Blue Heelers

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Blue Heelers was one of Australia's longest running weekly television drama series. Blue Heelers is a police drama series set in the fictional country town of Mount Thomas. Under the watchful eye of Tom Croydon (John Woods), the men and women of Mount Thomas Police Station fight crime, resolve disputes and tackle the social issues of the day. We watch their successes and their failures and learn to grow with them and their loved ones as the heart of the series develops. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller
Erstausstahlung: 1993-09-10 Status: Ended Dauer: 45 Min

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Season 13 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
11One Day More - Part 22006-06-04
10One Day More - Part 12006-06-04
8Down to Earth2006-05-20
7Burning Up2006-05-13
6Going Down Swinging2006-05-06
4What's Love Got To Do With It2006-04-22
1Only The Lonely2006-04-01
Season 12 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
42Face Value2005-11-23
41Lost and Found2005-11-23
40Keeping Up Appearances2005-11-09
39Slaying the Demons2005-11-02
38Promises, Promises2005-10-26
37Too Close2005-10-19
36Facing the Music2005-10-12
35Child's Play2005-10-05
34Bad Fortune2005-09-28
33Good Times2005-09-21
32Two Laws2005-09-14
31One for the Road2005-09-07
30Acid Test2005-08-31
29Getting the Bullet2005-08-24
28Last Orders2005-08-17
27Another Day at the Office (2)2005-08-10
26Another Day at the Office (1)2005-08-03
25In Warm Blood2005-07-27
24Crossing the Line2005-07-20
23The Party's Over2005-07-20
22Night and Day2005-07-06
21Car Wars2005-06-29
19Dangerous Animals2005-06-15
17Playing By The Book2005-06-01
16The Ticket Out2005-05-24
15The Life2005-05-18
13Kicking Over the Traces2005-05-04
12Blood and Bone2005-04-27
11Mirror Image2005-04-20
10Killing Time2005-04-13
9One Sick Puppy2005-04-06
8Sex Sells2005-03-30
7One Good Turn2005-03-16
6Everything a Girl Could Want2005-03-09
5Chasing Smoke2005-03-02
4The Walking Wounded2005-02-23
3My Way2005-02-16
2Burden of Proof2005-02-09
Season 11 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
39Crash Site2004-11-17
38Tit for Tat2004-11-10
37A Helping Hand2004-11-03
36One of the Boys2004-10-27
35Too Late To Say Sorry2004-10-20
34Special Treatment2004-10-13
33Away Games2004-10-06
32Turf War2004-09-29
31Out of Love2004-09-22
30Pillow Talk2004-09-15
29Bring It On2004-09-08
28Don't Call Me Baby2004-09-01
26Life Goes On2004-08-04
25Pigs Will Fly2004-07-28
24A Time For Mourning2004-07-21
23Headless Chooks2004-07-14
22End of Innocence2004-07-06
19The Family Way2004-06-16
18Life of the Party (2)2004-06-09
17Life of the Party (1)2004-06-02
16The Cull2004-05-19
15Yesterday's Hero2004-05-12
14Secrets & Lies2004-05-05
13On the Inside2004-04-28
12Reasonable Doubts (Live Episode)2004-04-21
11Mind Wide Open2004-04-14
10Running Scared2004-04-07
9Off Your Face2004-03-31
8Great Expectations2004-03-24
7Cast the First Stone2004-03-17
6A Mere Formality2004-03-10
5Heirs Apparent2004-03-03
4Happily Ever After2004-02-25
3The Right Thing2004-02-18
2Retribution (2)2004-02-11
1Retribution (1)2004-02-04
Season 10 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
42For Better or Worse (2)2003-11-26
41Sexual Healing (1)2003-11-26
40Dirty Cheaters2003-11-12
38What Goes Around2003-10-29
37Losing the Road2003-10-22
36Good and Evil (2)2003-10-15
35Good and Evil (1)2003-10-08
34Safety Last2003-10-01
33The Lowest of the Low2003-09-24
32A New Life2003-09-17
30Every Man and His Ute2003-09-03
29Too Good To Be True (2)2003-08-27
28Too Good To Be True (1)2003-08-20
27Chocolate Sardines2003-08-13
