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Join James Portnow, Daniel Floyd and Allison Theus each week as they take a deeper look at games; how they are made, what they mean and how we can make them better. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Animation | Comedy | Documentary
Erstausstahlung: 2010-07-29 Status: Continuing Dauer: 10 Min

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Season 18 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
53D NPCs Please - Adding Depth to Character2020-02-19
4Introverts and the Industry - Building Better Spaces2020-02-05
3Playing the Villain - Being Good at Being Bad2020-01-29
2Should You Play the Classics? - Why Game History Matters2020-01-22
1Escort Missions - Dragging Dead Weight2020-01-15
Season 17 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
55Because Games Matter - Jacob's Story2019-12-25
54Because Games Matter - Victoria's Story2019-12-18
53Because Games Matter - J.J.'s Story2019-12-11
52Imposter Syndrome - Fake It Till You Make It2019-12-04
51Loading Screens - The Waiting Game2019-11-27
50Credits are not "Extra" - Why Game Credits Matter2019-11-20
49Get Hired: Portfolio Design - How to Build a Portfolio2019-11-13
48Game Jam Showcase #5 - Passage2019-11-06
47The Perfect Horror Protagonist - Writing a Character for Fun & Terror2019-10-30
46Reciprocity in RPGs - How to Share the Spotlight2019-10-23
45Did Level Scaling Break Games? - Leveling in Open World Design2019-10-16
44The Kobayashi Maru - No-Win Scenarios in Games2019-10-09
43User Generated Content - The Upsides and Pitfalls to Level Editors2019-10-02
42The Real Core Loop - What Every Game Has In Common2019-09-25
41A Rebuilding Year - Navigating the Ups and Downs of Creative Careers2019-09-12
40Content Curation - Why Digital Game Stores Are So Selective2019-08-28
39The Prisoner's Dilemma - The Game Theory of Decision-Making2019-08-21
38Learning to Play Magic #5 - The Psychology of Magic: The Gathering2019-08-15
37Diegetic UI - Realistic, or Distracting?2019-08-14
36Learning to Play Magic #4 - Building a Deck2019-08-08
35Game Jam #4 Showcase - Theme: Connect2019-08-07
34Mixed Success - Winning and Losing in Tabletop Roleplaying Games2019-07-31
33Learning to Play Magic #3 - The Stack2019-07-30
32Learning to Play Magic #2 - What's in a Color?2019-07-25
31In Defense of Imagination - When to NOT Tell the Whole Story to Players2019-07-24
30Learning to Play Magic #1 - Core Concepts2019-07-18
29Letters to My Nephews #4 - Playing for the Long Game2019-07-17
28Magic - Why We Play2019-07-11
27The Disappointing Final Level - Making Better Endings For Better Games2019-07-10
26Stop Normalizing Nazis - Socially Conscious Game Design2019-07-03
25Bleed - Exploring Psychological Transference in Games2019-06-26
24Save Scumming - The Game Design of Save Systems2019-06-19
23The History of Roguelike Deckbuilders - From Playing Cards to CCGs and Beyond2019-06-12
22Sticking to Your Guns - How the Doom and Dragon Quest Franchises Modernized2019-06-05
21The Kuleshov Effect - Improving Character Interactions in Games2019-05-29
20Comfortable Play - Respecting Boundaries in Tabletop RPGs2019-05-22
19Game Celebrities - The Role of Game Devs in Pop Culture2019-05-15
18Games You Might Not Have Tried #19 - Game Jam "Cycles" Edition!2019-05-08
17Mental Health in Games - How We Can Do Better2019-05-01
16Technical Debt - Improving the Production Pipeline2019-04-24
15Using Narrative as Context - Balancing Gameplay and Story Elements2019-04-17
14Google Stadia - Is Cloud Gaming For Real?2019-04-10
