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Tazmanien, ein Land der unberührten Wildnis! Doch hinter dem friedvollen Urwald lauert inmitten eines idyllischen Vorgartens ein wirbelnder, kleiner, gefräßiger tazmanischer Teufel. Sein Name ist Taz, und alle Pizzas, Vasen, Eier und Gänsebraten fürchten sich vor seinem unbändigen Appetit. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Adventure | Animation | Children | Comedy | Family
Erstausstahlung: 1991-09-07 Status: Ended Dauer: 25 Min

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121Francis Takes a Stand1995-05-02
120The Origin of the Beginning of the Incredible Taz-Man1995-05-02
119Sub Commander Taz1993-11-20
118Doubting Dingo1993-11-20
117Platypi on Film1995-05-22
116One Saturday in Taz-Mania1995-05-22
115Sidekick for a Day1993-11-27
114Feed a Cold1993-11-27
113K-Taz Commercial1993-11-13
112Willy Wombat's Last Stand1993-11-13
111Taz and the Emu Egg1993-11-13
110Devil Indemnity1993-10-16
109A Story with a Moral1995-05-15
108Bad Luck Bottlecap1995-05-15
107Yet Another Road to Tasmania1995-05-08
106A Philosophical Taz Moment1995-05-01
105Stuck for Bucks1995-05-01
104Taz in Keeweeland1995-05-01
103Gee Bull!1995-02-27
102It's a Taz's Life1995-02-27
101To Catch a Taz1993-10-23
100Willie Wombat's Deja Boo-Boo1993-10-23
99Ask Taz1995-02-20
98The Taz Story Primer1995-02-20
97Taz-Mania Comedy Institute1995-02-13
96Bushlad's Lament1995-02-13
95Pledge Dredge1995-02-06
94Retakes Not Included1995-02-06
93Bully for Bull1993-09-18
92Never Cry Taz1993-09-18
91Of Bushrats and Hugh1993-09-25
90Because It's There1993-10-30
89The Thing That Ate the Outback1993-10-30
88One Ring Taz1994-11-22
87The Not-So-Gladiators1994-11-22
86The Platypi Psonic Psensation Psimulator1994-11-21
85Taz-Mania Confidential1994-11-21
84No Time for Christmas1993-12-25
83A Young Taz's Fancy1993-09-11
82A Flea for Me1993-09-11
81Autograph Pound1993-11-06
80Antenna Dilemma1993-11-06
79Merit Badgered1993-10-02
78Friends for Strife1992-11-28
77The Man from M.A.R.S.1992-11-28
76Dr. Wendal and Mr. Taz1994-11-15
75Mutton for Nothing1994-11-15
74Molly's Folly1993-10-09
73Wacky Wombat1993-10-09
72But, is It Taz?1992-11-14
71Kee Wee Cornered1992-11-14
70Mum's n' Taz's1992-10-24
68A Taz-Manian Moment1992-10-03
67Deer Taz1992-10-03
66Tazmanian Lullaby1992-10-03
64Ticket Taker Taz1994-11-14
63Boulder Museum1994-11-08
62Mean Bear1994-11-08
61Driving Mr. Taz1994-11-08
60Astro Taz1992-09-26
59A Midsummer Night's Scream1992-09-26
58Gone to Pieces1992-11-07
57Food for Thought1992-11-07
56Moments You've Missed1994-09-23
55We'll Always Have Taz-Mania1994-09-23
54Ready, Willing, Unable1994-09-22
53Bird-Brained Beast1994-09-22
52Take All of Me1994-09-21
51Home Despair1994-09-21
50Nursemaid Taz1994-09-20
49Not a Shadow of a Doubt1994-09-20
48The Treasure of the Burnt Sienna1994-09-19
47The Pied Piper of Taz-Mania1994-09-19
46Taz Like Dingo1994-09-16
45Return of the Road to Taz-Mania Strikes Back1994-09-15
44Gone with the Windbag1994-11-07
42Just Be 'Cuz1995-02-14
41Heartbreak Taz1995-02-14
40Bottle Cap Blues1992-10-17
39Tazmania's Funniest Home Videos1992-10-17
38Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Part II1992-10-10
37The Outer Taz-Manian Zone1992-10-10
36Taz Live1992-09-19
35Jake's Big Date1992-09-19
34The Bushrats Must Be Crazy1994-09-14
33Taz-Manian Theatre1994-09-14
32Taz Babies1992-09-12
31Oh Brother1992-09-12
30Amazing Shrinking Taz & Co.1992-09-05
29Unhappy Together1992-10-31
28Boys Just Wanna Have Fun1992-10-31
27Road to Tazmania1994-09-13
26A Dingo's Guide to Magic1992-11-21
25Mall Wrecked1992-11-21
24Blunders Never Cease1991-12-07
23Comic Madness1991-12-07
22I'm Okay, You're Taz1991-11-30
21Pup Goes the Wendal1991-11-30
20Taz and the Pterodactyl1991-11-23
19Instant Replay1991-11-23
18Bewitched Bob1991-11-16
17Enter the Devil1991-11-09
16Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty1991-11-09
15Toothache Taz1991-11-02
14Mishap in the Mist1991-11-02
13Kidnapped Koala1994-10-26
12Devil with the Violet Dress On1991-10-26
11Woeful Wolf1991-10-19
10Devil in the Deep Blue Sea1991-10-12
9Battling Bushrats1991-10-12
8A Devil of a Job1991-10-05
7Kee-Wee ala King1991-09-28
6It's No Picnic1991-09-28
5Airbourne Airhead1991-09-21
4War & Pieces1991-09-21
3Frights of Passage1991-09-14
2Like Father, Like Son1991-09-14
1Mein Hund die Schildkröte1991-09-07

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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