GaoGaiGar: King of Braves

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One snowy night, the Amami couple who has no child encounter a huge white lion-shaped robot, which holds a baby. When they fearfully take that baby, the "lion" suddenly flies away. Though puzzling, Amami couple are happy to accept that baby as their own child. Eight years later, the time is 2005 A.D. Without notice, a Zonder appear at the Tokyo Bay, merging with debris and a passing ship which have kids on its deck, advancing to Shinjyuku - the center of Tokyo. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces' conventional weapon has no effect and some kids are taken hostage. But there is the hero who stands against that Zonder Robot. His name is Guy the Cyborg, the commander of GGG's Mechanized Unit. The GGG ("Gutsy Geoid Guard") are the newly-made Japanese secret defense forces against the extraterrestrial invasion. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Science Fiction
Erstausstahlung: 1997-02-01 Status: Ended Dauer: 30 Min

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Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
11The Person Who Exceeds Life2005-06-20
10Super-Brave Apocalypse!2005-06-13
9My Name is G (Genesich)2005-06-06
8Wishing Star, Granting Star2005-05-30
7White Ark of Restoration!2005-05-23
6Brave King! Final Fusion!2005-05-16
5Heart -animus-2005-05-09
4GGG Exile Order2005-05-02
3Destructive God! Stormy Decisive Battle!!2005-04-25
2The Legend Becomes a Miracle2005-04-18
1Brave King Rebirth!!2005-04-11
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
49Someday in the Sea of Stars1998-01-31
47Ending the Mechanization Threat1998-01-10
46Those Who Have Courage1997-12-27
45GGG Goes to Jupiter!1997-12-20
44Prologue to the End1997-12-13
43GenRyuJin, GouRyuJin1997-12-06
42Return from an Ancient Era1997-11-29
41A Distant Victory Song1997-11-22
40Children of the Stars1997-11-15
39The Seven Ultimate Machine Primevals1997-11-08
38Showdown in the Darkness1997-10-25
37The Arrival of Cain1997-10-18
36His Name is GekiRyuJin1997-10-11
35Wind and Lightning1997-10-04
34The Brave Heroes Resurrected!1997-09-27
33Journey to Absolute Zero1997-09-20
32The 31 Machine Primevals Strike Back!1997-09-13
31Farewell, GGG1997-08-30
30Brave Robots, Death at Dawn!1997-08-23
29The Phoenix1997-08-16
28Collision! The Four Machine Kings1997-08-09
27The Great Annihilation of Tokyo!1997-08-02
26Beyond the Dimensions1997-07-26
25The Voice of Destruction1997-07-19
24Protection Disabled!1997-07-12
23Mic 131997-07-05
22To the Corrupted Sky1997-06-28
21The Golden God of Destruction1997-06-21
20Zonder Teacher1997-06-14
19The Right Arm Must Be Destroyed1997-06-07
18A Promise Made Beyond the Light1997-05-31
17Conquerer of Space1997-05-24
16Midday Demon1997-05-17
15GGG in the Cross-hairs1997-05-10
14The Misty Valley1997-05-03
13The Legacy of Cain1997-04-26
11The Gates of Isolde1997-04-12
10A World Devoid of Light1997-04-05
9Elementary Particle Z01997-03-29
8The Day the Sun Vanished1997-03-22
7Pursue the Black 300!1997-03-15
6Its Name is ChoRyuJin1997-03-08
5Blue and Red1997-03-01
4The Escapee Zonder1997-02-22
3The Holy Left Arm1997-02-15
2The Boy with Green Hair1997-02-08
1Birth of the King of Braves!1997-02-01
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
7Super Brave Apocalypse2002-09-21
6My Name is Genesic2002-04-03
5Resurrection of the White Ark2001-10-24
4The King of Braves' Last Stand!2000-12-06
3GGG's Pursuit Command2000-07-26
2God of Destruction! Decisive Battle in the Storm!2000-03-23
1The King of Braves is Reborn!2000-01-21


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