13Games You Might Not Have Tried #20 - April 1st Edition!2019-04-01
12RPG Character Sheets - Designing Gameplay Around Character Customization2019-03-27
11The Importance of Not Playing Games - A Balanced Game Design Education2019-03-20
10Mechanics Shaping Story - Re-examining the Core Gameplay Loop2019-03-13
9Where Do Your Fortnite Dollars Really Go? - The Origin Story of Tim Sweeney2019-03-06
8Games You Might Not Have Tried #19 - Tabletop You Might Not Have Tried2019-02-27
7The Mechanics of Character Design - Analyzing the Design of Marvel Puzzle Quest2019-02-20
6Destiny vs. Warframe - $500 Million in Free Marketing2019-02-13
5The Meaning of Bandersnatch - The Philosophy of Free Will2019-02-06
4Games You Might Not Have Tried #18 - Game Jam Edition!2019-01-30
3Too Soon?!? - The Challenges of Early Builds and Game Demos2019-01-23
2The Catharsis of Doing - Designing Emotionally Intense Experiences2019-01-16
1Overwatch and Informational Audio - Sound Design in Games2019-01-09
Season 16 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
28Because Games Matter - A Teachable Moment: Kingdom Hearts in the Classroom2018-12-19
27Because Games Matter - MJ's Story: How Games Brought a Family Together2018-12-12
26Episode 400! - Taking a Day2018-12-05
25Games You Might Not Have Tried #17 - New Games to Learn From!2018-11-28
24The GDPR - What It Means For You! (Developers AND Players!)2018-11-21
23Tutorials That Don't Talk Down To You - Context Sensitive Design2018-11-14
22Building Streaming Into Your Game - Designing Games for Observers2018-11-07
21Games You Might Not Have Tried #16 - Spooky Scary Game Recommendations2018-10-30
20Achieving Vicarity - Creating Livable Fiction2018-10-24
19The New Player Experience - Hooks, Tutorials, Rewards2018-10-17
18Aspirational Play - Adding a Sense of Wonder to Game Design2018-10-10
17World of Warcraft Epidemiology - The Corrupted Blood Plague (And Why It Matters)2018-10-03
16The Metaphor is Meaning - "Show, Don't Tell" in Game Design2018-09-26
15The Joy of Losing - Learning to Have Fun Playing Games2018-09-19
14Games You Might Not Have Tried #15 - September 2018 Edition2018-09-12
13How Games Challenge Us - Empathy and Intuition in Puzzle Design2018-08-22
12Gestalt - The Parts and the Whole2018-08-15
11Steam: What Sells - What Steam's Player Numbers Tell Us About Game Genres2018-08-08
10Don't Just Hire Your Fans - Creating a Good Design Team2018-08-01
9Game Therapy - How Can Games Improve Mental Health?2018-07-25
8Ma, The Space Between - Uncluttered Game Design2018-07-18
7The Price of Randomness - Balancing RNG2018-07-11
6The Three Pillars of Game Writing - Plot, Character, Lore2018-07-04
5College E-Sports - Road to Glory?2018-06-27
4The Content Conundrum - Why So Many Games Feel Generic2018-06-20
3Games You Might Not Have Tried #14 - Mechs, Monsters and More!2018-06-13
2Ladders and Team Games - Doing it Wrong2018-06-06
1Blockchain Games - Can Blockchain Technology be a Game Mechanic?2018-05-30
Season 15 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Choice Paralysis - Too Much of a Good Thing2018-05-23
24The Digital Museum - Assassin’s Creed Origins Discovery Tour2018-05-09
23Wolfenstein vs Call of Duty - The Need for “B” Games2018-04-25
22Unpleasant Design - When Bad Design is Used to Hide Problems2018-04-18
21Impractical Research - How Academia Can Make Better Games2018-04-04
20Break Points - Balancing the Math with the User Experience2018-03-28
19NieR: Automata - Sacrifice and the Meaning of Kindness2018-03-19
18The Legality of Loot Boxes - Designing Ethical Lootboxes: II2018-02-28
