Samurai Pizza Cats

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The Samurai Pizza Cats are a trio of crime-fighting super-heroes in the town of Little Tokyo, Japan. Wearing Samurai costumes, they burst through the air to the rescue from a humongous cannon connected to their headquarters - A fast food restaurant. Little Tokyo is populated by all kinds of animals. The official governor of the town is the Emperor, but since he became insane, a council takes care of the well-being of the village. One of the members of this council is called Seymour "Big" Cheese, who secretly wishes to take over control of the village. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Anime | Children | Comedy | Family | Science Fiction
Erstausstahlung: 1990-02-01 Status: Ended Dauer: 20 Min

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Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
54The Cats Cop Cartoon Careers1991-02-12
53The Big Comet Caper (2)1991-02-05
52The Big Comet Caper (1)1991-01-29
51The Big Comet Caper (2)1991-02-05
50Quake, Rattle, and Roll1991-01-15
49Emperor Fred Does Hard Time1991-01-08
48The Cheese Who Stole Christmas1990-12-25
47Phoney Baloney Cat1990-12-18
46Samurai Savings Time1990-12-11
45A Little Bit 'O Luck1990-12-04
44Gone with the Ginzu1990-11-27
43Kung Fu Kitty Kontest1990-11-20
42A Wet and Wild Weekend1990-11-13
41Princess Vi's Hippy-Dippy Mom1990-11-06
40Unidentified Flying Oddballs1990-10-30
39A Mission in Manhattan1990-10-23
38Bad Bird Uncaged (2)1990-10-16
37Bad Bird Uncaged (1)1990-10-09
36Youth Is for Exploding1990-10-02
35Pizza Delivery of Doom!1990-09-25
34Big Cheese's High Definition TV1990-09-18
33Close Encounters of the Pig Kind1990-09-11
32Polly's Magical Flute1990-09-04
31All You Need Is Love1990-08-28
30No Talent Guido1990-08-21
29Destructo Robots at Popular Prices1990-08-14
28Pizza Cat Performance Review1990-08-07
27The Terror of Prisoner Island1990-07-31
26Cold and Crabby in Little Tokyo1990-07-24
25Gender Bender Butterflies!1990-07-17
24Son of Big Cheese1990-07-10
23Big Cheese Shows His Filmy Substance1990-07-03
22Pizza Bird Delivers!1990-06-26
21Drummin' Up Trouble with a Big Bad Beat1990-06-19
20Samurai Charm School1990-06-12
19Speedy's Double-Time Trick1990-06-05
18Field of Screwballs1990-05-29
17The Big Cheese's I.Q. Corral1990-05-22
16The Case of the Bogus Billionaire1990-05-15
15Those Transformin' Felines1990-05-08
14The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (2)1990-05-01
13The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (1)1990-04-24
12Candid Kitty1990-04-17
11Hot and Kold Kitties1990-04-10
10The Big Comet Caper (1)1991-01-29
9Double Trouble for Princess Vi1990-03-29
8Kind of a Drag1990-03-22
7The Nuclear Potato1990-03-15
6Singing Samurai Sensai-tion1990-03-08
5Let the Cellar Beware1990-03-01
4The Great Golden Cluck1990-02-22
3Underground, Underwater, Undercooked1990-02-15
2If You Knew Sushi Like I Know Sushi1990-02-08
1Stop Dragon My Cat Around!1990-02-01
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
6Nyankii is Forever!1991-02-12
5Frightening! Koon no Kami's Big Research1991-01-22
4Teyandee! This is Nyankii1990-04-03
3Closing Credits
2Movie: Rare Hero
1Opening Credits


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