26A Blind Eye2003-08-06
25Raging Hormones2003-07-30
24Thicker than Water2003-07-23
23A Better Mind2003-07-23
22A Knife for a Knife2003-07-16
21A Bad Smell2003-07-09
20Playing With Fire2003-07-02
19The New Perfect2003-06-25
18Prince Charming2003-06-11
17The Ties That Bind2003-06-04
16Dream On2003-05-28
15Father's Day (2)2003-05-21
14Father's Day (1)2003-05-14
13Where There's a Will2003-05-07
12Black Out2003-04-30
11Love In2003-04-23
10Out of Control2003-04-09
9Trust Accounts2003-04-02
8Bumps in the Night2003-04-02
7The Sum of the Parts2003-03-26
6Fair Play2003-03-19
5Too Hard Basket2003-03-12
4Excuses, Excuses2003-03-05
3In The Dog House2003-02-26
2Firebrands (2)2003-02-19
1Firebrands (1)2003-02-12
Season 9 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
41All You Need Is Love2002-11-20
40Body of Evidence2002-11-13
39Some Days2002-11-06
38Stable Mates2002-10-30
36Nothing Personal2002-10-16
35Deep Water2002-10-09
34Boys Will Be Boys2002-10-02
32In Another Place2002-09-18
31Salvation (2)2002-09-04
30Salvation (1)2002-09-04
29Fishing for Dummies2002-08-28
28Stewart vs Stewart2002-08-21
27The Last Jar2002-08-14
26Inside, Outside2002-08-07
25Private Lives2002-08-07
24Naked Lady2002-07-24
23Burning Desire2002-07-17
22Finders Keepers2002-07-10
21Wednesday's Child2002-07-03
20The Best Man2002-06-26
19Of Middle Eastern Appearance2002-06-19
18An Old Fashioned Man2002-06-12
17Broken Dreams2002-06-05
16Sins of the Father2002-05-29
13Those That Trespass2002-05-08
12Dancing on the Edge2002-05-01
10The Perfect Life2002-04-17
9Say His Name2002-04-10
8Sons & Mothers2002-04-03
7Jack & Jill2002-03-27
6Rainy Night Blues2002-03-20
5The Real Thing2002-03-13
4Down in the Forest2002-03-06
3If It ain't Hurtin'2002-02-27
2Breaking Point (2)2002-02-20
1Breaking Point (1)2002-02-13
Season 8 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
42Dreaming of a White Christmas2001-11-28
41The Real Santa2001-11-21
40Best Eaten Cold2001-11-14
39Who Can You Trust?2001-11-07
38A Matter of Faith2001-10-31
37A Safe Bet2001-10-24
36Role Model2001-10-17
35A Hard Call2001-10-17
34Credit Limit2001-10-10
33The Lord Giveth2001-10-03
31Copping the Flak2001-09-19
30Fifteen Minutes2001-09-05
29Poisoned Fruit (2)2001-08-29
28Poisoned Fruit (1)2001-08-22
27Sins Of The Father2001-08-22
24An Inspector Calls2001-08-01
23Baby Love2001-07-25
21No Place Like Home2001-07-11
20Winners and Losers2001-06-27
19Before the Fall (2)2001-06-20
18Before the Fall (1)2001-06-20
17Manly Art2001-06-13
16A Friend Indeed2001-06-06
15Death By Flight2001-05-30
14Fooling Around2001-05-23
13Fowl Play2001-05-16
12Love and Money2001-05-09
11They Don't Make Them Like They Used To2001-05-02
9Chop Chop2001-04-18
8Family Reserve2001-04-11
7The Fine Print2001-04-04
6Tough Nut2001-03-28
5A Bit on the Side2001-03-21
4Letter of the Law2001-03-14
3Deadly Fascination2001-03-07
2The Blame Game (2)2001-02-28
1The Blame Game (1)2001-02-21
Season 7 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
41Leg Work2000-11-22
40Ten Percent2000-11-15
38Bully Boys2000-11-01
37Paper Chase2000-10-25
36Mind Over Matter2000-10-18
35Wheeling and Dealing2000-10-11
34Broken Promises (2)2000-10-04
33Broken Promises (1)2000-10-04
32Stir Crazy (2)2000-09-06
31On Your Bike (1)2000-09-06
30Tangled Web2000-08-30
29Running of the Rams2000-08-23
28Hard Feelings2000-08-16
27Bank On It2000-08-09
26Moving On2000-08-02
25Cop It Sweet2000-07-26
24Fair Go2000-07-19
23A Good Kid2000-07-12
22Small Potatoes2000-07-05
21The Gumshoe2000-06-28
20A Little Faith2000-06-21
19Conduct Endangering Life2000-06-14
18Rank : Outsider2000-06-07
17Lost and Found2000-05-31
16On the Road2000-05-24