17The Loot Box Question - Designing Ethical Lootboxes: I2018-02-14
16Why Do Games Cost So Much To Make? - AAA Game Budgets2018-01-31
15Games Should Not Cost $60 Anymore - Inflation, Microtransactions, and Publishing2018-01-24
14So You Want To Be in QA - The Test Chamber2018-01-17
13Hidden Game Mechanics: Design for the Human Psyche2017-12-20
12DayZ - Tragedy of the Commons: The Game2017-12-12
11Losing Player Trust - The Data Dilemma2017-12-06
10The Warhammer License (Again) - Did Games Workshop's Gamble Work?2017-11-29
9Big Huge Charity - Giving in the Games Industry2017-11-22
8A Eulogy for Quintet - Melancholy and Wonder2017-11-15
7Games You Might Not Have Tried #13 - Find New Games2017-11-08
6The Pacing of PUBG - The Thriller Tension of Battlegrounds2017-11-01
5Games You Might Not Have Tried: Horror - Find New Games for Halloween2017-10-25
4One More Level - The Arbitrary Endpoint Trap2017-10-18
3Prey: The Enemy Inside - Testing You Softly2017-10-11
2The Problem with Power Fantasies - We're Not Always Right2017-10-04
1The Anchoring Effect - Why Review Scores Matter2017-09-27
Season 14 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25PAX WEST 2017 Extra Credits Panel2017-09-20
24Accessibility - The Curb Cut Effect2017-08-30
23Keep Cutting - Sunk Cost Fallacy and Game Development2017-08-23
22Game AI - Funtelligence2017-08-16
21Marginal Mechanics and Red Herrings - Why So Weak?2017-08-09
20Peace Games - Gaming for a Better Future2017-08-02
19How Games Speak - Learn the Language of Design2017-07-26
18Arts Funding - Helping Games that Help Us2017-07-19
17Injustice 2: Trauma Survival - Harley Quinn's Greatest Fear2017-07-12
16One Million Subs - Thank YOU for Supporting Extra Credits!2017-07-06
15Getting Started as a Game Journalist - Practice, Prepare, and Pitch2017-07-05
14Persona 5 and Jungian Psychology - Masks, Major Arcana, and Meaning2017-06-28
13Games You Might Not Have Tried #12 - Find New Console Games2017-06-21
12Perversion Subversion - Examining Hentai Sensibility2017-06-14
11The Legality of Using Your Data - Games of Tomorrow2017-06-07
10Indie Advice - Fire Early2017-05-24
9Why Do We Ship Buggy Games? - A Look Behind the Scenes2017-05-17
8Lifestyle Games - The Play's the Thing2017-05-03
7Localize Everything - Finding Hardcore Fans Worldwide2017-04-26
6A Case for Cutscenes - Everything Old is New Again2017-04-18
5Liminal Space - Incorporating Real Life into Games2017-04-14
4The Auteur Myth - Lone Visionaries... and Their Teams2017-04-05
3The Stress of Game Development - Tips for Survival2017-03-29
2Politics in Games - All Media is Political2017-03-22
1Co-Pilot Mode - Better Together2017-03-15
Season 13 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25De-Gamification - Flexibility to Play Your Way2017-03-08
24TV You Might Not Have Tried - Check Out New Shows2017-03-01
23Non-Professional Game Dev - The Joy of Making2017-02-22
22Advanced Game Literacy - Finding Meaning in Games2017-02-16
21Basic Game Literacy - Why It's Hard to Learn How to Play2017-02-08
20Intro to UX Design - User Experience and You2017-02-01
19Video Games and Gambling - When Does a Game Cross the Line?2017-01-25
18Strategic Uncertainty - Keeping Strategy Games Fresh2017-01-18
17Because Games Matter - How Video Games Saved My Life2016-12-21
16Because Games Matter - Light in the Dark (Souls)2016-12-14
15Because Games Matter - A Better Vision2016-12-06
14Accretion - Design by Landfill: A Long Term Strategy?2016-11-30
13MMO Economies - Hyperinflation, Reserve Currencies & You!2016-11-23
12 Letter to My Nephews #3 - This Is Your Story2016-11-17
