Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Tsunayoshi Sawada, genannt "Tsuna" oder auch "No-Good-Tsuna", ist ein Schüler mit unterdurchschnittlichen Eigenschaften. Seine Noten sind unter dem Durchschnitt, seine sportlichen Eigenschaften hängen denen der Mädchen sogar hinterher und Glück in der Liebe hat er sowieso nicht. Dies alles sollte sich mit der Ankunft eines Hitmans, einer speziellen Mafiafamilie, ändern. Reborn sieht aus wie ein 5-jähriger, trägt aber einen Anzug und eine Waffe. Eingeflogen aus Italien soll er Tsuna zu einem respektablen Mann heranziehen. Denn Tsuna gehört zur 10ten Generation und größten Mafiafamilie der Welt und er ist auch noch der Anwärter des Titels "Boss". Mit recht unkonventionellen Mitteln versucht Reborn von da an, Tsuna in die richtige Richtung zu lenken und ihn in Gefahrensituationen zu helfen. Was Tsuna unter anderem nicht nur Pluspunkte bei seiner Flamme Sasagawa Kyoko und Untergebene einbringt.
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy
Erstausstahlung: 2006-10-07 Status: Ended Dauer: 25 Min

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Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
203To a New Future2010-09-18
202Sea. Clam. Rainbow2010-09-18
201Precious Moments in Time2010-09-11
200Sky Full of Desire2010-09-04
199Ghost Awakens2010-08-28
198The Last Real Funeral Wreath2010-08-21
197Knuckle's Maximum Break2010-08-14
196Lampo's Shield2010-08-07
195G's Archery2010-07-31
194The Final Battle begins2010-07-24
193Daemon Spade's Devil Lens2010-07-17
192Alaude's handcuffs2010-07-10
191Open Carnage Box2010-07-03
190The Real 6 Funeral Wreaths Attack!2010-06-26
189The Family's Resolve (Filler)2010-06-19
188Primo's Will2010-06-12
187Memories of Betrayal (Filler)2010-06-05
186Bewitching Mist (Filler)2010-05-29
185The Trap is Set (Filler)2010-05-22
184Sunny then Cloudy (Filler)2010-05-15
183Aloof Cloud (Filler)2010-05-08
182Silent Storm (Filler)2010-05-01
181Furious Bolt of Lightning (Filler)2010-04-24
180The Duty of the Guardian of Rain (Filler)2010-04-17
179Inheritance Begins (Filler)2010-04-10
178The Primo Family Arrives! (Filler)2010-04-03
177After the Battle2010-03-27
175Yuni Comes2010-03-13
174The Truth About the Future2010-03-06
173Choice Ends2010-02-27
172Kikyo`s Assault2010-02-20
170Fateful Showdown2010-02-06
169Sky Lion: Leone di Cielo ver. Vongola.2010-01-23
168Choice Begins2010-01-16
167Day of the Battle2010-01-16
166With The Same Heart2010-01-09
165Boycott Declared2009-12-26
164Vongola Box, Training Begins2009-12-19
163Terror! Turmoil on Base2009-12-12
162The Sky Vongola Box2009-12-05
160Gaining Mobility2009-11-21
159For My Friends2009-11-14
158A Warm Place2009-11-07
157Namimori Holiday2009-10-31
156Inspiring Allies2009-10-24
155The Real Six Funeral Wreaths2009-10-17
154To the Next Battle2009-10-10
153The Last Mark (Filler)2009-10-03
152The Boss Resolution (Filler)2009-09-26
151When a Rainbow Forms (Filler)2009-09-19
150Closed Path (Filler)2009-09-12
149Reborn`s Examination (Filler)2009-09-05
148The Two who Inherit the Heavens (Filler)2009-08-29
147Catching the Wind (Filler)2009-08-22
146Box Weapon Prototype (Filler)2009-08-16
145Guardian Showdown! Cloud and Mist (Filler)2009-08-09
144The Arcobaleno Seals (Filler)2009-08-01
143Trial #1 (Filler)2009-07-25
142The Strongest Seven (Filler)2009-07-18
140Another Sky2009-07-04
139Furious Roar2009-06-27
138Twin Princes2009-06-20
137Main Battle in Italy2009-06-13
136Revealed Truth2009-06-06
134The Knight From Hell2009-05-23
133A Game-Changing Move2009-05-16
132Final Block of Defense2009-05-09
130Resolve and Irritation2009-04-25
129Operation X2009-04-18
128The Disciplinary Chairman Arrives2009-04-11
127Mystic Flower 2009-04-04
126The Best Vs. The Best 2009-03-28
125Further Intruders2009-03-21
124The Blocking Mist2009-03-14
123The Sword Emperor`s Teachings2009-03-07
122The Strongest Swordsman2009-02-28
121The Two Battles2009-02-21
120Virtual Space2009-02-14
119A Battle's Intervals (Filler)2009-02-07
118The Princess' Determination2009-01-31
117The Storm Counterattacks2009-01-24
116Various Resolutions2009-01-17
115Sistema C.A.I.2009-01-03
114Guardian of Storm, Stand Up2008-12-27
113Electric, Again2008-12-20
