Beet the Vandel Buster

Also known as Boken Oh Beet. "Era of darkness... The everlasting days of darkness surrounded by fear which were brought by the Devil Vandel... who plans to exterminate the human world... But... There is a light of hope that fights against this darkness. Warriors that fight bravely against Vandel... Are called, Vandel Busters! King of adventures, Beet!" Beet the Vandel Buster is a story of a young boy with dreams of killings monsters (Vandels) with his idol's team, Zenon. Based on the orignal Japanese manga by the same name. Appears on TVTokyo. Theme songs: Opening #1: "Emotion" by Sunbrain Opening #2: "Wishmen" by Sunbrain Closing #1: "Pureness" by Nana Kitade Closing #2: "Dreaming Under the Moon" by Miriya All show stars and crew are courtesy of (Quelle:
Genre: Adventure | Animation | Fantasy
Erstausstahlung: 2004-09-30 Status: Ended Dauer: 25 Min

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Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25 Farewell Shantigo!2006-03-30
24 The Final Battle! Flashing Excellion Blade!!2006-03-23
23 Warden of the Dark Dungeon! The True Vaus!2006-03-16
22 The Dark Dungeon Flies!2006-03-09
21 Maidens of Flame and Thunder! Defeat Hang!2006-03-02
20 The Beet Wariors! Break into The Dark Dungeon!2006-02-23
19 Windfang Flash! The Soul of a Wind Mage!2006-02-16
18 Vaus versus Padro! To Protect Leon!2006-02-09
17 Vaus` Sweeping Attack! The Battle for Shantigo!2006-02-02
16 The Awakened Tenryoku! The Power that Lies Within Leon!2006-01-26
15 The Great Search! Beet Resurrected!2006-01-19
14 Revealed! The Secret of the Dark Dungeon!2006-01-12
13 Jera Out for Revenge! Beet is Consumed by Flame!2006-01-05
12 Raymond of the Streams! Young Ones, This is Training!2005-12-22
11 The Weakest Vandel on the Planet! His Name is Nyanjamar!2005-12-15
10 Hang Infiltrates! The Battle of the Tengeki Festival!2005-12-08
9 Tonga of Sparks! The Roar of the Thunder Strike!2005-12-01
8 Greedy Ruler Haden! Shandigo Attacks!2005-11-24
7 Moonlit Night Meeting! His Name is Baus2005-11-17
6 The Evil of the Breeze! Beet Listens to the Night Wind's Voice2005-11-10
5 Atoron Attacks! Explosion of the Soul of Arts2005-11-03
4 Beet's Warriors Opening an Inn in Shandigo!?2005-10-27
3 Gryfus Appears! Bringing Back the Runaway Rion!2005-10-20
2 I Don't Want to Be Buster2005-10-13
1 New World! The Start of a New Adventure!2005-10-06
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
52 The Last Battle! Farewell, Black Horizon!!2005-09-29
51 Captured City! Defend Port Tarmits!2005-09-22
50 Beet and Kiss! The Symbol of Friendship!2005-09-15
49 Sled! The Independent Buster!2005-09-08
48 Emergency! Dazed Milfa2005-09-01
47 Wanted! Kiss is Under Arrest!2005-08-25
46 Awake, Busters! Reach for the Light of Hope2005-08-18
45 The Last of Grunide! Farewell, Dark Green Tactician2005-08-11
44 Miracle Team! Strike! The Miracle Triple Attack2005-08-04
43 Devastation! The Last Counterattack2005-07-28
42 Boltic Axe! The Raging Axe of Thunder2005-07-21
41 Peak Infuriation! The Roar of the Thrashing Beast2005-07-14
40 Bloody Beast! The True Form of Grunide2005-07-06
39 Charge! The Nightmare of Grunide`s Castle2005-06-30
38 Jiiku! The Path that Busters Follow2005-06-23
37 Zenir! The Soundless Fear2005-06-16
36 Warship Tortoise! Chase the Mobile Fortress2005-06-09
35 Ganeel! Dark Currency is Everything in This World2005-06-02
34 Lightbolt Grasper! Come Forth, Lightning of Beauty2005-05-26
33 Milfa! BB of Love and Justice Reappears2005-05-19
32 The Great Escape! While Beet is Asleep...2005-05-12
31 Batton! A Lone Sniper2005-05-05
30 Tensei of Ice Shockwave! Change the Tears into Strength2005-04-28
29 Fight Back! Genius Kiss of Burning Life2005-04-21
28 Meigeki of Grand Flame Stream! The Time Limit of Decision2005-04-14
27 Rozzgoat! The One Who Follows the Power2005-04-07
26 Cyclone Gunner! Release the Wind Gun2005-03-31
25 Castle Grunide! The Crime and Punishment of Betrayal2005-03-24
24 Rematch! The Invincible Flowsky2005-03-17
23 Kiss! Reunion and the Promise2005-03-10
22 Flowsky! Killers Laugh at Their Prey2005-03-03
21 Belltoze and the three star Vandel2005-02-24
20 Fight! Terceron Final Defense Line2005-02-17
19 Threat of the Planet Earth2005-02-10
18 Attack the hideout of the demon!2005-02-03
17 Milfa! The Super Electric Heroine!2005-01-27
16 Black Horizon! Towards a New Land of Adventure2005-01-20
15 Decisive Battle! Beet vs. Belltoze!2005-01-13
14 Crown Shield! Wake Up the New Strength!2005-01-06
13 Silent Glaive! The Sword of Gale Dances!2004-12-23
12 Belltoze! Snarling Tragic King2004-12-16
11 Zenon Winzard! Fly the Special Kill Blade of Fate2004-12-09
10 Grunide! The Dark Green Tactician Attacks!2004-12-02
9 Sled! The Lonely Assassin2004-11-25
8 Soul of the Blade2004-11-11
7 The Collector2004-11-11
6 The Jiiku Warriors2004-11-04
5 The Grand Journey2004-10-28
4 The Burning Lance2004-10-21
3 Bog of the Dead2004-10-14
2 The Sacrifice2004-10-07
1 The Dream Catcher2004-09-30


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