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Super WHY! is a new program designed to help teach kids that reading can be fun by illustrated children’s tales. Kids will learn through four interactive heroes who use reading to solve mysteries overcome obstacles. The fairy tale books that the interactive heroes travel into are somewhat different from the original story. (Quelle:
Genre: Animation | Children | Family
Erstausstahlung: 2007-09-03 Status: Ended Dauer: 30 Min

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Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
23 The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo Peep2016-05-12
22 Tilden the Caterpillar2016-05-11
21 Landon's Circus Adventure2016-05-10
20 Monster Munch!2016-05-09
19 Attack of More Man!2016-03-18
18 Mathis Book of Why2016-03-17
17 The Three Bears Go Camping2016-03-16
16 Woofster and the Pet Pack (a.k.a. The Missing Princess of Pet City)2016-03-15
15 The Princess Who Loved Mud2016-03-14
14 Super Puppy Saves the Day2016-01-14
13 Where's Woofster?2016-01-13
12 The Pupp-Athon2016-01-12
11 The Unhappy Puppy2016-01-11
10 Judith's Happy Chanukah2015-12-07
9 The Mixed Up Story (a.k.a. A Day with Farmer Fred)2015-09-24
8 The Rhyming Carnival2015-09-23
7 Silly Word Play2015-09-22
6 The Alphabet's Sad Day2015-09-21
5 The Cowgirl Mystery2015-08-21
4 The Underwater Lost Treasure2015-08-20
3 The Banana Mystery2015-08-19
2 Roxie's Missing Music Book2015-08-18
1 The Story of the Super Readers2015-08-17
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
15 Galileo's Space Adventure2012-10-11
14 Around the World Adventure2012-06-15
13 Zora's Art Adventure2012-10-10
12 Monty's Adventures in Music Town2012-10-09
11 The Adventures of Math-a-Million2012-10-08
10 The Great Robot Race2012-01-19
9 Princess Gwennie Saves the Day2012-01-18
8 Baby Dino's Big Discovery2012-01-17
7 Jasper's Cowboy Wish2012-01-16
6 Naila and the Magic Map2012-06-21
5 King Eddie Who Loved Spaghetti2011-09-16
4 Molly's Dance Show2011-09-15
3 Bedtime for Bear2011-09-14
2 Webby in Bathland2011-09-13
1 Woofster Finds a Home2011-09-12
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
65 The Story Of Mother Goose2011-02-21
64 King Midas2010-11-15
63 The City Mouse And The Country Mouse2010-10-18
62 The Swan Maiden2010-09-13
61 The Beach Day Mystery2010-07-12
60 The Big Game2010-02-05
59 The Cookbook2010-01-29
58 The Story Of The Tooth Fairy2010-01-22
57 The Comic Book - Attack of the Eraser2010-01-15
56 The Nutcracker2009-11-25
55 The Ugly Duckling - Becoming A Swan2009-11-12
54 The Prince And The Pauper2009-11-11
53 Cinderella - The Prince's Side Of The Story2009-11-10
52 Hansel and Gretel - A Healthy Adventure2009-11-09
51 The Muddled Up Fairy Tales2009-08-24
50 Dr. Dolittle2009-08-17
49 Alice In Wonderland2009-08-10
48 The Three Little Pigs - Return Of The Wolf2009-08-03
47 The Swiss Family Robinson2009-06-03
46 George and the Dragon2009-06-02
45 Aladdin2009-04-20
44 The Boy Who Drew Cats2009-03-23
43 Peter Rabbit2009-02-19
42 The Rolling Rice Cakes2009-02-18
41 Snow White2009-02-17
40 Juan Bobo and The Pig2009-02-16
39 The Little Mermaid2008-11-28
38 Twas The Night Before Christmas2008-12-09
37 The Three Feathers2008-11-28
36 The Stars in The Sky2008-10-15
35 The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween2008-10-14
34 The Gingerbread Boy2008-10-13
33 Momotaro The Peach Boy2008-09-04
32 Pinocchio2008-09-03
31 The Magic Porridge Pot2008-09-02
30 The Goose and the Golden Eggs2008-09-01
29 The Foolish Wishes2008-05-22
28 Sleeping Beauty2008-05-21
27 Tiddalick The Frog2008-04-22
26 Rumpelstiltskin2008-05-20
25 Beauty and The Beast2008-05-19
24 Goldilocks and the Three Bears - The Mystery2008-04-10
23 Thumbelina2008-04-09
22 The Three Billy Goats Gruff2008-04-08
21 The Twelve Dancing Princesses2008-04-07
20 The Emperor's New Clothes2008-01-22
19 Little Bo Peep2008-01-21
18 Tom Thumb2007-11-22
17 Little Red Riding Hood2007-11-21
16 The Princess and the Pea2007-11-20
15 The Frog Prince2007-10-19
14 The Little Red Hen2007-10-18
13 The Ant and the Grasshopper2007-10-17
12 Cinderella2007-09-28
11 Little Miss Muffet2007-09-27
10 The Elves and The Shoemaker2007-09-26
9 The Ugly Duckling2007-09-25
8 Rapunzel2007-09-18
7 The Boy Who Cried Wolf2007-09-17
6 Goldilocks and The Three Bears2007-09-14
5 The Tortoise and The Hare2007-09-13
4 Jack and The Beanstalk2007-09-06
3 Humpty Dumpty2007-09-05
2 Hansel and Gretel2007-09-04
1 The Three Little Pigs2007-09-03
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
2 Super WHY! Around the World Adventure2012-06-15
1 Hurray for Heroes2009-05-25


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