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Stingers brings to light the life and work of an undercover police unit located in Melbourne. This dangerous work requires complete dedication, one slip can cost an operative their life. When we first meet the team, it is headed by DSS Bernie Rocca (Joe Petruzzi), ably assisted by DS Ellen McKenzie (Anita Hegh). Peter Church (Peter Phelps) is the most experienced officer in the unit, but not one who easily takes direction. Constables Angie PIper (Kate Kendall) and Oscar Stone (Ian Stenlake) round out the team. Jess Napier played Kaye Kelso, a newcomer who dropped out after the the first five episodes. After the second season, Rocca left the unit and McKenzie was promoted to DSS. Soon after Dannie Mayo (Roxane Wilson) joined. Big changes followed the death of Oscar Stone and the departure of Ellen McKenzie at the end of Series 5. The undercover unit became Special Investigations and moved from its 'front' garage back to police HQ. Insp. Luke Harris (Gary Sweet) took command, providing a wavering hand as he struggled to hide his bipolar disorder from his superiors. Chris Dichera (Jacinta Stapleton) and later Leo Flynn (Daniel Frederickson) joined Church and Piper as the undercover team for the later series of the show which had 8 series and 192 episodes in all. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Drama | Mystery
Erstausstahlung: 1998-09-29 Status: Ended Dauer: 60 Min

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Season 8 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
28After the Fact (2)2004-12-14
27The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1)2004-12-07
26Head On2004-11-30
25The Year of the Snake2004-11-09
24Hunting Ground2004-11-02
23Random Harvest2004-10-26
22End Game2004-10-19
21Being Josh Brisbane2004-10-05
20Dirty Little Secrets2004-09-28
19The Good Oil2004-09-21
18Dream Machine2004-09-14
17I am the Walrus2004-09-07
16Past Lives2004-08-30
15Mea Culpa2004-08-24
13The Contract2004-08-10
12The Complete Package2004-08-03
11Starlight Hotel2004-07-27
10Roman Charity2004-07-20
9House of Mirrors2004-07-13
8Break and Enter2004-07-06
7One More Chance2004-06-29
6No Man's Land2004-06-22
5Brave New World2004-06-15
4The River of No Return2004-06-08
3Family Ties2004-06-01
2A Square Inside the Circle2004-05-25
1Hammer Horror2004-04-27
Season 7 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
40Cops & Robbers2004-04-20
39From Russia With Love2004-04-13
38The Object of My Affection2004-04-06
36The Weakest Link2004-03-23
35The Wrong Man2004-03-16
34Total Recall (2)2004-03-09
33Fashion Victim (1)2003-10-28
32Love's Labours Lost2003-10-28
31The Thin Blue Line2003-10-21
30Train Wreck2003-10-14
29Troppo Fest (3)2003-10-07
28One Perfect Day (2)2003-09-30
27Boosted (1)2003-09-23
26Perfect Match2003-09-16
25Time Out2003-09-09
24Daddy's Little Diamond2003-09-02
23Free Radical2003-08-26
22Conversations with the Dead2003-08-19
21A Horse is a Horse2003-08-12
20Sleeping With the Enemy2003-08-05
19Killing Heidi2003-07-29
18Practice of Deceit2003-07-22
17Wild Card2003-07-15
16It Started With A Kiss2003-07-08
15Sons & Lovers2003-07-01
13Acts of Love2003-06-17
12Cold War2003-06-10
11New Blood2003-06-03
10Sex & Drugs & Deep House2003-05-27
9The Eighth Day2003-05-20
8Priapus' Playground2003-05-13
6Snakes in the Grass2003-04-29
5Don't Look Back2003-04-22
4Your Cheating Heart2003-04-15
1Lies and Secrets (2)2003-03-25
