Cow and Chicken

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The series follows the surreal adventures of a cow, named Cow, and her chicken brother, named Chicken. They are often antagonized by "The Red Guy", who poses as various characters to scam them. (Quelle:
Genre: Adventure | Animation | Children | Comedy | Family | Fantasy
Erstausstahlung: 1995-12-15 Status: Ended Dauer: 6 Min

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Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
26The Ballad of Cow and Chicken1999-07-24
25The Cow and Chicken Blues1999-07-24
24The Great Pantzini1999-06-25
23Duck, Duck, Chicken1999-06-25
22Red Butler1999-06-11
21Piano Lessons1999-06-18
20Cow's A Beauty1999-06-18
19Cow's Horse1999-06-11
18The Loneliest Cow1999-04-30
17Major Wedgie1999-04-30
16Magic Chicken1999-05-06
15Chicken's Fairy Tale1999-05-06
14Monster in the Closet1998-11-07
13Invisible Cow1998-11-07
12Penalty Wheel1999-05-05
11Snail Boy1999-05-05
10Cow's Magic Blanket1999-04-27
9The Big Move1999-04-27
8Send in the Clowns1999-04-29
7Cloud Nine1999-04-29
6I Scream Man1999-04-28
5Cow's Toys1999-04-28
4Mall Cop1999-05-04
3The Full Mounty1999-05-04
2Black Sheep of the Family1999-04-26
1Chachi, the Chewing Gum Seal1999-04-26
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
26A Couple of Skating Fools1999-05-03
25Professor Longhorn Steer1999-05-03
24Cow's Pie1998-11-01
23Night of the Ed1998-11-01
22Lost At Sea1998-10-24
21Be Careful What You Wish For1998-10-24
20Intelligent Life?1998-10-17
19101 Uses for Cow & Chicken1998-10-17
18Factory Follies1998-10-10
17The Day I was Born1998-10-10
16Chicken Lips1998-10-03
15Playin' Hookie1998-10-03
13Chickens Don't Fly1998-09-26
12Chicken In The Bathroom1998-09-19
11Grandma at the Mall1998-09-19
10Cow's Dream Catcher1998-09-12
9Me An' My Dog1998-09-12
8Sow & Chicken1998-09-05
7Sargeant Weenie Arms1998-09-05
6Where Am I?1998-08-29
5Cow Fly1998-08-29
4The Babysitter1998-08-22
3Goin' My Way?1998-08-22
2Horn Envy1998-08-15
1Can Cow Come Out & Play?1998-08-15
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
26Stay Awake1998-04-07
25Bad Chicken1998-04-07
24Perpetual Energy1998-03-31
23Child Star1998-03-31
22The Exchange Stüdent1998-03-24
21The Bad News Plastic Surgeons1998-03-24
20Who's Afraid of the Dark?1998-03-17
19Meet Lance Sackless1998-03-17
18Yard Sale1998-03-10
17The Karate Chick1998-03-10
16Journey to the Center of Cow1998-03-03
15Free Inside1998-03-03
14Cow and Chicken Reclining1998-02-20
13Buffalo Gals1998-02-20
12Boneless Kite1998-02-17
11Which Came First1998-02-17
10Grizzly Beaver Safari1998-02-10
9Dirty Laundry1998-02-10
7Sumo Cow1998-02-03
6Dream Date Chicken1998-01-27
5Tongue Sandwich1998-01-27
4Halloween with Dead Ghost, Coast to Coast1998-01-20
3Pirate Lessons1998-01-20
2The Laughing Puddle1998-01-13
1Fluffy the Anaconda1998-01-13
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
25The King and Queen of Cheese1997-12-16
24Headhunting in Oregon1997-12-16
23The Legend of SailCat1997-09-23
22Space Cow1997-09-23
21Cow Loves Piles1997-12-09
20Lawnmower Chicken1997-12-09
19Squirt The Daisies1997-12-02
18Chicken's First Kiss1997-12-02
17Ballerina Cow1997-09-09
16Cow's Instincts...Don't It?1997-09-09
15The Cow with Four Eyes1997-09-02
14Orthodontic Police1997-09-02
13Time Machine1997-08-26
12School Bully1997-08-26
11Happy Meat1997-08-19
10Crash Dive1997-08-19
9The Ugliest Weenie1997-10-31
8The Molting Fairy1997-08-05
6Who is Super Cow?1997-07-29
4Part-Time Job1997-07-22
3Supermodel Cow1997-07-22
2The Girl's Bathroom1997-09-16
1Field Trip to Folsom Prison1997-09-16
Season 0 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
1No Smoking (Original Pilot)1995-12-15


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