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Jinzo Ningen Kikaida is the story of Jiro, a mechanical man created by Dr. Komyoji, a brilliant robotics professor, to combat the evil forces of DARK. DARK was led by Professor Gill, who wanted to develop powerful machine soldiers with which he could dominate the world. To this end, he kidnapped Dr. Nobuhiko Komyoji and his daughter Mitsuko, forcing them to begin construction of his android army. However, while in captivity, Dr. Komyoji secretly created Jiro, his 'second son': to take the place of his own son, Taro, who had been killed by DARK, as well as to thwart Professor Gill and his diabolical machinations. Jiro was strong, but when necessary he could, using switches built into his shoulders, transform himself into a more powerful combat-form, the red-and-blue warrior Kikaida. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Science Fiction
Erstausstahlung: 1972-07-08 Status: Ended Dauer: 30 Min

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Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
46Our Friends: Androids are Forever!1974-03-30
45Samurai Waruda Dies at Dawn1974-03-23
44Bijinda's Poignant Farewell1974-03-16
43The Man Who Loved Bijinda1974-03-09
42Fighting Themselves: The Flame-Throwing Shadow Gun1974-03-02
41Mightiest on Heaven & Earth: The Sky Dreadnought Explodes!!1974-02-23
40Escape!! A Frozen Bijinda in Danger1974-02-16
39Fearsome Flying Saucer Brings Enemy Spacemen1974-02-09
38Deadly Gambit: Three-Way Bloodbath!1974-02-02
37Master Swordsman: Waruda Emerges From the Mist1974-01-26
36Strange 4th Dimension: Terrifying Trip Through Time1974-01-19
35Kimono Maiden: Bijinda's Hell Picture Scroll1974-01-12
34The Cursed Clock: Bijinda in Peril1974-01-05
33Heartless: The Tears of Lone Gorilla and Son1973-12-29
32Hades Beckons Bijinda1973-12-22
31Sorrowful Android Bijinda's Explosive Demise1973-12-15
30Devil? Angel? Enter, Bijinda!!1973-12-08
29Red Devil, Blue Devil: 10 Gigavolts of Terror!!1973-12-01
28Town of Madness: Terrifying Mermaid Strikes Back1973-11-24
27Battle in Uncharted Territory! Zaddam's Hell Trap1973-11-17
26Duel in Nanki!! Zaddam Unleashes Supernatural Powers1973-11-10
25The Devil's Spawn: Zaddam Departs Moonbase1973-11-03
24Devil's Trade!? Planet of the Pigs Plan1973-10-27
23Demonic Starfish Women: Annihilate the Human Race!!1973-10-20
22Today's Special Lesson: Murder!?1973-10-13
21Vampire Mansion: Terror in a Girls' Dorm!!1973-10-06
20Outrage: The Indentity of Shadow's Leader Revealed1973-09-29
19King Indian Casts a Deadly Spell!!1973-09-22
18Supreme Disaster!! Exploding Androids1973-09-15
17Titanic Saga!! The Terrifying Giant Devil Moves!!1973-09-08
16Terror! The Mummy's Nitro Bombs1973-08-25
15Explosive: The Secret of Giant Devil1973-08-18
14Ghost Story: Gill's Spirit Damned to Hell1973-08-11
13Ghost Story: The Challenge of the Goblin, Rokuro-Kubi!!1973-08-04
12Ghost Story: Bakeneko's Graveyard of Severed Heads1973-07-28
11Ghost Story: Ghost Woman of the Underground Base1973-07-21
10Big Shadow: Mysterious Leader of SHADOW!!1973-07-14
9The Weird Crime Syndicate SHADOW Appears!1973-07-07
8Ichiro in Danger! The Gang of Four Unites!!1973-06-30
7Lightning Strikes! 01 Rendered Powerless!1973-06-23
6Black Magick vs. 01's Secret Power!!1973-06-16
5Terror! The Laughing Egg on Aowani Island!!1973-06-09
4Mystery! The Ghost Robot Vanishes!?1973-06-02
3The Return of Jiro-Kikaider1973-05-26
2What Is the Hakaider 4-Stage Attack!?1973-05-19
1Invincible!! Android 01 is Born!!1973-05-12
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
43Jiro's End or Dark's Demise?! - Final Episode1973-05-05
42Hakaida Rebels1973-04-28
41Jiro Blows Apart!1973-04-21
40Crisis! Jiro Stops Functioning1973-04-07
39Kikaida: Wanted Dead or Alive1973-03-31
38Hakaider: Kikaider Killer1973-03-24
37Hakaider: Jiro's Formidable Younger Brother1973-03-17
36Jiro Attacks Dr. Komyoji1973-03-10
35Black Crow: The End of "The End"1973-03-03
34Black Spiny Anteater: Destructoid with Child1973-02-24
33Mask Crab Red: Enforcer of the DARK Code1973-02-17
32Blue Electric Eel: Accordion Arm Agony1973-02-10
31Gold Octopus: Prelude to Jiro's Demise1973-02-03
30Crimson Squid: Stalker of Pretty Coeds1973-01-27
29Green Sponge: Third Self-Resurrection1973-01-20
28Red Devil Stinger: Making Little Boys Cry1973-01-13
27Violet Turbo: Sinister Love1973-01-06
26Green Mammoth: The Next Ice Age Project1972-12-30
25Orange Snail: Whistle of Death1972-12-23
24Pink Armadillo: Sinister Temptress1972-12-16
23Yellow Antlion Brothers: Alphabet Attack1972-12-09
22White Saw Shark: Twelve-Hour Nightmare1972-12-02
21Purple Rat: Brutal Fangs of Poison1972-11-25
20Blue Water Scorpion: The Skull Weed Conspiracy1972-11-18
19King Crab Maroon: Keeper of the Death Ray1972-11-11
18Black Chameleon: The Grand Heist1972-11-04
17Red Hornet: Hostage Terror1972-10-28
16Rouge Jellyfish: Invitation to the River Styx1972-10-21
15Golden Bat: Cursed Shadow from the Past1972-10-14
14Silver Tortoise: Destructoids Reborn1972-10-07
13Pink Tiger: Terror at the Amusement Park1972-09-30
12Silver Cat: Ruthless Sorceress1972-09-23
11Gold Wolf: Tormented Howls from Hell1972-09-16
10Scorpion Brown: The Ultimate Weapon1972-09-16
9Red Condor: Screech of Death1972-09-09
8Carmine Spider: Menacing Blood-Sucking Laughter1972-09-02
7Bull Kong: Malevolent Monster Mayhem1972-08-26
6Black Horse: Showdown at the DARK Execution Ground1972-08-19
5Yellow Jaguar: Claws of Evil1972-08-12
4Blue Buffalo: Fiendish Death Trap1972-08-05
3Orange Ant: Challenge to the Death1972-07-29
2Green Mantis: Bizarre Killing Machine1972-07-15
1Gray Rhino King: Harbringer of Evil1972-07-08
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
3Mechanical Violator Hakaider1995-04-15
2Kikaider Reboot2014-05-24
1Kikaider: The Movie1973-03-17


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