Season 6 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
14Uriel's Sword (1)2002-11-26
13Revenge of the Turtles2002-11-19
12Partners in Crime2002-11-12
10The Whole Truth2002-10-29
8Scratch Me Lucky2002-10-15
7Slow Hand, Easy Touch2002-10-08
6Separation Anxiety2002-10-01
5Old Scores2002-09-24
4Looking After Number One2002-09-10
2The Last Dance2002-08-20
1Collateral Damage2002-08-13
Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
22A Girl's Best Friend2002-07-23
21Pale Horse2002-07-16
20Too Much Information2002-07-09
19Smoke and Mirrors2002-07-02
18Disgraceful Conduct2002-06-04
17Mind Games2002-05-28
16Inside Man2002-05-21
15Blow Off2002-05-14
13Big Fish2002-04-30
11Fatal Flaw (3)2002-04-16
10In Plain View (2)2002-04-09
9In the Gun (1)2002-04-02
8White Ants2002-03-26
7Mule Train2002-03-19
6No Promises2002-03-12
5A Little Crush2002-03-05
4What's Love Got to Do With It?2002-02-26
3Cash on Delivery2002-02-19
2An Anonymous Guy2002-02-12
1Thin Ice2002-02-05
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
22Do the Right Thing2001-11-28
20Just Another Day2001-11-27
19Too Many Cooks2001-11-27
18True Colours2001-11-21
16Psychotic Episode2001-11-20
15Love Hurts2001-11-07
13Dog Eat Dog (2)2001-10-31
12One of Us (1)2001-10-30
10The Whisper Room2001-10-23
9Foster Cops2001-10-16
8Into the Darkness (3)2001-10-10
7Whatever it Takes (2)2001-10-02
6Family Values (1)2001-09-25
5Fool to Want You2001-09-18
4Tell Me You Love Me2001-09-11
3Beyond Redemption2001-08-28
2Rich Man's World2001-08-21
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
22Something Old, Something New (2)2000-11-21
21Organised Crime (1)2000-11-21
20Spare Parts2000-11-14
19A Matter of Trust2000-11-07
18Every Move You Make2000-10-31
17Second Chance2000-10-24
16The Good Life2000-10-17
15The Last Hit2000-10-10
14Truly, Madly, Deeply2000-10-03
13Fine Details2000-09-26
12In Too Deep2000-09-19
11A Marriage to Die For2000-09-12
10Mob Rules2000-09-12
8No Pain, No Gain2000-08-29
7Necessary Force2000-08-22
6No Way Out2000-08-15
5Unplaced Favourite2000-08-08
4Twisted Sister2000-08-01
3Which Bank?2000-06-28
2Forced Perspective2000-06-21
1Brilliant Lies2000-06-14
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
22The Dingo1999-11-16
21Signal One1999-11-09
20House Rules1999-11-02
19Full Term1999-10-26
18Men in the Dark1999-10-19
17The Weight1999-10-12
16The Long Haul1999-10-05
15Dance with the Dragon1999-09-28
14Unnatural Justice1999-09-21
13Just Acting1999-09-14
12Counting the Beat1999-09-07
11Judas Kiss1999-08-31
10The Favour1999-08-17
9Mr Right1999-08-10
8White Lies1999-08-03
7Playing With the Celibate Dead1999-07-27
6Finders Keepers1999-07-20
5Rat Trap1999-07-06
4The Big Picture1999-06-29
3Set for Life1999-06-22
2Salsa (2)1999-06-15
1Salsa (1)1999-06-08
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
22Dead Man's Throw (5)1999-06-01
21Cast Off (4)1999-05-25
20Proving Ground (3)1999-05-18
19Lone Hand (2)1999-05-11
18Into the Cold (1)1999-05-04
16Lunatic Fringe (2)1999-04-20
15Lunatic Fringe (1)1999-04-13
14Without Fear or Favour1999-04-06
13Right On Target1999-03-15
12Faking It1999-03-08
11Ten Foot Tall and Bulletproof1999-03-01
10Nothing Personal1999-02-22
9Jelly Babies1998-11-24
8Blind Love1998-11-17
7Innocents Abroad1998-11-10
5Show the Dead Mouse (2)1998-10-27
4Show the Dead Mouse (1)1998-10-20
3The Initiation1998-10-13
2Hit Me1998-10-06
1Rat Catcher1998-09-29


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