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Welcome to the Onmyou Taisenki guide at TV Tome. Onmyou Taisenki is a digimon-like anime, has these things that look like digivices that are used by the heroes of the story. All his life, Riku Tachibana has been raised by his grandfather. For some reason, the old man has always been fond of strange hand gestures, and they've rubbed off on Riku, who performs them almost subconsciously, to his classmates' great amusement. One day, however, it suddenly becomes clear to Riku what his grandfather has been surreptitiously teaching him. And the teachings could mean the difference between life and death for Riku. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Animation
Erstausstahlung: 2004-09-30 Status: Ended Dauer: 30 Min

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Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
26 Among The Passing Seasons2005-09-29
25 Demise of the Taikyoku2005-09-22
24 With Our Bonds At Stake2005-09-15
23 The End of a Dream2005-09-08
22 Qualifications to Be the Head2005-09-01
21 Fierce Attack of the Yondaiten2005-08-25
20 Farewell, Yakumo2005-08-18
19 Burn Up! Souma2005-08-11
18 Red Trap2005-08-04
17 Dirtied Savior2005-07-28
16 Awakening of the Blue2005-07-21
15 Utsuho Revives2005-07-14
14 Master Drive, Byakko Reborn2005-07-07
13 Climatic Battle! Ten and Chi2005-06-30
12 Falling Stars Of Calamity2005-06-23
11 Broken Trust2005-06-16
10 Stray Shikigami Koroku's Ordeal2005-06-09
9 The Price of Power2005-06-02
8 Dragon and Tiger, Again2005-05-26
7 A Reunion That Transcends Time2005-05-19
6 Gold Rush at the Beach2005-05-12
5 Built-up Emotions2005-05-05
4 A Man Racing to the 4 Kimon2005-04-28
3 Invitation to Enemy Territory2005-04-21
2 Quickening of the Seal2005-04-14
1 End of the Season Madness2005-04-07
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
26 Daikimon Opened2005-03-31
25 Unsealed, The Zero Drive2005-03-24
24 The Past, Once Again2005-03-17
23 Byakko Disappears2005-03-10
22 The Seal Engraved on the Heart2005-03-03
21 And His Name Is Yakumo2005-02-24
20 The Terrifying Daikōjin2005-02-17
19 Fight to The Death at The Secret Hot Spring2005-02-10
18 The Sealed Fortress2005-02-03
17 Byakko's Great Underwater Decisive Battle2005-01-27
16 Return of the Assassin2005-01-20
15 Kimon Escape2005-01-13
14 Fukumaden Invasion2005-01-06
13 The Bond Between Two People2004-12-23
12 Heaven and Earth Shock - Daikoujin2004-12-16
11 Secret of The Ten-ryū Ruins2004-12-09
10 Battle at the Mysterious Ancient Capital2004-12-02
9 The Fighting Heart2004-11-25
8 Yumma and Souma2004-11-18
7 Invoke! Wave-Cutting Blade2004-11-11
6 Dance! Toujinfu2004-11-04
5 Fight Between Dragons and Tigers2004-10-28
4 Strength of the Sword! Saikaidō Kotetsu2004-10-21
3 Clash of the Byakko2004-10-14
2 Attack of the Chi-ryū2004-10-07
1 Koujin! Byakko no Kogenta2004-09-30

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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