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Hayden Fox is the head coach of the Minnesota State University football team, and he eats, sleeps and lives football. His girlfriend Christine, however, does not share his passion for the sport, which frequently causes friction in their relationship. While Hayden often fits the stereotype of dumb jock (as do his co-workers Luther and Dauber), he sincerely cares about his friends and family, and tries his best to make things work out. (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy
Erstausstahlung: 1989-02-28 Status: Ended Dauer: 25 Min

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Season 9 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
23Leaving Orlando (3)1997-05-14
22Leaving Orlando (2)1997-05-14
21Leaving Orlando (1)1997-05-07
20The Neighbor Hood1997-04-23
18Baby Coaches1997-04-02
17The Stench of Death1997-03-26
16A Fox by Any Other Name1997-03-12
15Viva Las Ratings1997-02-26
14It's a Swamp Thing1997-02-19
13To Ski or Not to Ski1997-02-12
12The Body Gardener1997-02-05
11A Boy and His Doll1997-01-22
10Somewhere Out There1997-01-08
9Wings Over Buffalo1996-12-20
8You Win Some, You Lose Some1996-12-18
7In the Money1996-12-11
5We Can Never Die1996-10-26
4Isn't It Romantic?1996-10-19
3Last Tango in Orlando1996-10-12
2Just Short of the Goal1996-10-05
1Sleepless in Orlando1996-09-28
Season 8 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Somebody's Baby1996-05-21
24A Player to Be Named Later1996-05-07
23Luther Get Your Gun1996-04-30
22Fantasy Camp1996-04-02
21Van Dam vs. Fox1996-03-19
19Dauber's Vehicle1996-02-27
18Save the Wave1996-02-20
17Patching Things Up1996-02-13
16The Gardener1996-02-06
15Her Boyfriend's Back1996-01-26
14Nice Guys Get Cut1996-01-02
13The Tight End1995-12-19
12Bye Bye Burleigh (2)1995-12-12
11Bye Bye Burleigh (1)1995-12-05
10There's Got to Be a Mourning After (2)1995-11-28
9There's Got to Be a Mourning After (1)1995-11-21
8Turtle World1995-11-14
7Coach's Cornered1995-11-07
6Bo Knows1995-10-31
5She's Having Our Baby (2)1995-10-24
4She's Having Our Baby (1)1995-10-17
3Fool for Lunch1995-09-27
2Is It Hot in Here, or is It Me? (2)1995-09-20
1Is It Hot in Here, or is It Me? (1)1995-09-13
Season 7 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25Oh, A Pro Job (2)1995-05-10
24Oh, A Pro Job (1)1995-05-03
23Ten Percent of Nothing1995-04-04
22Kelly's New Guy (2)1995-03-20
21Kelly's New Guy (1)1995-03-13
20The Day I Met Frank Gifford1995-02-28
18Call Me Cupid1995-02-13
17The Walk-On1995-02-06
16The Kicker1995-01-23
15Close Encounters of the Worst Kind1995-01-16
14Did Someone Call Me Snorer?1995-01-09
13Luther and Ruthanne Take the Big 12 Steps1994-12-19
12The Popcorn Bowl1994-12-12
11Out of Control1994-11-28
10Working Girl1994-11-27
9Be A Good Sport1994-11-19
8My Fair Agent1994-11-07
5Above and Beyond the Call of Hayden1994-10-16
4Judy's Turn1994-10-03
3Graceless Under Fire1994-10-02
2It Should Happen to You1994-09-19
1Pros & Cons1994-09-12
Season 6 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
27Retrospective (2)1994-05-24
26Retrospective (1)1994-05-24
25Head Like a Wheel1994-05-17
24Goodbye, Mr. Putts1994-05-10
23My Best Friend's Girl1994-05-03
22One of the Guys1994-04-05
21Something Old, Something New1994-03-22
20The Stand-In1994-03-08
19Blue Chip Blues1994-03-01
18The Devil in Mrs. Burleigh1994-02-22
17Like Father, Like Daughter1994-02-15
16My Cup Runneth Over1994-02-08
15Coach for a Day (2)1994-01-18
14Coach for a Day (1)1994-01-11
13The Babywreckers1994-01-04
12Christmas of the Van Damned1993-12-14
11The Pioneer Bowl1993-12-07
10The Playbook1993-11-30
9It Came from New York1993-11-16
8Running on Empty1993-11-09
7Piece o' Cake1993-11-02
6Uneasy Riders1993-10-26
5If She Can Make It There...1993-10-12
4The Luck Stops Here1993-10-05
3Nice Job if You Can Get It1993-09-28