112Boomerang's Trap2008-12-13
111The Enemy is Octopus Head2008-12-06
110The Secret of Melone Base 2008-11-29
109Imprisonment 2008-11-22
108A Man's Box Weapon 2008-11-15
107A Desperate Situation 2008-11-08
106Student's Growth 2008-11-01
104The Troublesome Magician 2008-10-18
103 The First Obstacle 2008-10-11
102 Operation Start 2008-10-04
101 Night Raid 2008-09-27
100 The Night Before Breaking In 2008-09-20
99 The Last Test 2008-09-13
98 Announcement2008-09-06
97 The Great Chase (Filler)2008-08-30
96 X-Burner 2008-08-23
95 Decision2008-08-09
94 True Natures Revealed 2008-08-02
93 Emergency Alert Level D 2008-07-26
92 Entrusted Selection 2008-07-19
91 What I Believe In 2008-07-12
90Rain Owl / Gufo di Pioggia2008-07-05
89 Piano of Sadness 2008-06-28
88 7^3 (Trinisette) 2008-06-21
87 Succession2008-06-14
86 Home Tutor from Hell 2008-06-07
85 Where`s the Hideout? 2008-05-31
84 Be Too Distant Way Home 2008-05-24
83The Given Information2008-05-17
82The Strongest Guardian2008-05-10
79First Trial2008-04-19
78Clue of the past2008-04-13
77The Resolution`s Flame2008-04-05
76Guardian Search2008-03-29
74The World Ten Years Later2008-03-15
73Mother Appreciation Day2008-03-08
72Expulsion Crisis2008-03-01
71Fight with Spirit! Zettai-Maken2008-02-23
70Irie Shoichi`s Misfortune2008-02-16
69Three Terrible Criminal Brothers2008-02-09
68Happy? Wedding2008-02-02
67Vongola-Style Class Visitation2008-01-26
66The Shivering Ghost2008-01-19
64The Truth About Anger2008-01-05
63Freezing Flame2007-12-22
61Zero Point Breakthrough - Revised2007-12-08
60Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough2007-12-01
59Relieving Everyone2007-11-24
58Flame of Wrath2007-11-17
57The Battle of the Sky, Begins!2007-11-10
56Gokudera's Story (Filler)2007-11-03
54The Guardian of the Cloud's Charge2007-10-20
53A Taste of Anxiety2007-10-13
52The Truth of the Mist2007-10-06
51Illusion VS Illusion2007-09-29
50The Guardian of the Mist, arrives!?2007-09-22
49Requiem Rain2007-09-15
48The Match's Whereabouts2007-09-08
47The Strongest, Invincible Sword Style2007-09-01
46A Reason to Fight2007-08-25
45Raging Waves of the Storm Battle2007-08-18
44The Stolen Sky Ring2007-08-11
43Thunder Strike of 20 Years Later2007-08-04
42The Power to Rebound Adversity2007-07-28
41The Feelings of the Guardian of the Sun2007-07-21
40The Ring Battle, Start!2007-07-14
39The Invisible Enemies Goal is?2007-07-07
38The Selfish Child's Disappearance2007-06-30
37Teacher and Student Combination, Assembled2007-06-23
36Tutors, Move Out2007-06-16
35The 7 Vongola Rings2007-06-09
34The Varia Comes!2007-06-02
33Summer Vacation Ruined by Loans?2007-05-26
32A Shark in the Public Pool2007-05-19
31Welcoming at Mafia Island (Land)2007-05-12
30Hide and Seek on a Cruise Ship2007-05-05
29Broccoli's Sweetheart?2007-04-28
28It's a Lie! We killed?2007-04-21
27Eat Sushi to Celebrate Promotion2007-04-14
26The End and From Then On2007-04-07
25We Want to Win! Instant Awakening2007-03-31
24Everyone's Counterattack2007-03-24
23The Last Dying Will Bullet2007-03-17
22The Unexpected Demonic Leader2007-03-10
21Injured Friends2007-03-03
20Abrupt Attack2007-02-24
19100% Accuracy? Ranking Everything2007-02-17
18Poisoned Love Chocolates2007-02-10
17Hush Before Entering the Hospital2007-02-03
16Escape From the Mountain of Death!2007-01-27
15Survival Snow Battle2007-01-20
14First Date!? Hell's Zoo2007-01-13
13New Year! The Game of 100,000,000 Yen!2007-01-06
12Training Teacher! Strengthening Program2006-12-13
11The Dumpling Bun of Love and Death2006-12-16
10Gahaha! The Exploding Lunchbox!2006-12-09
9Short Life Skull Disease2006-12-02
8The Senior Boss Thinks of his Family2006-11-25
7The Limit! Passionate Brother!2006-11-18
6Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist!2006-11-11
5The Director of the Discipline Committee's Avoidance of Boredom2006-11-04
4Hahi! Destroy Girls' Hearts!2006-10-28
3Shocking! Cooking with Love and Horror!2006-10-21
2The End of School!?2006-10-14
1What!? I'm the Tenth Generation Mafia Boss!?2006-10-07
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
1Jump Super Anime Tour 2009 Vongole Shiki Shugakuryoko, Kuru! The Complete Memory2010-03-01

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