Teen Mom 2

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Follows the cast of the second season of '16 and Pregnant', giving viewers an intimate look at the challenges Chelsea, Leah, Briana, Jenelle, and Kailyn face raising a child as a teenager. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Documentary
Erstausstahlung: 2010-12-28 Status: Continuing Dauer: 45 Min

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Season 9 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
36Season 9b Reunion Part 32019-12-17
35Season 9b Reunion Part 22019-12-10
34Season 9b Reunion Part 12019-12-03
32Don't Miss the Sunset2019-11-19
31Sugar-Coated Mood2019-11-12
29Normal Parents2019-10-29
28Getting Lei'd2019-10-22
27Make It or Break It2019-10-15
26Walking The Walk2019-10-08
25Truth Hurts2019-10-01
24Direct Message2019-09-24
23Welcome to the Jungle2019-09-17
22Hey Girl Hey2019-09-10
21Season 9 Reunion Part 32019-06-03
20Season 9 Reunion Part 22019-05-27
19Season 9 Reunion Part 12019-05-20
18Family Portrait2019-05-13
17Checks And Balances2019-05-06
16He Didn't Look Like A Prince2019-04-29
15Bow Down2019-04-22
14Something We Said2019-04-15
13Home Is Home2019-04-08
12Do the Dangle2019-04-01
11 Peace Gathering2019-03-25
10This Can Go One of Two Ways2019-03-18
9Momster Mash2019-03-11
8Cold War2019-03-04
6Cry It Out2019-02-18
5Shutting Down2019-02-11
4Don't Wanna Go Home2019-02-04
1Dot Dot Dot2019-01-14
Season 8 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
34Reunion (Part 2)2018-08-27
33Reunion (Part 1)2018-08-13
32Reunion: Behind The Screams2018-08-06
31On The Mend2018-07-30
30Road Rage2018-07-23
29Trouble In Paradise2018-07-16
28Forgot About Dre2018-07-09
26Access Issues2018-06-25
24Unicorn Poop2018-06-11
23Bitter Baby Mama2018-06-04
22The Hangover 2018-05-28
21Drama's For Nerds, Part 2: Hallway To Hell2018-05-21
20Drama's For Nerds, Part 12018-05-14
19Not to Stir the Pot, But...2018-05-07
18The Ties That Bind2017-11-06
17In Sod We Trust2017-10-30
16Emotional Rollercoaster2017-10-16
15Love You, Mean It2017-10-09
14Oh, the Places You'll Go2017-10-02
13Winter in Summer2017-09-25
12Somewhere Else2017-09-20
11Swiping and Griping2017-09-18
10Welcome to a Puerto Rican Baby Shower2017-09-11
9Playing Family Picnic2017-09-04
8On the Hunt2017-08-28
6Unfinished Sentences2017-08-14
5Lips Don't Lie2017-08-07
3Low Key2017-07-31
2Down That Route2017-07-24
1And Then There Were Five2017-07-17
Season 7 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
30All the Reasons We Love TM22017-04-03
29Ask the Moms2017-04-03
28Unseen Moments 72017-03-27
27Check Up with Dr Drew (2)2017-03-27
26Check Up with Dr Drew (1)2017-03-20
25Behind the Scenes2017-03-20
24Cherries and Flowers2017-03-13
23Ready or Not2017-03-06
22Low Blows2017-02-27
21I Don't Wanna Talk About It2017-02-20
20Fake Out2017-02-13
19Last To Know2017-02-06
17Privacy Please2017-01-23
14Deja Vu2017-01-09
13Breaking the Wall2017-01-02
12Gone Fishin'2016-06-06
11Turn the Page2016-05-30
10Choose Your Battles2016-05-23
9While You Were Out2016-05-16
8Didn't Mean It2016-05-02
7Man of the House2016-04-25
5No Access2016-04-11
4Iced Out2016-04-10
3Breaking Apart2016-04-04
2In The Dark2016-03-28
1Here We Go Again2016-03-21
Season 6 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
15Unseen Moments2015-10-14
14Check Up With Dr. Drew, Part 22015-10-07
13Check Up With Dr. Drew, Part 12015-09-30
12Face Off2015-09-24
11Sorry Not Sorry2015-09-17
10Expect a Miracle 2015-09-10
9Run Away2015-09-03
8What Makes You Happy 2015-08-27
7Wanna Love You2015-08-20
6Walk Out2015-08-13
5Can't Trust Them2015-08-06
4Not Good Enough2015-07-30
3No Apologies2015-07-23
1Keep It Moving2015-07-09
Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
27Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 22014-10-15
26Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 12014-10-08
25All Grown Up2014-10-01
24Wish You Were Here2014-09-24
22Summer Daze, Summertime Sadness2014-09-10
21Cabin Fever2014-09-03
20Bad Behavior2014-08-27
