Red vs Blue

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Red vs. Blue centers on the Red and Blue Teams, two groups of soldiers engaged in a civil war. Each team occupies a small base in a box canyon known as Blood Gulch. According to Simmons (Gustavo Sorola), one of the Red Team soldiers, each team's base exists only in response to the other team's base. Although both teams generally dislike each other and have standing orders to defeat their opponents and capture their flag, neither team's soldiers are usually motivated to fight each other- if they are otherwise, neither are efficient. Teammates have an array of eccentric personalities and often create more problems for each other than for their enemies. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Fantasy | Science Fiction
Erstausstahlung: 2003-04-01 Status: Continuing Dauer: 10 Min

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Season 17 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
10Killing Time2019-05-11
6Self-Fulfilling Odyssey2019-04-13
5The Not-So-Good Ol' Days 2019-04-06
4Breaching the Torus2019-03-30
1A Sitch in Time2019-03-09
Season 16 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
14Lights Out2018-07-15
13A Time For Hammers2018-07-08
11Sword Loser2018-06-24
10Caboose's Travels2018-06-17
9Walk and Talk2018-06-10
7It Just Winked At Me2018-05-27
6A Pizza the Action2018-05-20
4Sis and Tuc's Sexellent Adventure2018-05-06
3Lost Time2018-04-29
2Incendiary Incidents2018-04-22
1The Shisno2018-04-15
Season 15 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
20Blue vs Blue2017-08-13
19Red vs Red2017-08-06
16Grif Does A Rescue2017-07-16
15Objects in Space2017-07-09
14True Colors2017-07-02
13Blue vs. Red - Part 22017-06-25
12Blue vs. Red2017-06-18
11Belly of the Beast2017-06-11
8A Fistful of Colours2017-05-21
7Nightmare on Planet Evil2017-05-14
5Previously On2017-04-30
4Chorus Lessons2017-04-23
3The Mother of Destruction2017-04-16
2The Chronicle2017-04-09
Season 14 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24Red vs. Blue vs. Rooster Teeth2016-10-16
23Immersion: Warthog Flip2016-10-09
22The "Mission"2016-10-02
21The Triplets2016-09-25
20Red vs. Blue: RvB Throwdown2016-09-18
19Red vs. Blue: Mr. Red vs. Mr. Blue2016-09-11
18Red vs. Blue: The Musical2016-09-04
17Get Bent2016-08-28
16Head Cannon2016-08-21
15Caboose's Guide to Making Friends2016-08-14
14Grey vs Gray2016-08-07
13Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome2016-07-31
12Fight the Good Fight2016-07-24
8The #1 Movie in the Galaxy: 32016-06-26
7Invaders from Another Mother2016-06-19
6Orange Is the New Red2016-06-12
5The Brick Gulch Chronicles2016-06-05
4Why They're Here2016-05-29
3Fifty Shades of Red2016-05-22
2From Stumbled Beginnings2016-05-15
1Room Zero2016-05-08
Season 13 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
24PSA - The #1 Movie in the Galaxy: 22015-08-09
23PSA - Warning: Trigger Warnings2015-07-05
22PSA - The Sound of Stupid2015-05-31
21PSA - Rehashed2015-04-26
20The End2015-09-07
19The End is Near2015-08-31
18Great Destroyers2015-08-24
17All or Nothing2015-08-17
16Armonia, Part 22015-08-03
15Armonia, Part 12015-07-27
13The Thin Fed Line2015-07-13
12Off - Key2015-06-29
11Dish Best Served2015-06-22
10Temple of the Key2015-06-15
