2005-11-18
3Mr. Clean2005-11-11
2The Folk Art Convention2005-11-04
1Rules Of Engagement2005-10-28
Season 14 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
18The Possum Drop2005-02-25
17Fishy CANUSA Games2005-02-18
16Bye Bye Bonnie2005-02-11
15A Shot In The Dark2005-02-04
14Hoard Of The Flies2005-01-28
13Lodge Luau2005-01-21
12Red Green Insurance2005-01-14
11The Butter Man2004-12-16
10Stay Tuned2004-12-10
9Ticket To Fame2004-12-03
8The Lodge Election2004-11-26
7The Grapes Of Wrath2004-11-19
6Harold‘s One And Only2004-11-12
5False Idol2004-11-07
4The Statue2004-10-22
3Once More To The Well2004-10-15
2Life Is A Circus2004-10-08
1Red's Hot Sauce2004-10-01
Season 13 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
18Cyber Girl2004-03-05
17The Sink Hole2004-02-27
16Ranger Harold2004-02-20
15The Women's Circle2004-02-13
14The Chain Letter2004-02-06
13Spokesman Red2004-01-30
12Comrade Harold2004-01-23
11The Boat Ramp2004-01-16
10Possum Day2004-01-09
9Pay It Forward2004-01-02
8The Spelling Bee2003-12-12
7The String Ball2003-12-05
6Mailbox Wars2003-11-28
5The Earring2003-11-21
4Change Will Do You Good2003-11-14
3School Demo2003-11-07
2The Drive-Thru2003-10-31
1You've Got Oil2003-10-24
Season 12 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
18Stupid Cupid2003-02-14
17The Moosetrap2003-02-07
16Red And Breakfast2003-01-31
15Mr. Possum Lake2003-01-24
14Power Struggle2003-01-17
13Never Send A Man2003-01-10
12The Missile Crisis2003-01-03
11The Go Go Bars2002-12-27
10Snowed In2002-12-20
9A Lot Like Christmas2002-12-13
8The Silver Wasp2002-12-06
7Possum Lodge Provincial Park2002-11-29
6Reality Television2002-12-22
5The Day Of The Sunflowers2002-11-15
4The IQ Test2002-11-08
3Possum Air2002-11-01
2The Possum Ponderosa2002-10-25
1Go Fish2002-10-18
Season 11 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
17Red Green Does New Years2002-01-25
16Harold's Dilemma2001-12-14
15Masquerade Marathon2001-12-14
14The Fishing Derby2001-12-14
13Xmas In July2001-12-14
12Mike Goes Straight2001-12-14
10Something In The Heir2001-12-14
9The Chainsaw Races2001-12-07
8The Ghost Of Possum Lodge2001-11-30
7Y2 Cans2001-11-23
6Viva Las Possums2001-11-16
5Dalton's Hot Gift2001-11-09
4Back To Nature2001-11-02
3The Whooping Crane2001-10-26
1New Job In Town2001-10-12
Season 10 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
18No Duct Tape2000-01-01
17Damn You Emu2000-01-01
16The Dandruff Foundation2000-01-01
15The Beaver Dam2000-01-01
14Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy2000-01-01
13DNA All The Way2000-01-01
12Cheap Jeep2000-01-01
11Out Of The Woods2000-01-01
10Barter Starter2000-01-01
9Lunar Eclipse2000-01-01
7Historic Site2000-01-01
5Man Of The Year2000-01-01
4Winston's Wedding2000-01-01
3What A Dump2000-01-01
2Foster Child2000-01-01
1Sausage Envy2000-01-01
Season 9 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
16Too Much Information1999-03-26
15The Auto Club1999-03-26
14Guinness World Records1999-03-26
13Hurricane Doug1999-03-26
12The Battle Call1999-03-26
11No Retreat1999-03-26
10Roll Out The Barrels1999-03-26
9Curse Of The Mummy1999-03-26
8Rent A Wreck1999-03-26
7Coup De Grass1999-03-26
