Glass Mask

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Kitajima Maya, a 13-year old girl with a talent for acting, was discovered by the reclusive actress Tsukikage. The story follows Maya's growing up, intense training, overcoming challenges, and evolving into the foremost actress of her generation (she is about 20 so far). Maya's greatest rival is Himekawa Ayumi, the beautiful daughter of a famous movie couple. They ultimately vied for the most sought-after role - the "Crimson Goddess". An equally important subplot Maya's relationship with the handsome and ruthless entertainment mogul Hayami Masumi, who secretly became her number one fan, but misunderstandings and bad-timing obstructed their romance..... (Quelle:
Genre: Animation | Drama | Romance
Erstausstahlung: 1984-04-09 Status: Ended Dauer: 25 Min

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Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
23 My Maya1984-09-24
22 The New Door1984-09-17
21 Nominated For Best Supporting Actress!1984-09-10
20 Two Helens1984-09-03
19 Heated Audition1984-08-20
18 The Challenge Of Helen1984-08-06
17 Where is Mr. Purple Rose?1984-07-30
16 Mother's Memory1984-07-23
15 Welcome! To the Underground Theater!1984-07-16
14 The New Role is a Doll1984-07-09
13 Mosaic of Love1984-07-02
12 I Am Catherine1984-06-25
11 Vandalism on Stage1984-06-18
10 New Challenge1984-06-11
9 First Film Appearance1984-06-04
8 Masumi's Passion1984-05-28
7 A Solo Performance1984-05-21
6 The Trap Of the National Contest1984-05-14
5 Two Midoris1984-05-07
4 Lonely Battle1984-04-30
3 Beautiful Rival1984-04-23
2 Mr. Purple Rose1984-04-16
1 Spring Storm1984-04-09
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
3 Heading into the Storm1999-04-21
2 Stairs of Fire1999-02-17
1 Setting Off to Become an Actress1998-12-16


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