11Games You Might Not Have Tried #112016-11-09
10The Most Fundamental Deceit - Horror and How Rationality Betrays Us2016-11-02
9Overwatch and Asymmetric Character Design - The Challenge of Varied Playstyles2016-10-26
8Overwatch and Asymmetric Level Design - What Makes the Maps Fun?2016-10-19
7The PS4 Pro - Changing the Console Market2016-10-12
6Letters to My Nephews #2 - Learning to Learn2016-10-05
5Pokémon GO - Designing for Good (2)2016-09-28
4Pokémon GO - Designing for the Real World (1)2016-09-21
3Free-to-Play's MECHANICS are Great - Gwent, Blitzball, and the Mini-Game Revolution2016-08-31
2Improving on Pokemon GO - Making Better Augmented Reality Games2016-08-24
1Understanding the Fantasy - How to Shape a Game's Design2016-08-17
Season 12 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Letters to My Nephews - Never Giving Up2016-08-10
24Remote Development - How to Work Effectively from Long Distance2016-08-03
23Games You Might Not Have Tried #10 - Find New Games2016-07-27
22Games You Might Not Have Tried #9 - Find New Games2016-07-20
21Classroom Metrics - Real World Case Study for Games in Schools2016-07-13
20Revolution 1979 - How to Make a Documentary Game2016-07-06
19The Power of Incentives - How Games Help Us Examine Our World2016-06-29
18Backtracking and Level Design - Making a Way Out2016-06-16
17The Warhammer 40k License - A Total Change of Strategy2016-06-08
16The Copyright Dilemma - On Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents2016-06-01
15Legacy Play - Thoughts on the Vanilla WoW Server2016-05-25
14Integrating Academia - Experimenting for Better Games2016-05-18
13In Defense of Short Games - Worth Every Dollar2016-05-11
12Enclothed Cognition - Do Character Outfits Affect Our Play?2016-05-04
11The Casual Core Fallacy - Designing for Depth2016-04-28
10Educating Game Designers - Too Much "Game" at Game Schools2016-04-20
9The Division - Problematic Meaning in Mechanics2016-04-13
8The Importance of Local Multiplayer - Seeing Eye-to-Eye2016-04-06
7So You Want To Be an Animator - Building Your Career2016-03-30
6Understanding the Witness - Mechanical Transference and You2016-03-23
5What Does Tomorrow Look Like? - How We Envision the Future2016-03-16
4Game Literacy: Games in Education - Should We Teach Game Basics?2016-03-09
3The Lottery - Why People Favor Worse Odds2016-03-02
2Games You Might Not Have Tried #8 - Find New Games2016-02-24
1Why Aren't There Science Fiction Games?2016-02-17
Season 11 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Why Are There No Good Video Game Movies2016-02-10
24What to Look for in 2016 - Industry Developments to Watch - Extra Credits2016-02-03
23Free to Play Laws - Can We Stop Predatory Practices2016-01-27
22Still Skeptical of V.R. - Five Challenges for Virtual Reality2016-01-20
21Information Density - How Mr. Robot Does a Lot with a Little2016-01-13
20Game Writing Pitfalls - Lost Opportunities in Games2016-01-06
19Propaganda Games - Sesame Credit - The True Danger of Gamification2015-12-16
18Games You Might Not Have Tried - Winter 20152015-12-09
17Where Does Your Console Come From? - Supply Chains2015-12-02
16The Antihero - Can Games Create Antiheroes?2015-11-25
15More Ways to Use Randomness - What is the Goal of RNG?2015-11-18
14The Delta of Randomness - Can You Balance for RNG?2015-11-11
13Destiny is Gaming's "Law & Order" - Video Game Comfort Food2015-11-04
12Places of Horror - The Secrets of Scary Settings2015-10-28
11Balancing an MMO Ecosystem - Getting a Mix of Player Types2015-10-21
10Bartle's Taxonomy - What Type of Player are You?2015-10-14