6School Bus Blimp1999-03-26
4The Bachelor Auction1999-03-26
3Lady In Red1999-03-26
2The Fishing Derby1999-03-26
1Harold's Job1999-03-26
Season 8 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
14Bingo Was His Name1998-03-26
13Mad About You1998-03-26
12Life Cycle1998-03-26
11It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas1998-03-26
10Town Services Contract1998-03-26
9Better To Give Than Receive1998-03-26
8The Mayor Race1998-03-26
7Free Apricots1998-03-26
6The New Monument1998-03-26
5College Life1998-03-26
4The Cult Visit1998-03-26
3Neither Rain Nor Sleet1998-03-26
2House Moving1998-03-26
1Harold's Leaving1998-03-26
Season 7 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
17The Winter Carnival1997-03-26
16The Town Mall1997-03-26
15Step Outside1997-03-26
14The Good Old Hockey Game1997-03-26
13The Splinter Lodge1997-03-26
12Pardi Gras1997-03-26
11Let Me Count The Ways1997-03-26
9The Stool Pigeons1997-03-26
7The Movie1997-03-26
6Big Guy Little Guy1997-03-26
5The Strange Ranger1997-03-26
3The Implosion1997-03-26
2Swiss It Up1997-03-26
1Running Of The Bulls1997-03-26
Season 6 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24Harold's Wheels1997-03-10
23The High School Reunion1997-03-03
22The Suits1997-02-24
21The Stag Party1997-02-17
20Real Estate1997-02-10
19Fund Raiser1997-02-03
1830 Minutes Or Free1997-01-27
17The Baseball Tryouts1997-01-20
16The New Lease1997-01-13
15The Girlfriend1997-01-06
14The Love Boat1996-12-30
13The House Raising1996-12-23
12The Church Casino1996-12-16
11Bernice's Birthday1996-12-09
10Maxi Golf1996-12-02
9The Drill1996-11-25
8The Poker Game1996-11-18
7Good Government1996-11-11
6The Petting Zoo1996-11-04
5No Church1996-10-28
4The Tax Refund1996-10-21
3The Driving Lesson1996-10-14
2Sedgwick The Tenant1996-10-07
1The Science Fair1996-09-30
Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24Homemade Cheese1996-03-09
23The Compost Heap1996-03-02
22The Not Chicken Franchise1996-02-24
21Floating Church1996-02-17
20Bottled Water1996-02-10
19The Big Thing1996-02-03
18One Man's Garbage1996-01-27
17The New Statue1996-01-20
16The Lost Dog1996-01-13
15Trout Season1996-01-06
14The Gas Shortage1995-12-30
13The Cement Load1995-12-23
12Sedgwick The Thief1995-12-16
11X Marks The Spot1995-12-09
10Possum Lodge Radio1995-12-02
9Van Go1995-11-25
8Medieval Times1995-11-18
7The Network Deal1995-11-11
6The Vertical Grandstand1995-11-04
5The New Doctor1995-10-28
4Father and Son Banquet1995-10-21
3The Satellite Dish1995-10-14
2The Driving Test1995-10-07
1Men's Night On The Mountain1995-09-30
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24The Catfish Project1995-03-04
23The Mt. Rushmore Project1995-02-25
22The Guard Dog Project1995-02-18
21The Group Photo Project1995-02-11
20The Stuck Truck Project1995-02-04
19The Real Estate Project1995-01-28
18The Painted Leaves Project1995-01-21
17The Movie Project1995-01-14
16The Rustproofing Project1995-01-07
15The Auction Project1994-12-31
14The Ski & Golf Project1994-12-24
13The Silver Project1994-12-17
12The Marine Show Project1994-12-10
11The Storm Damage Project1994-12-03
10The Electrical Project1994-11-26