9You Better Watch Out2015-06-08
8Test Your Might2015-05-25
7Locus of Control2015-05-18
6Along Came a Spider2015-05-11
5No Fighting in the War Room2015-05-04
4Tourist Trap2015-04-20
3What's Yours is Ours2015-04-13
2Capital Assets2015-04-06
Season 12 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
20PSA - Get a Job2014-05-26
19You Know Who We Are2014-09-29
18Fed vs. New2014-09-22
17Multiple Choice2014-09-15
16Out of the Frying Pan2014-09-01
15Accentuate the Interrogative2014-08-25
14Crash Site Crashers2014-08-18
13Catch Up, No Mustard2014-08-11
12The Reunion2014-07-28
11Long Time No See2014-07-21
10Cloak and Dagger2014-07-14
9The Federal Army of Chorus2014-07-07
8Thin Ice2014-06-23
7Self Assessment2014-06-16
5Training Daze2014-06-02
4Teaming with Problems2014-05-19
3Something Else Entirely2014-05-12
2Hit and Run2014-05-05
1Oh Captains, My Captains2014-04-28
Season 11 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
19Lost But Not Forgotten2013-11-11
15Neighborhood Watch2013-10-07
13+1 Follower2013-09-23
12Finders Keepers2013-09-09
11Worst Laid Plans2013-09-02
10Long Live the King2013-08-26
9A House Divided, Then Multiplied2013-08-19
8The Grass is Greener. The Blues are Bluer.2013-08-12
7Can I Keep It?2013-07-29
5A Real Fixer Upper2013-07-15
4Heavy Mettle2013-07-08
3Barriers to Entry2013-07-01
2Get Your Tucks in a Row2013-06-24
Season 10 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
22Don't Say It2012-11-05
21True Colors2012-10-30
19Party Crasher2012-10-15
18Change of Plans2012-10-08
17Remember Me How I Was2012-10-01
16Happy Birthday2012-09-24
15Three's a Crowd2012-09-17
14New and Improved2012-09-11
13Greenish-Blue With Envy2012-09-03
12Out of Mind2012-08-27
11Out of Body2012-08-20
9Fighting Fire2012-08-06
8Fall From Heaven2012-07-23
6What's the "I" Stand For?2012-07-09
5The New Kid2012-07-02
3Follow the Leader2012-06-11
2Heavy Metal2012-06-04
Season 9 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
20Hate to Say Goodbye2011-11-14
19Whole Lot of Shaking2011-11-07
18Labor Pains2011-10-31
16Hell's Angel2011-10-17
15The Sarcophagus2011-10-10
14Son of a Bitch2011-10-03
13Planning the Heist2011-09-19
12Mid-Game Substitution2011-09-12
11Lifting the Veil2011-09-05
9Captive Audience2011-08-15
8Shaking the Foundation2011-08-08
7Case File 01.0452011-08-01
6Familiar Feelings2011-07-25
4Evacuation Plan2011-07-04
3Number One2011-06-27
2The Twins2011-06-20
1Rounding Error2011-06-14
Season 8 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
18Rally Cap2010-08-30
17Tenth Percentile2010-08-23
16Standardized Testing2010-08-16
15Check Your Local Listings2010-08-02
13Battle of the Exes2010-07-19
12Snooze Button2010-07-12
11Restraining Orders2010-06-28
10This One Goes to Eleven 2010-06-21
9Backup Plans2010-06-07
8Perusing The Archive2010-05-31
7And Don't Call Me Shirley 2010-05-24
6Towing Package 2010-05-17
5Fourth And Twenty2010-05-10
4Recovering One2010-04-26
3Upon Further Review2010-04-19
2Drink Your Ovaltine 2010-04-13
1For Those Of You Just Joining Us... 2010-04-01
Season 7 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
19Think You Know Someone2009-10-26
18Hang Time2009-10-19
17Trust Issues2009-10-12
16Retention Deficit2009-10-05
15Watch the Flank2009-09-28
14The Installation2009-09-21
13Called Up2009-09-14
12Well Hello2009-09-07