15Dead For Quids2000-05-17
14Something Fishy2000-05-10
13Broken Windows2000-05-03
12Welcome Back2000-04-26
11Dance Crazy2000-04-19
10Out of the Shadows2000-04-12
9Unfinished Business2000-04-05
8Vanishing Act2000-03-29
7Life Class2000-03-22
6Code of Honour2000-03-15
5Chip off the Old Block2000-03-08
4Shadow of Doubt2000-03-01
2One More Day2000-02-16
1Loose Ends2000-02-09
Season 6 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
42Be Prepared1999-11-24
39Under Fire1999-11-03
38The Price of Friendship1999-10-27
37Second Chance1999-10-20
36Miracle at Rabbit Creek1999-10-13
35The Game1999-10-06
34Paradise Lost1999-09-29
33Starry Starry Night1999-09-22
32Smoke Without Fire1999-09-15
31Without Judgement1999-09-08
30Price of Silence1999-09-01
29Whip Crack-Away1999-08-25
27The Deepest Cut1999-08-11
25The Angel Cruise1999-07-28
24Behind the Badge1999-07-21
23Full Circle1999-07-14
22King of the Kids1999-07-07
21Smoke Gets in Your Eyes1999-06-30
20Oil and Water1999-06-23
19Perfect Match1999-06-16
18The Good Life1999-06-09
17The Stag1999-06-02
16The Grace of God1999-05-26
15Jack of Hearts1999-05-19
14Lies and Whispers1999-05-12
13End of the Road1999-05-05
12Web of Lies1999-04-28
11Married to the Job1999-04-21
10Dirty Money1999-04-14
9By the Book1999-04-07
8The Good Weed1999-03-31
7Pillow Talk1999-03-24
6Wishful Thinking1999-03-17
5An Eye for an Eye1999-03-10
4Love is the Drug1999-03-03
3Winning at all Costs1999-02-24
2Dancing with the Devil (2)1999-02-17
1Dancing with the Devil (1)1999-02-10
Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
41Rotten Apple (2)1998-11-25
40Rotten Apple (1)1998-11-18
38All in the Family1998-11-04
37Wedding Blues1998-10-28
36Mates Rates1998-10-21
35Bird of Prey1998-10-14
34Like Father Like Son1998-10-07
33Turkish Delight1998-09-30
32Nobody's Perfect1998-09-23
31False Alarms1998-09-16
30Child's Play1998-09-09
29Missing Digits1998-09-02
28Nine Lives1998-08-26
27Little Monsters1998-08-19
26Blood Ties1998-08-12
25Murder in Mind1998-08-05
23The Dark Side1998-07-22
22Spinning the Yarn1998-07-15
21The Living Dead1998-07-08
19Deed Not the Breed1998-06-24
18Catch of the Day1998-06-17
16Mr. Lucky1998-06-03
15A Bit of a Biff1998-05-27
14Waste of Space1998-05-20
13This Mortal Coil1998-05-13
12She Killed Santa1998-05-06
11Stars in their Eyes1998-04-29
10When Love's Not Enough1998-04-22
9King of Hearts1998-04-15
8The Whistle Blower1998-04-08
7Letting Go1998-04-01
6Keeping Mum1998-05-25
5Piece of Cake1998-03-18
4Moving House1998-03-11
3Smoke and Mirrors1998-03-04
2Secrets (2)1998-02-25
1Secrets (1)1998-02-24
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
41The Civil Dead1997-11-18
40Containing the Rage1997-11-11
39Settlement Postponed1997-11-04
38The Big Picture1997-10-28
37Collateral Damage1997-10-21
36Playing Possum1997-10-14
35The All Seeing Eye1997-10-07
34Our Patch1997-09-30
33Safe as Houses1997-09-23
32The Scarecrow1997-09-16
31Off the Air1997-09-09
30Closing Ranks1997-09-02
29Drag Line1997-08-26
28Counting Chickens1997-08-19
27Playing Games1997-08-12
26Every Contact Leaves It's Trace1997-08-05
25Can't Take a Joke1997-07-29
24Sisterly Love1997-07-22
23Sick Puppy1997-07-15
22Left in Trust1997-07-08
21Poetic Justice1997-07-01
20No Means No1997-06-24
19Buckley's Chance1997-06-17
18Close Encounters1997-06-10
17Random Breath1997-06-03
16Lean on Me1997-05-27
15Loose Cannons1997-05-20
14Grave Matters1997-05-13
13Fool's Gold (2)1997-05-06
12Gold (1)1997-04-29
11The Last Night1997-04-22
10Fool For Love1997-04-15
9Charity Begins At Home1997-04-08
8Bloodstained Angels1997-03-18
7The Luck of the Irish1997-03-11
6Fowl Play1997-03-04
5Reports of Damage and Loss1997-02-25