9The Conveyor Project1994-11-19
8The Badger Project1994-11-12
7The Firefly Project1994-11-05
6The Schoolhouse Project1994-10-29
5The Hydrogen Project1994-10-22
4The Firewood Project1994-10-15
3The Beer Project1994-10-08
2The Owl Project1994-10-01
1The Beef Project1994-09-24
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24The Water Show1994-03-02
23Possum Lake Monster1994-02-23
22The Possum Olympics1994-02-16
21Slingshot Skiing1994-02-09
20The Retirement Home1994-02-02
19Possum Lake Regatta1994-01-26
18The Used Helicopter1994-01-19
17The Water Park1994-01-12
16Biosphere Three1994-01-05
15The Funniest Video1993-12-29
14The Salmon Parade1993-12-22
13Cross The Lake Race1993-12-15
12Lake Regulations1993-12-08
11The Hidden Mine1993-12-01
10Fuel Conversion1993-11-24
9Green Green1993-11-17
8The New Shirt/Casino1993-11-10
7Fire Brigade1993-11-03
6The Tanks We Get1993-10-27
5Underground Parking1993-10-20
4Magnetic Lake1993-10-13
3The Spawning Grounds1993-10-06
2Car Pool1993-09-29
1Maple Syrup1993-09-22
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24Not One Fish1993-03-03
23The Florida Trip1993-02-24
22The Double Date1993-02-17
21The Gun Mishap1993-02-10
20The Sudsy Lake1993-02-03
19Bob's Birthday1993-01-27
18Noel's Stag1993-01-20
17Job Security1993-01-13
16The Bent Canoe1993-01-06
15The Fish Locator1992-12-30
14The Food Club1992-12-23
13The Party Boat Sank1992-12-16
12Animals In The Attic1992-12-09
11The Illegal Clubs1992-12-02
10The Broken Water Pump1992-11-25
9Skeet Golf1992-11-18
8The Four-Man Raft1992-11-11
7The Bad Check-Up1992-11-04
5The Sing Along Machine1992-10-21
4The Receipt-A-Thon1992-10-14
3The Missing Records1992-10-07
2Doc's Loan1992-09-30
1The Putter Attack1992-09-23
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24Water Slide1991-09-08
23Canoe Jousting1991-09-01
22New Well1991-08-25
20Water Tower1991-08-11
19Bad Chili1991-08-04
18Safety Week1991-07-27
17Gun Powder Shakes1991-07-20
16Lodge Visitor1991-07-13
15Hot Water Bottle1991-07-06
14Wind-Powered Boat1991-06-30
13Whittling Contest1991-06-23
12Problem Outhouse1991-06-16
11Talent Show1991-06-09
10Lost Toupee1991-06-02
9Exotic Dancer1991-05-25
8Guest Elephant1991-05-18
7He-Man Contest1991-05-11
6Home Barber Kit1991-05-04
5Practical Joke Week1991-04-23
4The Treasure Hunt1991-04-16
3The UFO1991-04-09
2The Elvis Sighting1991-04-02
1The Big Outboard1991-03-26
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
20Duct Tape Tour
19Red's Guide to Parenting
18The Making of Red Green's Duct Tape Forever
17Hindsight Is 20-20 Extended Clips
16The Early Years
15Red Green Goes Hollywood
14Red Green's Duct Tape Forever2002-04-12
13Early Red Green on Smith & Smith
12The Red Green Story: We're All in This Together
11Red Green's Hindsight is 20-202004-03-10
10Of Cars and Men
9It's a Wonderful Red Green Christmas
8A Very Merry Red Green Christmas1999-12-17
7Red Green Does New Year's2002-01-25
6Red Green, DVD (Duct tape Virtuoso Deluxe)2001-05-08
5Stuffed and Mounted 3
4Stuffed and Mounted 2
3Stuffed and Mounted 1
2We Can't Help It, We're Men1997-03-17
1The Best Of Red Green1996-03-16


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