2Belly of the Beast1993-09-21
1Baby on Board?1993-09-14
Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
23One for the Road1993-05-18
22Why So Happy, Hayden?1993-05-11
21About Face1993-04-30
20Dirty Tricks1993-03-30
18The Bigger They Are...1993-02-23
17Burden of the Burleighs1993-02-16
16Vegas Odds1993-02-02
15Buzzy Money1993-01-26
14The Commercial (2)1993-01-12
13The Commercial (1)1993-01-05
12My True Love Gave to Me...1992-12-15
11The Patriot Bowl1992-12-02
8The Bachelor Party1992-11-09
7Love Me Tender1992-10-26
6Rizzendough Rendezvous1992-10-19
5Shirley Burleigh, Girlie Friday1992-10-12
4Born Luther1992-09-19
3Father of the Year1992-09-28
2Big Brother, Little Brain1992-09-21
1To Air is Human1992-09-14
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
22Can We Go Home Now?1992-05-19
21Frequent Flyers, Crossed Wires1992-05-12
20If That's Opportunity, Don't Answer1992-05-05
18The Old Fish and the Shoes1992-03-17
17Last of the Red-Hot Luthers1992-02-25
16No Good Deed Goes Unpunished1992-02-18
15The Woodchuck, the Beaver and the Fox: A Menage a Trois1992-02-11
14War of the Dopes1992-02-04
13Return of the Marriage Killer1992-01-14
12Rizzendough Revisited1992-01-07
11The Pineapple Bowl (2)1991-12-17
10The Pineapple Bowl (1)1991-12-10
8I Hate Barbara1991-11-26
7I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't1991-11-19
6Requiem for a Groundskeeper1991-11-12
5Any Place I Hang Myself is Home1991-11-05
4A Real Guy's Guy1991-10-29
3Don't Get Mad, Get Cooley1991-10-11
2Since My Beaver Left Me1991-10-08
1The Kick-Off and the Kiss-Off1991-10-01
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
22Diamonds Are a Dentist's Best Friend1991-04-09
21A Father and Son Reunion1991-04-02
20Hayden Fox for Universal Jocks1991-03-26
182 BRs, MTN VW1991-02-26
17Leonard Kraleman: All-American1991-02-19
16The Marion Kind (2)1991-02-12
15The Marion Kind (1)1991-02-05
14Puppy Love1991-01-22
13Dauber Graduates1991-01-08
12Christmas Brains1990-12-18
11When Hayden Met Christine1990-12-11
10Men Don't Heal1990-12-04
9Cabin Fever1990-11-27
8The Iceman Goeth1990-11-13
7The Break-Up1990-11-06
6Hayden and Luther's Excellent Adventure1990-10-30
5Hayden's in the Kitchen with Dinah1990-10-23
4Is This Your First Time on the Riverboat, Miss Watkins?1990-10-16
3The Day That Moses Came to Town1990-10-09
2Magnificent Abscession1990-10-02
1That Shouldn't Happen1990-09-25
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
20Poodle Springs1990-05-05
19A Jerk at the Opera1990-04-17
18Kelly Girl1990-04-04
17Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy: A Show About Bird Ransom1990-03-20
16Professor Doolittle1990-03-13
14Haven't I Slept with You Somewhere Before?1990-02-27
13Carnival Knowledge1990-02-20
12Coaches Conference1990-02-13
11The Rosebrocks of Wisconsin1990-01-30
10The Curley O'Brien Award1990-01-23
9I've Got a Secret1990-01-16
8The Investment1990-01-09
7A Man and a Woman (and Two Theater Majors)1990-01-02
6I'm in the Mood for Luther1989-12-26
5If Keith Jackson Calls, I'll Be at My Therapist's1989-12-19
4If a Coach Falls in the Woods (2)1989-12-12
3Bring Me the Head of Stuart Rosebrock (1)1989-12-05
2Dauber's Got a Girl1989-11-28
1I Don't Know Much About Art, But I Know What Makes Me Mad1989-11-21
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
13Dauber's Blow-Out1989-06-07
12Hoot, Hoot Hike1989-05-31
11Whose Team is It, Anyway?1989-05-17
10Define Romance1989-05-03
9I'm Sorry I Told You My Wife Was Dead1989-04-26
8Parents' Weekend1989-04-19
719 Candles1989-04-12
6Gambling for Meat1989-04-05
5The Loss Weekend1989-03-22
4I'm in Love with a Boy Named Stuart1989-03-15
3Kelly, Meet Christine1989-03-08
2Kelly and the Professor1989-02-28
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
2Mary Hart Goes One on One with Coach!


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