4Immaculate Misconception1997-02-18
3Working Lunch1997-02-11
2Under Seige1997-02-10
1Mad Dogs and Englishmen1997-02-10
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
42Dead and Alive1996-11-26
41Miss Mount Thomas1996-11-19
40Half a Second1996-11-12
39Friendly Fire1996-11-05
38Buck Naked1996-10-29
37In the Gun (2)1996-10-22
36In the Gun (1)1996-10-15
35Reality Bytes1996-10-08
34I Spy1996-10-01
33Winner Takes All1996-09-24
32Something for Nothing1996-09-17
31The Angels Share1996-09-10
28Waiting to Happen1996-08-20
27A Gift from God1996-08-13
26Other People's Lives1996-08-06
25Duty of Care1996-07-16
24Mind Games1996-07-09
23Principle of the Thing1996-07-02
22Shelter from the Storm1996-06-25
21The Kremin Factor1996-06-18
20In Unity Is Strength1996-06-11
19Old Sins, Long Shadows1996-06-04
18The Art of Deception1996-05-28
17Fight Dirty1996-05-21
16Under Pressure1996-05-14
15A Fair Crack of the Whip (2)1996-05-07
14A Fair Crack of the Whip (1)1996-04-30
12Happy Families1996-04-16
11Unfinished Business1996-04-09
10An Act of Random Violence1996-04-02
9Dog Days1996-03-26
8All Part of the Service1996-03-19
7Not in My Backyard1996-03-12
6Sex and Death1996-03-05
5Day of Reckoning1996-02-27
4Spider Man1996-02-20
3Second Innings1996-02-13
2Once Only Withdrawal (2)1996-02-12
1Once Only Withdrawal (1)1996-02-12
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
41Brotherly Love (2)1995-11-21
40Brotherly Love (1)1995-11-14
39The Discount Suit1995-11-07
38Juggling the Smoke1995-10-31
37Vow of Silence1995-10-17
36A Question of Loyalties1995-10-24
35Tough Love1995-10-17
34Unnatural Death1995-10-10
33Just Desserts1995-10-03
32The Mongrel Factor1995-09-26
31Double Jeopardy (2)1995-09-19
30Double Jeopardy (1)1995-09-12
29Swings and Roundabouts1995-09-05
28The Best of Rivals1995-08-29
27The Last Straw1995-08-22
25Homecoming Queen1995-08-08
24The Collector1995-08-01
23Paranoia (2)1995-07-25
22Paranoia (1)1995-07-18
21With Prejudice1995-07-11
20Gun Crazy1995-07-04
18Trust Me1995-06-20
16Salutary Lessons1995-06-06
15Dead Ringer1995-05-30
13The Old School Tie1995-05-16
12The Long and Winding Road1995-05-09
11Stop for a Bite1995-05-02
10Protected Species1995-04-25
9Ripples on the Pond1995-04-18
8Gun Law1995-04-11
7Heavy Traffic1995-04-04
6Breaking the Cycle1995-03-28
5Out of Harm's Way1995-03-21
3Cruel Reality1995-03-07
2A Question of Courage1995-02-28
1Without a Trace1995-02-21
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
45Damage Control1994-11-22
44Luck of The Draw1994-11-15
43Skin Deep1994-11-08
42The First Stone1994-11-01
41Family Matters1994-10-25
40Without Intent1994-10-18
38Face Value1994-10-04
37The Folly of Youth1994-09-27
36Adverse Possession1994-09-20
35Escape Route1994-09-13
34Labour of Love1994-09-06
33Old Dogs, New Tricks1994-08-30
32Crazy like a fox1994-08-23
31Bitter Harvest1994-08-16
30Necessary Force1994-08-09
29A Matter of Trust1994-08-02
27Nowhere to Run1994-07-19
26Day In Court1994-07-12
24A Bird in the Hand1994-06-28
23Men in Her Life1994-06-21
22Sex, Lies and Videotapes1994-06-14
20The Final Season1994-05-31
19Good Cop, Bad Cop1994-05-24
18Conduct Unbecoming1994-05-17
17Meat is Hung, Men are Hanged1994-05-10
15Family Lies1994-04-26
13Armed and Dangerous1994-04-12
12Damaged Goods1994-04-05
10Visions Splendid1994-03-22
9Diary Entry1994-03-15
8Domino Effect1994-03-08
7Life after Death1994-03-01
6Apprehended Violence1994-02-22
5Waiting for Apples1994-02-15
3Why Give People Rights1994-02-01
2Doing it Tough1994-01-25
1A Woman's Place1993-09-10
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
1Countdown to Blue Heelers Live2004-04-21


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