9Future Proofing Your Design - Looking at Hearthstone and Planning Ahead2015-10-07
8Power Creep in Hearthstone - What It Teaches Us About Games2015-09-30
7Frame Rate - How Does Frame Rate Affect Gameplay?2015-09-23
6Romantic Dilemmas - How Witcher 3 Builds Character through Choice2015-09-16
5Fallout Shelter - How a Casual Game Won Over Hardcore Players2015-09-09
4Puzzle Break - Teamwork and Escape the Room Games2015-08-26
3Progression Systems - How Good Games Avoid Skinner Boxes2015-08-19
2Returning to WWII - Four New Approaches to War Games2015-08-12
1A Generation of Remasters - Welcome Updates or Troubling Omens2015-08-05
Season 10 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Speedrunning - Games Done Quick and Developer Tips2015-07-29
24Procedural Generation - How Games Create Infinite Worlds2015-07-22
23The New Future of Japan - The Auteur Movement2015-07-15
22The Witcher III - Wild Hunt - Best Detective Game Ever Made2015-07-08
21Advanced Social Curve Design - Empowering the Community2015-07-01
20Intermediate Social Curve Design - Introducing Cooperation Rewards2015-06-24
19Social Difficulty Curve - Easing Players into Communication2015-06-17
18Exploration in Games - Four Ways Players Discover Joy2015-06-10
17Force-of-Nature Villains - Giving a Face to Pure Evil2015-06-03
16Rust - Representing Race in Games2015-05-27
15Paid Mods2015-05-20
13On Classical Heroes2015-05-06
12Understanding Your Player2015-04-29
11Exit Points2015-04-22
10Humane Design2015-04-15
9Romance in Games2015-04-08
8Awesome Per Second2015-04-01
7Four Realistic Predictions2015-03-25
6Asymmetric Play2015-03-18
5Games You Might Not Have Tried #72015-03-12
4The Fantastic2015-03-12
3What Makes Us Roleplay?2015-02-25
2No Gendered Mechanics2015-02-19
1A Question of Empathy2015-02-12
Season 9 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Launching! How to Market Your Game2015-02-04
24Minimum Viable Product - How to Scope small and Start Right2015-01-28
23Practical Rules - Setting (and Keeping) Goals2015-01-21
22Basics - How To Start Your Game Development 2015-01-14
21Snakes and Ladders2014-12-24
20Mechanics and Tone2014-12-17
19Global Games: Norway2014-12-10
18How Games Scratch Your Multitasking Itch2014-12-03
17How to Approach Game Difficulty2014-11-26
16Interactive Video2014-11-19
15Video Game Rating Systems2014-11-12
14Shiver with Antici-pation2014-11-05
13Horror That Lingers2014-10-29
12Plan, Practice, Improvise2014-10-22
11Digging Deeper2014-10-15
10Big Bad II2014-10-08
9Big Bad I2014-10-01
7MMO Economies2014-09-17
6Historical Games2014-09-10
5Free to Play Is Currently Broken2014-09-03
4First Move Advantage2014-08-27
3Games You Might Not Have Tried: Humble Bundle2014-08-21
2Randomness in Esports2014-08-13
1Too Many Games2014-08-06
Season 8 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25How Far Have Games Come Since 2008?2014-07-30
24Choices vs Consequences2014-07-23
23Open World Design2014-07-16
22The Waiting Game2014-07-09
21Early Access2014-07-02
20Why the Vita Failed2014-06-25
19The Fighting Game Problem2014-06-18
18Roguelike Returns2014-06-11
17Minecraft Generation2014-06-04
16Why Games Do Cthulhu Wrong2014-05-28
15Education: Agency2014-05-21
14Education: 21st Century Skills2014-05-14
13Education: Responsive Learning2014-05-07
12Education: An End to Fear2014-04-30
11Candy Crush's Success2014-04-23
10Comedic Games2014-04-16
9Doing Free to Play Wrong2014-04-09
8Net Neutrality2014-04-02
7Designing for Youth2014-03-26
6Collectable Games (Part 3)2014-03-19
5Games You Might Not Have Tried: Cyberpunk2014-03-12
