Cheap Seats

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In a day where everyone is focused on special effects and cashing in on following popular trends, it is nice to see a comedy that focuses on one thing--being funny. Randy and Jason Sklar bring their form of off-brand humor and satirical comedy to a show that they were destined to be a part of. Randy and Jason took the format made popular by Mystery Science Theatre 3000 to make fun of something we love even more than bad science fiction movies, and that's gimmick sporting events. The guys sit back in the "cheap seats" and rag on everything from the rodeos to bowling, poker to putt-putt golf, and they do it in a way that keeps us laughing with their slick wit and obscure references. I mean, where else can you expect to hear about Hannibal Lecter at a Spelling Bee or Rick Fox at a Cheerleading Competition? (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy
Erstausstahlung: 2004-02-04 Status: Ended Dauer: 30 Min

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Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
26Cleaning Out the Closet2006-11-20
25Pimpin' Your Pet 22006-11-13
24Unbelievable Sports 22006-11-06
23NFL-MLB Arm Wrestling2006-10-30
22Amazing Games- International Toughmen2006-10-23
211998 and 1999 College Bowling Championships2006-10-16
201998 Corporate Sports Battle2006-10-09
18Stupid Car Tricks2006-09-25
171993 Radical Outdoor Challenge2006-09-18
16Wide World- Snow vs Sand2006-09-11
151991 Rose Bowl2006-09-04
14Games with Animals- Horse Pulling, Bull Racing, Rattlesnake Challenge2006-08-28
13Unbelievable Sports, Part 12006-08-21
122003 ISKA Karate Championships2006-08-16
11ICW Superstars of Wrestling2006-08-07
10Steve Garvey Celebrity Skiing2006-07-31
91996-97 High School Slam Dunk Contests2006-07-24
82004 Juggling Championships, Ultimate Frisbee2006-07-17
71985 World's Strongest Man2006-07-10
62005 U.S. Open of Competitive Eating2006-07-03
51990 Battle of the Corperate Stars2006-06-26
4Evel Kneivel2006-06-19
31985 Rollergames2006-06-12
21996 Spelling Bee (Part 2)2006-06-05
1This Is Inside Cheap Seats2006-04-17
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
131996 Spelling Bee (Part 1)2005-12-12
12On the Road2005-12-05
111977 Superstars2005-11-28
10Dog Show-World Beard and Mustache Championship2005-11-21
9On the Road at Busch Stadium2005-11-14
81996 U.S. Poker Championship2005-11-07
71995 High School Slam Jam-2003 NHL SuperSkills2005-10-31
61989 Holiday Bowl-BYU vs Penn State2005-10-24
51999 Ultimate Heavy Athletics-Wide World Hurling2005-10-17
4Kids Putt-Putt-Double Dutch2005-10-10
3Women's Sports2005-10-03
21995 Spelling Bee2005-09-26
1Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest2005-09-19
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
141978 Superteams- Cowboys vs Royals2005-06-06
131976 ABA All-Star Game2005-05-30
12Fun in the Sun2005-05-23
11Superdogs! Superjocks2005-05-16
10Wide World on Ice2005-05-09
91980 MLB All-Star Game2005-05-02
8Gimmick Sports2005-04-25
61998 World Series of Poker2005-04-11
5Pimpin' Your Pet2005-04-04
32000 Great Outdoor Games2005-03-21
2Creative Breaking Championships-K-1 Fighting2005-03-14
1Best of Cheap Seats2005-03-07
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
26Utilityman: The Quest for Cooperstown2004-02-04
25Roller Derby 19862004-11-11
24ICW Wrestling2004-11-04
23High School Cheerleading2004-10-28
221994 Spelling Bee2004-10-21
21Bullriding-Lawn Mower Racing2004-09-30
201973 Superstars2004-09-23
18Wide World of Sports- Part 42004-09-02
17NFL Billiards & Darts2004-08-26
161995- Strongman-Ms. Galaxy2004-08-19
15Wide World of Sports- Part 32004-08-04
14Bowling-Running of the Bulls2004-07-28
131990 Dog Show-1990 Cheerleading2004-07-08
121979 Oilers vs Redwings2004-06-24
111994 World Series of Poker2004-06-17
10Wide World, Part 2: Real Men2004-05-26
9Superstars 19782004-05-20
8Superdogs! Superjocks!2004-05-05
71978 World's Strongest Man2004-04-14
6Roller Derby2007-04-07
51997 Spelling Bee2004-03-31
4Garvey/Bonilla Celebrity Night2004-03-10
3Wide World: Part 12004-03-03
2Stanford-Cal: The 1982 Big Game2004-02-11
1Mid-South Wrestling 19802004-02-04
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
1The Quest For Cooperstown


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