Sydney to the Max

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Set in the present day with flashbacks to the 1990s, the comedy revolves around outgoing middle schooler Sydney Reynolds who lives with her single dad Max in the house he grew up in, along with her progressive grandmother Judy - three generations under one roof. (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy | Family
Erstausstahlung: 2019-01-25 Status: Ended Dauer: 25 Min

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Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
21 Any Given Sunday Brunch2021-11-26
20 Pie Hard2021-11-19
19 Praise Your Voice2021-11-12
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5 Boy Story2021-04-16
4 Three Amigas and a Harry2021-04-09
3 He's All That2021-04-02
2 A Few Good Mentors2021-03-26
1 Tearin' Up My Room2021-03-19
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
22 Thirteen Candles2020-08-21
21 Thirteen Candles2020-08-21
20 Look Who's Rocking2020-08-14
19 When Harry Met Sydney2020-08-07
18 The Big Rozalski2020-07-24
17 Rock the Float2020-07-17
16 Sing It On2020-06-26
15 My Best Friends' Ending2020-06-19
14 Bummer Rental2020-06-12
13 Crush Hour2020-06-05
12 What's My Grade Again?2020-06-04
11 Slurping with the Enemy2020-06-03
10 Boy Meets Dad2020-06-02
9 The Lunch Club2020-06-01
8 Mrs. Harris' Opus2020-04-10
7 Baby One More Rhyme2020-04-03
6 Girlz II Women2020-03-27
5 Going the Green Mile2020-03-26
4 Night Not at the Museum2020-03-25
3 Sister Pact2020-03-24
2 Father of the Bribe2020-03-23
1 How the Syd Stole Christmas2019-12-13
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
21 How Sydney Got Her Phone Back2019-07-23
20 Dancin' the Vida Loca2019-07-23
19 Mo Grandmas, Mo Problems2019-07-16
18 Nightmare on Syd Street2019-07-16
17 Never Been Pierced2019-07-09
16 Nuthin' But a Dance Thang2019-07-02
15 There's Something About Zach2019-06-25
14 As Bad as She Gets2019-06-18
13 Dude, Where's My Car Wash Money?2019-04-23
12 Little Shop of Reynolds2019-04-19
11 Can't Hardly Date2019-04-12
10 Caved & Confused2019-04-05
9 The Lyin' King2019-03-29
8 You've Got Female2019-03-22
7 Good Grade Hunting2019-03-15
6 I Know What You Did Last Sleepover2019-03-08
5 Shaved by the Bell2019-03-01
4 Adventures in Babe-Sitting2019-02-22
3 The Parent Track2019-02-08
2 Who Let the Dogs In2019-02-01
1 Can't Dye This2019-01-25


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