19Family Matters2014-08-20
18I'll Be Missing You2014-08-13
17Harder Than It Looks2014-08-06
15When Everything Seems Wrong2014-07-23
14Keep It Together2014-07-16
13That's the Way Love Goes2014-04-13
12What You See Is Not What You Get2014-04-08
11Out of the Blue2014-04-01
10We Belong Together2014-03-25
9Miss You Much2014-03-18
7These Are the Days2014-03-04
6False Positives2014-02-25
5You Got Me2014-02-18
4Working Overtime2014-02-11
3Keep Your Head Up2014-02-04
2Love Will Never Do Without You2014-01-28
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
15Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 22013-05-13
14Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 12013-05-06
13Unseen Moments2013-04-29
12The End of the Road2013-04-29
11Hard Knocks2013-04-22
10For Love and Money2013-04-15
9Sweet Dreams2013-04-08
8Don't Be Cruel2013-04-01
7For Better or for Worse2013-04-01
6Fall to Pieces2013-03-25
5So Hard to Say Goodbye2013-03-18
4Faded Love2013-03-11
3The Future Is Now2013-03-04
2Love Hurts2013-02-25
1Under Pressure2013-02-18
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
14Finale Special: Check Up with Dr Drew Part 12013-02-11
13Unseen Moments2013-02-04
12A Means to an End2013-02-04
10Half Empty Half Full2013-01-21
9A New Direction2013-01-14
8Caught In The Middle2013-01-07
7Building Blocks2012-12-24
6A Leap of Faith2012-12-17
5Second Chances2012-12-10
4Life Goes On2012-12-03
3Things Come to an End2012-11-26
2Keeping Hope Alive2012-11-20
1Walk the Line2012-11-12
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
14Finale Special - Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 22012-02-28
13Finale Special - Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 12012-02-21
12Love Will Tear Us Apart2012-02-14
10Love Comes And Goes2012-01-31
9The Beginning Of The End2012-01-24
8Making Moves2012-01-17
7Breaking Point2012-01-10
6Lean on Me2012-01-10
5Home for Christmas2012-01-03
4No Looking Back2011-12-27
3Intensive Care2011-12-20
1Best Laid Plans2011-12-06
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
12Judgement Day2011-03-29
11One Step Back2011-03-22
10Two Steps Forward2011-03-15
9Slippery Slope2011-03-08
8Pushing the Limit2011-03-01
7Switching Gears2011-02-22
6Taking Sides2011-02-15
5Too Much Too Fast2011-02-08
4Moving In, Moving On2011-02-01
3Change of Heart2011-01-25
2So Much to Lose2011-01-18
1Nothing Stays the Same2011-01-11
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
43Season 9b Unseen Moments2019-12-17
42 Season 9 Unseen Moments2019-06-03
41Ask the Moms2018-12-31
40Secrets Revealed2018-09-12
39Kailyn's Biggest Blow-Ups2018-09-05
38Unseen Moments2018-09-03
37Being Brittany2018-02-27
36Being Javi2018-02-13
35Biggest Behind the Scene Moments2018-02-05
34Chelsea & Cole, A Love Story2017-12-18
33Jenelle, The Ex-Files2017-12-11
32Season 8 Unseen Moments2017-11-20
31Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 22017-11-20
30Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 12017-11-13
29Law and Disorder2017-11-01
28The New Mom2017-03-07
27Jenelle vs. Barb2017-10-25
26Most Memorable Meltdowns2017-10-18
25Reunion Madness part 22017-10-23
24Being Vee2017-10-04
23Being Nathan2017-09-27
22In Case You Missed It2016-12-26
21Weekend at Corey's2016-12-12
20Backstage Pass2016-11-27
19Being Barb2016-07-11
18Unseen Moments2016-06-27
17Check Up with Dr Drew (2)2016-06-20
16Check Up with Dr Drew (1)2016-06-13
15Season 7 Catch-Up Special2016-03-17
14Season 6 Catch-up Special2015-06-22
13Check-Up with Dr. Drew (2)2014-04-22
12Season 5 Unseen Moments2014-04-16
11Check-Up with Dr. Drew (1)2014-04-15
10Season 5B Unseen Moments2014-10-22
9Ask the Moms Special2014-10-07
8Toddler Moments2014-07-13
7Baby Talk 22012-02-12
6Season 2 Unseen Moments2012-02-07
5A Closer Look (2)2012-01-24
4A Closer Look (1)2011-12-20
3Unseen Moments2011-04-12
2Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew2011-04-05
1Catching Up With 16 and Pregnant: The Girls of Teen Mom 22010-12-28

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