11Dumb Cop, Bad Cop2009-08-31
10Lay of the Land2009-08-24
9My House, From Here2009-08-17
7Bon Voyage2009-08-03
6One New Message2009-07-27
5Local Host2009-07-13
4Catching Up2009-07-06
3Visiting Hours2009-06-30
2Free Refills2009-06-23
1Don't Get Me Started2009-06-16
Season 6 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
19Reconstruction (19)2008-10-31
18Reconstruction (18)2008-10-20
17Reconstruction (17)2008-10-13
16Reconstruction (16)2008-09-29
15Reconstruction (15)2008-09-22
14Reconstruction (14)2008-09-15
13Reconstruction (13)2008-09-08
12Reconstruction (12)2008-08-25
11Reconstruction (11)2008-08-18
10Reconstruction (10)2008-08-11
9Reconstruction (9)2008-08-04
8Reconstruction (8)2008-07-22
7Reconstruction (7)2008-07-15
6Reconstruction (6)2008-07-08
5Reconstruction (5)2008-06-30
4Reconstruction (4)2008-06-16
3Reconstruction (3)2008-06-09
2Reconstruction (2)2008-06-02
1Reconstruction (1)2008-05-26
Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
23Why Were We Here?2007-06-28
22Repent, The End Is Near2007-06-09
21Same Old, Same Old2007-05-26
19The Wrong Crowd2007-04-27
17Tucker Knows Best2007-04-07
16Biting The Hand2007-03-31
15Where Credit Is Due2007-03-16
14Missed Direction2007-03-02
13Terms and Provisions2007-02-17
12The Haystack2007-02-03
10The Nesting Theory2007-01-05
9Brass Tacks2006-12-22
8Yellow Fever2006-12-08
7Strong Male Figure2006-11-25
6In Memoriam2006-11-17
5The Grif Reaper2006-11-03
4Sibling Arrivalries2006-10-27
3Baby Steps2006-10-13
2Got Your Back2006-10-06
1You Can't Park Here2006-09-30
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
20The Arrival2006-04-01
19Two for One2006-03-20
18Things Are Looking Down2006-03-16
17Right To Remain Silenced2006-03-02
16Under The Weather2006-02-10
15Getting Debriefed2006-01-23
14You Keep Using That Word2006-01-13
13Sneaking In2005-12-20
12Talk Of The Town2005-12-13
11Getting All Misty2005-12-05
10Setting A High Bar2005-11-22
9Exploring Our Differences2005-11-07
8Looking For Group2005-10-24
7Previous Commitments2005-10-17
6The Hard Stop2005-10-05
5Lost in Triangulation2005-09-28
4Fair Competition2005-09-19
3Fight or Fright2005-09-12
2Hunting Time2005-09-05
1Familiar Surroundings2005-08-29
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
20The Storm2005-05-18
19Calm Before The Storm2005-05-09
18Defusing The Situation2005-05-02
17Hello My Name Is Andrew2005-04-11
16Come To Order2005-03-28
15Have We Met?2005-03-22
14Episode 50 Part 22005-03-15
13Silver Linings2005-03-01
12Roaming Charges2005-02-14
11Heavy Metal2005-01-23
10It's A Biological Fact2005-01-17
9We're Being Watched2004-12-17
8The Greatest Episode Ever2004-12-16
7New Toys2004-12-06
6We Must Rebuild2004-11-21
5Make Your Time2004-11-10
4You're The Bomb, Yo2004-11-09
3Let's Get Together2004-11-08
2Visiting Old Friends2004-10-24
1Best Laid Plans2004-10-12
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
20K.I.T. B.F.F.2004-07-11
19Dealer Incentive2004-04-01
17What's Mine Is Yours2004-04-01
16Aftermath, Before Biology2004-04-01
15An Audience of Dumb2004-04-01
14Me, Myself And You2004-04-01
13Room For Rent2004-04-01
12I Dream Of Meanie2004-04-01
11Radar Love2004-04-01
10The Last Episode Ever2004-04-01
9In Stereo Where Available2004-04-01
8Nine Tenths of the Law2004-04-01
7Nobody Likes You2004-04-01