4Quest Design (Part 2)2014-03-05
3Quest Design (Part 1)2014-02-26
2Simulation Sickness2014-02-19
1Growing With Our Heroes2014-02-12
Season 7 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Fail Faster2014-02-05
23The Magic Circle2014-01-22
22Games You Might Not Have Tried: Collectable Games2014-01-15
21The Good We Do2014-01-08
20Incentive Systems and Politics (Part 3)2013-12-25
19Incentive Systems and Politics (Part 2)2013-12-18
18Incentive Systems and Politics (Part 1)2013-12-11
17What Is a Game?2013-11-27
16Community Management2013-11-20
15Collectable Games (Part 2)2013-11-13
14Collectable Games (Part 1)2013-11-06
13Games You REALLY Might Not Have Tried2013-10-30
12Spectacle Creep2013-10-23
11Competitive Storytelling2013-10-16
9Negative Possibility Space2013-10-02
8How Much Agency Do Games Need?2013-09-25
7The Illusion of Choice2013-09-18
6The Feeling of Agency2013-09-11
5Games You Might Not Have Tried #62013-08-28
4Myers Briggs and Character Creation2013-08-21
3A Case for Board Games2013-08-14
2Games in Education2013-08-07
1So You Want to be an Indie2013-07-31
Season 6 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Game Compulsion (Part 3)2013-07-24
24A Little Bit of Yesterday2013-07-17
23Designing for a Touch Screen2013-07-10
22Used Games2013-07-03
21Not a Babysitter2013-06-26
20When Difficult is Fun2013-06-19
19In Service to the Brand2013-06-12
18Moving Forward2013-06-05
15The JCPenney's Effect2013-05-15
14Global Games: Mexico, Argentina & Chile2013-05-08
13Like a Ninja2013-05-01
12Games You Might Not Have Tried #52013-04-24
10For Whom the Bell Tolls2013-04-10
9Raising the Dead2013-04-03
8Differences in Scale vs Differences in Kind2013-03-27
7Why Console Specs Don't Matter2013-03-20
6Intrinsic or Extrinsic2013-03-13
5Word Choice2013-03-06
4More Than Exposition2013-02-27
3Funding XCOM (Part 2)2013-02-20
2Funding XCOM (Part 1)2013-02-13
1Global Games: Brazil2013-02-06
Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25The Beast Macabre2013-01-30
24How to Start Your Game Narrative2013-01-23
23Depth vs. Complexity2013-01-17
22God Does Not Play Dice2013-01-09
21Religion in Games (Part 2)2012-12-19
20Religion in Games (Part 1)2012-12-12
19Balancing for Skill2012-12-05
18Combining Genres2012-11-28
17Counter Play2012-11-21
16"My Name Is Ozymandias…"2012-11-14
15Horror Protagonists2012-10-31
14Demo Daze2012-10-24
13Aesthetics of Play2012-10-17
12Beyond Fun2012-10-10
11Mailbag #52012-10-03
10Digital Rentals and the Online Arcade2012-09-26
9Starting Off Right2012-09-19
8Energy Systems2012-09-12
7On Game Schools2012-09-05
6Spec Ops: The Line (Part 2)2012-08-29
5Spec Ops: The Line (Part 1)2012-08-22
4Mechanics as Metaphor (Part 2)2012-08-15
3Mechanics as Metaphor (Part 1)2012-08-08
2Digital Resale2012-08-01
1Games You Might Not Have Tried: 16-bit2012-07-25
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Perfect Imbalance2012-07-18
24The Hero’s Journey (Part 2)2012-07-11
23The Hero's Journey (Part 1)2012-07-04
22Power Creep2012-06-27
21Games You Might Not Have Tried #42012-06-20
18Spectrum Crunch2012-05-30
17EC Fund Update2012-05-16
16ARGs (Part 2)2012-05-09
15ARGs (Part 1)2012-05-02
12Kinect Disconnect2012-04-11
11Games You Might Not Have Tried #32012-04-04
9Mass Effect 3 DLC2012-03-21
8Western & Japanese RPGs (Part 3)2012-03-14
7Western & Japanese RPGs (Part 2)2012-03-07
6Western & Japanese RPGs (Part 1)2012-02-29
5So You Want to be a Developer (Part 2)2012-02-22
4So You Want to be a Developer (Part 1)2012-02-15
3Mailbag #42012-02-08
2Mailbag #32012-02-01
1SOPA & PIPA2012-01-25
