Eek! the Cat

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Eek! the Cat is a chubby purple cat who lives in a cartoon world, and his motto is "It never hurts to help." Well, often times for Eek it does. His adventures spoof many movies and TV shows. The Thunder Lizards are a group of dim-witted, misfit dinosaurs who set out to destroy two cavemen named Bill and Scooter and always fail in the process, while Scooter is always trying to show Bill his new inventions. (Quelle:
Genre: Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Family
Erstausstahlung: 1992-09-11 Status: Ended Dauer: 25 Min

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Season 5 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
18Rock-Eek 61997-08-01
17Oh...the Humanity1997-07-28
16The Sound of MusEek1997-07-28
15The FugEektive1997-07-25
13Show Squirls1997-07-18
12Night of the Living Duds1997-07-14
11Nightmare on Elmo St.1997-07-14
10Home O' Sapien Alone1997-07-07
9The Island of Dr. Meow1997-07-07
8Fists of Furry1996-10-28
6Thunder Valley1996-09-20
5Eek Bin Ein Berliner1996-09-20
4MystEek Pizza1996-09-16
3Molten Rock-N-Roll1996-09-13
2Pre-hysteric Man1996-09-13
Season 4 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
28Night of the Living Spuds
27The Ghost of Goober Bottom Pond
26Bonfire of the Vanna-Tea
25Mixed Klutter
24Peanut, Klutter, and Jelly
22The Klutter and I (Infection)
20The Thunder of It All
19Thunder & Frightning
18It's a Thunderful Life1996-02-06
17Whatta Woild1995-11-25
16Goop Dreams1996-01-30
15Arctic Blast1995-09-30
14The Ghost of Goober Bottom Pond / Night of the Living Spuds1995-10-21
13Mixed Klutter / Bonfire of the Vanna-Tea1995-11-18
12FrankenKlutter / Peanut, Klutter, and Jelly1995-11-11
11Klutter / The Klutter and I (Infection)1995-09-23
10Thunder and Frightning / The Thunder of It All1995-11-18
9Whatta Woild / It's a Thunderful Life1995-11-11
8Arctic Blast / Goop Dreams1995-11-25
7The Magnificent 5 1/2 / Bi-Pedator1995-11-04
6Lizard of Aaaahs / The Yawn of Man1995-10-07
5Eek Space 9 / The GraduEek1995-09-30
4Dazed and Eekstremely Confuzed / PolitEekly Correct1995-10-21
3OutbrEek / Octopussy Cat1995-09-23
2Natural Bored Kittens / Going to Eekstremes1995-09-16
1Valley of the Dogs / Pup Fiction1995-09-09
Season 3 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
13Cromagnon Farce / Boo Thunder1994-12-03
12The Hurting Show / Planet of the Crepes1994-11-26
11T-Rex and Sympathy / Postcards From the X-Zone1994-11-19
10Birth of a Notion / The Thunder Years1994-11-12
9Try Hard / Eeksy Rider1994-11-05
8Rebel Without the Claws / This Eek's Your Life1994-10-29
7Eekstremely Dull / Lord of the Fleas1994-10-22
6Paw Sores / A Sharkdog Day Afternoon1994-10-15
5The Eeksorcist / The Eex Files1994-10-08
4Fatal Eektraction / Eek's SnEek PEek1994-10-01
3Honey I Shrunk the Cat / Chariots of Fur1994-09-24
2The Good, the Bad and the Squishy / Shark Doggy Dog1994-09-17
1Paws / In the Line of Fur1994-09-10
Season 2 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
14It's a Very Merry Eek's-mas1993-12-18
13Something's Abyss / The Unbearable Lightness of Being Scooter1993-12-11
12Mountain Groan / A Sharkwork Orange1993-12-04
11The Great Eekscape / Eek Goes to the Hot Spot1993-11-27
10Star TrEek / T-Rex, Lies and Videotape1993-11-20
9Eex Men / All About Babs1993-11-13
8Quadrapedia / The Frying Game1993-11-06
7Eeking Out a Living / Ice Age Kapades1993-10-30
6Night on Squishy Mountain / Let's Make a Wheel1993-10-23
5Eekpocalypse Now! / Tar and Away1993-10-16
4Rocketship to Jupiter / Thundersaurus Wrecks1993-10-09
3Speed FrEek / The Lava My Life1993-10-02
2Eek's Funny Thing That He Does / Always Eat Your Spinach1993-09-25
1Shark Therapy / Meat the Thunderlizards1993-09-18
Season 1 (anzeigen/ausblenden)
13It's a Wonderful Nine Lives1992-12-04
12The Eeksterminator1992-11-27
11The Eekcidental Tourist1992-11-20
10The Whining Pirates of Tortuga1992-11-13
9Great Balls of Fur!1992-11-06
8Eek's International Adventure1992-10-30
7HawaiiEek 5-01992-10-23
6Cape Fur1992-10-16
4Eek vs. the Flying Saucers1992-10-02
2Bearz 'n the Hood1992-09-18


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