6Last Words2004-04-01
5Sweet Ride2004-04-01
4The Joy of Toggling2004-04-01
3Red vs Bleu2004-04-01
2Motion To Adjourn2004-04-01
1Everything Old Is New Again2004-01-03
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
19Last One Out, Hit The Lights2003-09-28
18SPF 02003-04-27
17Points of Origin2003-04-27
16A Slightly Crueler Cruller2003-04-27
15How The Other Half Lives2003-04-27
14Roomier Than It Looks2003-04-27
13Human Peer Bonding2003-04-27
12Down, But Not Out2003-04-27
11Knock Knock. Who's There? Pain2003-04-27
10Shadow Of His Former Self2003-04-27
9After Church2003-04-27
8Dont PH34R the Reaper2003-04-27
7Check Out the Treads on that Chick2003-04-27
61.21 Giga-Whats??2003-04-27
5The Package is in the Open2003-04-27
4Head Noob in Charge2003-04-27
3The Rookies2003-04-27
2Red Gets a Delivery2003-04-20
1Why Are We Here?2003-04-01
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
163Season 13 DVD/Film Version
162Season 12 DVD/Film Version
161Season 11 DVD/Film Version
160Season 10 DVD/Film Version2012-11-06
159Season 9 DVD/Film Version2011-11-15
158 Where There's a Will, There's a Wall - Episode 32012-04-28
157 Where There's a Will, There's a Wall - Episode 22012-04-21
156 Where There's a Will, There's a Wall - Episode 12012-04-14
155MIA (6)2011-12-17
154MIA (5)2011-12-10
153MIA (4)2011-12-03
152MIA (3)2011-11-26
151MIA (2)2011-11-19
150MIA (1)2011-11-13
149PSA: Gaming Etiquette2011-08-22
148PSA: Upgrading2010-10-25
147PSA: Pro-Tips2010-08-09
146PSA: Game On2010-06-14
145PSA: Off the Charts2010-05-03
144PSA: Holiday Special Episode 3
143PSA: Holiday Special Episode 2
142PSA: Holiday Special Episode 1
141PSA: Where There's Smoke...2009-07-20
140PSA: Add it Up2009-01-14
139PSA: You Had Me at Halo2009-01-14
138PSA: Thanksgiving 20082008-11-27
137PSA: Columbus Day2008-10-16
135PSA: Rock Bottom2008-10-06
134PSA: Small Rewards2008-07-28
133PSA: First!2008-06-24
132PSA: Go, Go Gadget Video2007-02-07
131PSA: Let's All Go to the Movies2006-12-16
130PSA: Holidays video - You Know What We Mean2006-12-12
129PSA: Planning to Fail2006-10-20
128PSA: Lethargy Crisis
127PSA: Winter Lames: The Olympics Suck
126PSA: Cold & Flu Season Tips
125PSA: Celebrating the Holidays - A Special Holiday Message
124PSA: Indigestion 2004
123PSA: 4th Of July Safety Tips
122PSA: A Very Special Mother's Day Message
121PSA: Tax Day Tips
120PSA: A Message to the Science Community
118PSA: The PDC Video: Hey, Time Out
117PSA: Point/Counterpoint: Should You Get a Tattoo?
116PSA: Armor Cleaning
115PSA: W.M.D.
114MS/Bungie: Bungie's 20th Anniversary PSA2011-06-22
113MS/Bungie: Bungie Day PSA - Halo "Deja View"2010-07-07
112MS/Bungie: Puzzlehunt 11 - How About a Nice Game of Tag?2009-07-07
111MS/Bungie: ODST: Episode 3 - The Man, The Myth, The Legend2009-09-12
110MS/Bungie: ODST: Episode 2 - Aliens, Aliens, Aliens2009-09-04
109MS/Bungie: ODST: Episode 1 - Guys Like Us2009-08-31
108MS/Bungie: Heroic map pack - D.I.Y. 2007-12-10
107MS/Bungie: Why Are We Here Again?
106MS/Bungie: Getting the Call
105MS/Bungie: Moving Day2007-07-31
104MS/Bungie: Halo 3 Zune video - Turn On, Tune In, Zune Out
103MS/Bungie: Halo 3 Public Beta video - Beta Complex2007-05-15
102MS/Bungie: The Full Circle
101MS/Bungie: Zero O'Clock
100MS/Bungie: Uncharted Territories
99MS/Bungie: OMG. Humped.