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Skyrim's Opening2012-01-11
24Puzzle Games2011-12-21
21The Singularity2011-11-30
20Deus Ex: Human Revolution2011-11-23
19The Diablo III Marketplace2011-11-16
18The Uncanny Valley2011-11-09
17Working Conditions2011-11-02
15Call of Juarez: The Cartel2011-10-19
14Propaganda Games2011-10-12
13So You Want To Be a Producer2011-10-05
12Games You Might Not Have Tried #22011-09-28
11Pro Gaming2011-09-21
8Let's Talk About Publishing2011-08-31
7Game Addiction part 22011-08-24
6Game Addiction part 12011-08-17
5The MMORTS2011-08-10
4"Art" Is Not the Opposite of "Fun"2011-08-03
3The Pre-Production Problem2011-07-27
2S.978 and Operation Rainfall2011-07-21
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Sharing Our Medium2011-07-07
24Race in Games2011-06-30
23Game Reviews2011-06-23
22The Role of the Player2011-06-16
21Our Oscars2011-06-09
19NOT a Security Episode2011-05-26
18The Myth of the Gun2011-05-19
17Graphics vs Aesthetics2011-05-12
16Gamifying Education2011-05-05
15Learning From Other M2011-04-28
14Games You Might Not Have Tried (...or Heard Of)2011-04-21
13Consoles are the New Coin-Op2011-04-14
10Tangential Learning2011-03-24
9Tutorials 1012011-03-17
8True Female Characters2011-03-10
7Ludus Florentis2011-03-03
6An Open Letter to EA Marketing2011-02-24
4Playing Like a Designer Part 22011-02-10
3Playing Like a Designer Part 12011-02-03
2Amnesia and Story Structure2011-01-27
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Non-Combat Gaming2011-01-13
24Mailbag #22011-01-06
23Choice and Conflict2010-12-30
22A Season of Hope2010-12-23
21Narrative Mechanics2010-12-16
20Sexual Diversity2010-12-09
19Sex in Games2010-12-02
18The Skinner Box2010-11-25
17Easy Games2010-11-18
16So You Want to be a Game Designer2010-11-11
15Facing Controversy2010-11-04
14Symbolism 1012010-10-28
13Mailbag #12010-10-21
11Kinect and Move2010-10-07
10Project Ten Dollar2010-09-30
9Videogame Music2010-09-23
7Enriching Lives2010-09-09
6Free Speech2010-09-02
5No Redeeming Value2010-08-26
4Where Did Survival Horror Go?2010-08-19
2The Future of MMOs2010-08-10
1Video Games & Bad Writing2010-07-29
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
21Extra Politics #8: Fixing the Game - How to Patch Gerrymandering2018-07-23
20Extra Politics #7: Is the Game Broken? - Designer's Intent and the Triple Power Rule2018-07-16
19Extra Politics #6: Who Writes the Rules? - Rules, Part 32018-07-09
18Extra Politics #5: Cheating - Rules, Part 22018-07-02
17Extra Politics #4: The Rules of Society - Rules, Part 12018-06-25
16Extra Politics #3: Catch-up Mechanics - The Role of the Press, Third Parties, and Money2018-06-18
15Extra Politics #2: Polls vs Win Charts - Positional Heuristics2018-06-11
14Extra Politics #1: Points, Actions, and Marginal Votes - The Game of Elections2018-06-04
13Games You Might Not Have Tried #8 - Find New Games
12Extra Remix - SGX - Electronic Dance Music and Video Games
11Stand Together: The Gaming Community vs SOPA and PIPA2012-01-18
10Don't miss out on Extra Play!
9Announcing the Extra Credits Store! Bring Home a GAME Plushie!
8Announcement Extra Play and the Return of Side Quest!
7PAX 2015 - Scott Explains How Extra Credits is Made2015-09-02
6PAX 2010: Rusel DeMaria Interview2010-09-22
5PAX 2010: Richard Garfield & James Ernest Interview2010-09-21
4PAX 2010: Becoming a Game Writer Panel2010-09-20
3PAX 2010: Jeff Pobst Interview2010-09-17
2PAX 2010: Game Design 101 Panel2010-09-16
1PAX 2010: Backstage with Anamanaguchi2010-09-15

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