98MS/Bungie: Go For Launch
97Kinetic Entries Part Three2010-01-14
96Kinetic Entries Part Two2010-01-14
95Kinetic Entries Part One2010-01-14
94RT Member Video Submissions: Part 3
93RT Member Video Submissions: Part 2
92RT Member Video Submissions: Part 12009-08-31
91Reach Mini Series: Episode 3 - There Goes the Neighborhood2010-09-08
90Reach Mini Series: Episode 2 - Don't Forget to Ask for Directions2010-08-23
89Reach Mini Series: Episode 1 - Pack Your Bags2010-08-09
88Reach - Prep Time2010-08-06
87Unscrewed Interview
86Spike TV Video Game Awards
85I Am the Best (feat. The Elites)2011-06-02
83Sarge Episode 28 Outtakes
82Halo 2 Test Episode 35
81What I Did On My Summer Vacation2011-07-11
80New Digs2008-05-22
79Election Night2008-09-02
78Rock the Veto2008-09-02
77Rules Of The Game (Grifball)2008-01-19
76Vive la Resolution!
75Major Players
74Old Annoyance Be Forgot
73New York City Film Festival Video 2004: Real Life Vs. Internet
72The E3 2004 Video: Much Ado About What Thing
71New York City Film Festival Video 2003: I Love Blood Gulch
70The E3 2003 Video - BGC E3 Short
68European Machinima Festival Special - Going Global2007-10-23
67EIEF video - Cultural Exchanges
66Silverlight video - Sweating the Details2007-03-05 video - The Cash is Always Greener2006-12-14
64Total Request Live video - I Want My RvB
63AKon 2005 Rules2005-06-03
622004 Penny Arcade Exposition video - Penny Pinchers2004-08-28
61Barenaked Ladies North American Tour: Subliminal Video
60Barenaked Ladies North American Tour: Midshow Video
59Barenaked Ladies North American Tour: Frontrow Video
58Season 9 Preview
57Season 9 Trailer2011-03-28
56Season 8 DVD/Film Version
55Season 7 DVD/Film Version
54Season 7 Outtakes
53Season 7 Deleted Scenes
52Recreation Trailer2009-06-09
51Relocated (4)2009-03-10
50Relocated (3)2009-03-02
49Relocated (2)2009-02-16
48Relocated (1)2009-02-09
47Season 6 DVD/Film Version
46Season 6 What Is The Bump? - Starring the Bump
45Season 6 DVD Cut Videos
44Reconstruction Trailer2008-04-05
43Recovery One (4)2007-12-06
42Recovery One (3)2007-11-20
41Recovery One (2)2007-11-05
40Recovery One (1)2007-10-28
39Season 5 DVD/Film Version
38Season 5 Deleted Scenes
37Season 5 Outtakes
36Season 5 Behind the Scenes
35Alternate Ending: Where Are They Now?
34Alternate Ending: Tex Wins
33Alternate Ending: Ruby Slippers
32Alternate Ending: Invasion
31Alternate Ending: Insert Quarter
30Alternate Ending: Fight! Fight!
29Season 5: Previously on Red vs. Blue
28Season 4 DVD/Film Version
27Season 4 Outtakes
26Season 4 Deleted Scenes
25Custom Videos - Just For You
24Out of Mind: Part V2006-10-02
23Out of Mind: Part IV2006-08-22
22Out of Mind: Part III2006-08-02
21Out of Mind: Part II2006-08-01
20Out of Mind: Part I2006-06-16
19Season 4: Previously on Red vs. Blue
18Season 3 DVD/Film Version
17Season 3 Outtakes
16Season 3 Deleted Scenes
15Electronic Gaming Monthly DVD - The Way We Were
14Lost Campaign Ads
13Season 3 DVD Easter Eggs
12Season 2 DVD/Film Version
11Season 2 Outakes
10Season 2 Deleted Scenes
9St. Patricks Day Video
8Flag Day Video - Raise ‘Em if You Got ‘Em
7Computer Gaming World DVD - What Could Have Been
6Season 2: Season 1 Primer
5Season 1 DVD/Film Version
4Season 1 Outtakes
3First Recording Session
2Episode 0 - The Cast
1Red vs. Blue Preview Trailer
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